MDL-31270 mod_assign: introducing the assignment module
[moodle.git] / mod / assign / lang / en / assign.php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'assign', language 'en'
19 *
20 * @package mod_assign
21 * @copyright 2012 NetSpot {@link}
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
25$string['allowsubmissions'] = 'Allow the user to continue making submissions to this assignment.';
26$string['allowsubmissionsshort'] = 'Allow submission changes';
27$string['allowsubmissionsfromdate'] = 'Allow submissions from';
28$string['allowsubmissionsfromdate_help'] = 'If enabled, students will not be able to submit before this date. If disabled, students will be able to start submitting right away.';
29$string['allowsubmissionsfromdatesummary'] = 'This assignment will accept submissions from <strong>{$a}</strong>';
30$string['allowsubmissionsanddescriptionfromdatesummary'] = 'The assignment details and submission form will be available from <strong>{$a}</strong>';
31$string['alwaysshowdescription'] = 'Always show description';
32$string['alwaysshowdescription_help'] = 'If disabled, the Assignment Description above will only become visible to students at the "Allow submissions from" date.';
33$string['assign:exportownsubmission'] = 'Export own submission';
34$string['assign:grade'] = 'Grade assignment';
35$string['assign:submit'] = 'Submit assignment';
36$string['assign:view'] = 'View assignment';
37$string['assignfeedback'] = 'Feedback plugin';
38$string['assignfeedbackpluginname'] = 'Feedback plugin';
39$string['assignmentisdue'] = 'Assignment is due';
40$string['assignmentmail'] = '{$a->grader} has posted some feedback on your
41assignment submission for \'{$a->assignment}\'
43You can see it appended to your assignment submission:
45 {$a->url}';
46$string['assignmentmailhtml'] = '{$a->grader} has posted some feedback on your
47assignment submission for \'<i>{$a->assignment}</i>\'<br /><br />
48You can see it appended to your <a href="{$a->url}">assignment submission</a>.';
49$string['assignmentmailsmall'] = '{$a->grader} has posted some feedback on your
50assignment submission for \'{$a->assignment}\' You can see it appended to your submission';
51$string['assignmentname'] = 'Assignment name';
52$string['assignmentplugins'] = 'Assignment plugins';
53$string['assignmentsperpage'] = 'Assignments per page';
54$string['assignsubmission'] = 'Submission plugin';
55$string['assignsubmissionpluginname'] = 'Submission plugin';
56$string['availability'] = 'Availability';
57$string['backtoassignment'] = 'Back to assignment';
58$string['batchoperations'] = 'Batch operations';
59$string['batchoperationsdescription'] = 'Perform action on selected row(s)';
60$string['batchoperationsdescription_help'] = 'The selected operation will be performed on all of the selected rows in the grading table. ';
61$string['batchoperationconfirmlock'] = 'Lock all selected submissions?';
62$string['batchoperationconfirmunlock'] = 'Unlock all selected submissions?';
63$string['batchoperationconfirmreverttodraft'] = 'Revert selected submissions to draft?';
64$string['batchoperationlock'] = 'lock submissions';
65$string['batchoperationunlock'] = 'unlock submissions';
66$string['batchoperationreverttodraft'] = 'revert submissions to draft';
67$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
68$string['conversionexception'] = 'Could not convert assignment. Exception was: {$a}.';
69$string['configshowrecentsubmissions'] = 'Everyone can see notifications of submissions in recent activity reports.';
70$string['confirmsubmission'] = 'Are you sure you want to submit your work for grading? You will not be able to make any more changes';
71$string['confirmbatchgradingoperation'] = 'Are you sure you want to {$a->operation} for {$a->count} students?';
72$string['couldnotconvertgrade'] = 'Could not convert assignment grade for user {$a}.';
73$string['couldnotconvertsubmission'] = 'Could not convert assignment submission for user {$a}.';
74$string['couldnotcreatecoursemodule'] = 'Could not create course module.';
75$string['couldnotcreatenewassignmentinstance'] = 'Could not create new assignment instance.';
