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49aafb90 1<?php // $Id$
2 // wiki.php - created with Moodle 1.4 alpha (2004081900)
5$string['action'] = '-- Action --';
6$string['administration'] = 'Administration';
7$string['allowremovepages'] = 'Allow \'remove pages\'';
8$string['allowrevertchanges'] = 'Allow \'revert mass changes\'';
9$string['allowsetpage'] = 'Allow \'set page flags\'';
10$string['allowstrippages'] = 'Allow \'strip pages\'';
11$string['attachments'] = 'This page has attachments';
12$string['author'] = 'Author';
13$string['authorfieldpattern'] = 'Author field pattern';
14$string['authorfieldpatternerror'] = 'Please enter an author.';
15$string['backlinks'] = 'Referring links';
16$string['binimgtoolarge'] = 'Image file is too large!';
17$string['binnoimg'] = 'This is an inacceptable file format!';
18$string['browse'] = 'Browse';
19$string['canceledit'] = 'Cancel';
20$string['cannotchangepage'] = 'This page cannot be changed.';
21$string['changes'] = '$a changes';
22$string['changesfield'] = 'Within how many hours from the last change';
23$string['changesfielderror'] = 'Please enter a correct hour count.';
24$string['checklinks'] = 'Check links';
25$string['checklinkscheck'] = 'Are you sure that you want to check the links on this page:';
26$string['checklinksnotice'] = 'Please be patient when this page is working.';
27$string['chooseadministration'] = '-- Administration --';
28$string['chooseafile'] = 'Choose/upload initial page';
29$string['choosewikilinks'] = '-- Choose Wiki Links --';
30$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
31$string['contentsize'] = 'Content size';
32$string['created'] = 'Created';
33$string['deletemewikiword'] = 'DeleteMe';
34$string['deletemewikiwordfound'] = '$a found on page';
35$string['deletepage'] = 'Delete page';
36$string['deleteversions'] = 'Delete how many last versions';
37$string['deleteversionserror'] = 'Please enter a correct version count.';
38$string['diff'] = 'Diff';
39$string['differences'] = 'Differences between version $a->new_ver and $a->old_ver of $a->pagename.';
40$string['disablecamel'] = 'Disable CamelCase linking';
41$string['disabledpage'] = 'This page is currently not available.';
42$string['doesnotexist'] = 'This page does not yet exist, please click on the edit Button if you would like to create it.';
43$string['downloadaszip'] = 'Downloadable zip archive';
44$string['downloadtimes'] = 'Downloaded $a times';
45$string['dwnlnofiles'] = 'No files uploaded yet.';
46$string['dwnlsection'] = 'Download section';
47$string['editform1'] = 'Try not to worry too much about formatting, it can always be improved later.';
48$string['editform2'] = 'Please write sensibly, and remember that all editing is logged.';
49$string['editthispage'] = 'Edit this page';
50$string['emptypage'] = 'Empty page';
51$string['errorbinandtxt'] = 'Flag error: Page of type BIN and TXT';
52$string['errorhtml'] = 'Page of type HTML';
53$string['errornotype'] = 'Flag error: Neither BIN nor TXT';
54$string['errororreason'] = 'Error or reason';
55$string['errorroandwr'] = 'Flag error: Page is Writeable and Read only';
56$string['errorsize'] = 'Page size bigger than 64k';
57$string['errversionsave'] = 'Sorry, while you edited this page someone else did already save a changed version. Please go back to the previous screen and copy your changes to your computers clipboard to insert it again after you reload the edit screen.';
58$string['ewikiacceptbinary'] = 'Allow binary files';
59$string['ewikiprinttitle'] = 'Print wiki name on every page';
60$string['export'] = 'Export';
61$string['exportformats'] = 'Export formats';
62$string['exportsuccessful'] = 'Export successful.';
63$string['exportto'] = 'Export to';
64$string['fetchback'] = 'Fetch-back';
65$string['file'] = 'File';
66$string['filedownload'] = 'File Download';
67$string['fileisoftype'] = 'File is of type';
68$string['filtername'] = 'Wiki Page Auto-linking';
69$string['flagbin'] = 'BIN';
70$string['flaghtm'] = 'HTM';
71$string['flagoff'] = 'OFF';
72$string['flagro'] = 'RO';
73$string['flags'] = 'Flags';
74$string['flagsset'] = 'Flags changed';
75$string['flagtxt'] = 'TXT';
76$string['flagwr'] = 'WR';
77$string['for'] = 'for';
78$string['forbidden'] = 'You are not authorized to access this page.';
79$string['groups'] = 'Groups';
80$string['hits'] = '$a hits';
81$string['howtooperate'] = 'How to operate';
82$string['howtowiki'] = 'How to wiki';
83$string['html'] = 'HTML-Format';
84$string['htmlmode'] = 'HTML Mode';
85$string['htmlonly'] = 'HTML only';
86$string['index'] = 'Index';
87$string['infoaboutpage'] = 'History for:';
88$string['initialcontent'] = 'Choose an Initial Page';
89$string['invalidroot'] = 'You are not authorized to access the current root page so no sitemap can be created.';
90$string['lastchanged'] = 'Last changed on $a';
91$string['lastmodified'] = 'Last modification';
92$string['linkdead'] = 'DEAD';
93$string['linkok'] = 'OK';
94$string['linkschecked'] = 'Links checked';
95$string['listall'] = 'List all';
96$string['listcandidates'] = 'List candidates';
97$string['meta'] = 'Meta data';
98$string['moduledirectory'] = 'Module Directory';
99$string['modulename'] = 'Wiki';
