Unit tests MDL-24909 Unit tests used 5 minute time limit per test class; this is...
[moodle.git] / lib / simpletestlib / readme_moodle.txt
8716a5e5 1Description of Simpletest 1.0.1 library import into Moodle
3Obtained from http://www.simpletest.org/en/download.html
97c13bd8 4
cdbbd26f 6 * test_case.php - added our global $CFG before include() MDL-10064
9c67fd91 7 * errors.php - added extra PHP5 error types - otherwise you sometimes get PHP notices when running the tests.
99582159 8 * fixed exception support (MDL-17534) - try/catch in invoker.php and errors.php
8716a5e5 9 * Bug fix in simpletest.php and test_case.php. Marked with //moodlefix begins,
10 //moodlefix ends comments. This has been reported back to the simpletest mailing
11 list. Hopefully will be included in a future release.
84ebf08d 12 * modified run() in test_case.php - skipping tests that need fake db if prefix not set
0a8f8a65 13 * search replace deprecated "=& new"
9f24170c 14 * MDL-20876 - replaced deprecated split() with explode()
15 * test_case.php - added TIME_ALLOWED_PER_UNIT_TEST constant which
16 resets php time limit for each test function - MDL-24909. Marked with
17 comments (replace existing per-class hack in test_case.php).
97c13bd8 18
cf617be6 19skodak, Tim, sammarshall