100$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Wikis';
101$string['mostoftenchangedpages'] = 'Most often changed pages';
102$string['mostvisitedpages'] = 'Most visited pages';
103$string['newestpages'] = 'Newest pages';
104$string['noadministrationaction'] = 'No administration action given.';
105$string['nocandidatestoremove'] = 'No candidate pages to remove, choose \'$a\' to show all pages.';
106$string['nochangestorevert'] = 'No changes to revert.';
107$string['nohtml'] = 'No HTML';
108$string['nolinksfound'] = 'No links found on page.';
109$string['noregexp'] = 'This must be a fixed string (you cannot use * or regex), at best use the attackers` IP address or host name, but do not include the port number (because it increased with every http access).';
110$string['notadministratewiki'] = 'You are not allowed to administrate this wiki !';
111$string['nothingtostrip'] = 'There are no pages with more than one version.';
112$string['nowikicreated'] = 'No entries have been created for this wiki.';
113$string['of'] = 'of';
114$string['offline'] = 'OFFLINE';
115$string['optional'] = 'Optional';
116$string['orphanedpage'] = 'Orphaned page';
117$string['orphanedpages'] = 'Orphaned pages';
118$string['otherwikis'] = 'Other Wikis';
119$string['ownerunknown'] = 'unknown';
120$string['pageactions'] = 'Page actions';
121$string['pageindex'] = 'Page Index';
122$string['pageinfo'] = 'Page information';
123$string['pagename'] = 'Page name';
124$string['pagenamechoice'] = '- or -';
125$string['pageslinkingto'] = 'Pages linking to this page';
126$string['pagesremoved'] = 'Pages removed.';
127$string['pagesreverted'] = 'Changes reverted';
128$string['pagesstripped'] = 'Pages stripped.';
129$string['plaintext'] = 'Plain Text';
130$string['preview'] = 'Preview';
131$string['readonly'] = 'Read only page';
132$string['refs'] = 'References';
133$string['removenotice'] = 'Note that only unreferenced pages will be listed here. And because the ewiki engine itself does only limited testing if a page is referenced it may miss some of them here.<br />If you however empty a page first, it will get listed here too. Various other database diagnostics are made as well.';
134$string['removepagecheck'] = 'Are you sure that you want to delete these pages ?';
135$string['removepages'] = 'Remove pages';
136$string['removeselectedpages'] = 'Remove selected pages';
137$string['revertallsince'] = 'Version diving, also delete changes made after';
138$string['revertchanges'] = 'Revert changes';
139$string['revertlastonly'] = 'Only, if it was the last change';
140$string['revertpages'] = 'Revert mass changes';
141$string['revertpagescheck'] = 'Do you really want to revert the following changes:';
142$string['revertthe'] = 'Version diving, but only purge the affected one';
143$string['safehtml'] = 'Safe HTML';
144$string['save'] = 'Save';
145$string['searchwiki'] = 'Search Wiki';
146$string['setpageflags'] = 'Set page flags';
147$string['showversions'] = 'Show versions:';
148$string['sitemap'] = 'Sitemap';
149$string['smfor'] = 'Sitemap for';
150$string['status'] = 'Status';
151$string['strippagecheck'] = 'Are you sure that you want to strip old versions from these pages:';
152$string['strippages'] = 'Strip pages';
153$string['studentadminoptions'] = 'Student admin options';
154$string['submit'] = 'Submit';
155$string['tabattachments'] = 'Attachments';
156$string['tabedit'] = 'Edit';
157$string['tabinfo'] = 'History';
158$string['tablinks'] = 'Links';
159$string['tabview'] = 'View';
160$string['thanksforcontribution'] = 'Thank you for your contribution.';
161$string['thispageisntlinkedfromanywhereelse'] = 'This page isn\'t linked from anywhere else.';
162$string['updatedpages'] = 'Updated pages';
163$string['updatedwikipages'] = 'Updated wiki pages';
164$string['uplerror'] = 'We are sorry, but something went wrong during the file upload.';
165$string['uplinsect'] = 'Upload into';
166$string['uplnewnam'] = 'Save with different filename';
167$string['upload0'] = 'Use this form to upload an arbitrary binary file into the wiki:';
168$string['uploadedon'] = 'Uploaded on';
169$string['uploadpicturebutton'] = 'Upload';
170$string['uplok'] = 'Your file was uploaded correctly.';
171$string['version'] = 'Version';
172$string['versionrangetoobig'] = 'You cannot delete all versions of a page! The last version should remain.';
173$string['versions'] = 'Versions';
174$string['versionstodelete'] = 'Version(s) to delete';
175$string['viewpage'] = 'View Page';
176$string['viewsmfor'] = 'View sitemap for';
177$string['wantedpages'] = 'Wanted pages';
178$string['wikidefaultpagename'] = 'WikiIndex';
179$string['wikiexport'] = 'Export pages';
180$string['wikiexportcomment'] = 'Here you can configure the export to your needs.';
181$string['wikilinkoptions'] = 'Wiki auto-linking options';
182$string['wikilinks'] = 'Wiki Links';
183$string['wikiname'] = 'Page Name';
184$string['wikistartederror'] = 'Wiki already has entries - can\'t change.';
185$string['wikitype'] = 'Type';
186$string['wikiusage'] = 'Wiki usage';
187$string['withbinaries'] = 'Include binary content';
188$string['withvirtualpages'] = 'Include Wiki-Links';
189$string['wrongversionrange'] = '$a is not a correct range!';