76$string['couldnotfindassignmenttoupgrade'] = 'Could not find old assignment instance to upgrade.';
77$string['defaultplugins'] = 'Default assignment settings';
78$string['defaultplugins_help'] = 'These settings define the defaults for all new assignments.';
79$string['deletepluginareyousure'] = 'Delete assignment plugin {$a}: are you sure?';
80$string['deletepluginareyousuremessage'] = 'You are about to completely delete the assignment plugin {$a}. This will completely delete everything in the database associated with this assignment plugin. Are you SURE you want to continue?';
81$string['deletingplugin'] = 'Deleting plugin {$a}.';
82$string['description'] = 'Description';
83$string['downloadall'] = 'Download all submissions';
84$string['download all submissions'] = 'Download all submissions in a zip file.';
85$string['duedate'] = 'Due date';
86$string['duedate_help'] = 'This is when the assignment is due. If late submissions are allowed, any assignments submitted after this date are marked as late.';
87$string['duedateno'] = 'No due date';
88$string['duedatereached'] = 'The due date for this assignment has now passed';
89$string['duedatevalidation'] = 'Due date must be after the allow submissions from date.';
90$string['editsubmission'] = 'Edit my submission';
91$string['editaction'] = 'Actions...';
92$string['emailgradermail'] = '{$a->username} has updated their assignment submission
93for \'{$a->assignment}\' at {$a->timeupdated}
95It is available here:
97 {$a->url}';
98$string['emailgradermailhtml'] = '{$a->username} has updated their assignment submission
99for <i>\'{$a->assignment}\' at {$a->timeupdated}</i><br /><br />
100It is <a href="{$a->url}">available on the web site</a>.';
101$string['enabled'] = 'Enabled';
102$string['errornosubmissions'] = 'There are no submissions to download';
103$string['feedbackcomments'] = 'Feedback comments';
104$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
105$string['feedbackplugins'] = 'Feedback plugins';
106$string['feedbackpluginforgradebook'] = 'Feedback plugin that will push comments to the gradebook';
107$string['feedbackplugin'] = 'Feedback plugin';
108$string['feedbacksettings'] = 'Feedback settings';
109$string['filesubmissions'] = 'File submissions';
110$string['filter'] = 'Filter';
111$string['filternone'] = 'No filter';
112$string['filterrequiregrading'] = 'Requires grading';
113$string['filtersubmitted'] = 'Submitted';
114$string['gradedby'] = 'Graded by';
115$string['graded'] = 'Graded';
116$string['gradedon'] = 'Graded on';
117$string['gradebelowzero'] = 'Grade must be greater than or equal to zero.';
118$string['gradeabovemaximum'] = 'Grade must be less than or equal to {$a}.';
119$string['gradeoutof'] = 'Grade out of {$a}';
120$string['gradeoutofhelp'] = 'Grade';
121$string['gradeoutofhelp_help'] = 'Enter the grade for the student\'s submission here. You may include decimals.';
122$string['gradestudent'] = 'Grade student: (id={$a->id}, fullname={$a->fullname}). ';
123$string['grading'] = 'Grading';
124$string['gradingoptions'] = 'Grade listing options';
125$string['gradingactions'] = 'Grading actions';
126$string['gradingstatus'] = 'Grading status';
127$string['gradingstudentprogress'] = 'Grading student {$a->index} of {$a->count}';
128$string['gradingsummary'] = 'Grading summary';
129$string['hideshow'] = 'Hide/Show';
130$string['instructionfiles'] = 'Instruction files';
131$string['invalidgradeforscale'] = 'The grade supplied was not valid for the current scale';
132$string['invalidfloatforgrade'] = 'The grade provided could not be understood: {$a}';
133$string['lastmodifiedsubmission'] = 'Last modified (submission)';
134$string['lastmodifiedgrade'] = 'Last modified (grade)';
135$string['locksubmissionforstudent'] = 'Prevent any more submissions for student: (id={$a->id}, fullname={$a->fullname}).';
136$string['locksubmissions'] = 'Lock submissions';
137$string['manageassignfeedbackplugins'] = 'Manage assignment feedback plugins';
138$string['manageassignsubmissionplugins'] = 'Manage assignment submission plugins';
139$string['messageprovider:assign_updates'] = 'Assignment notifications';
140$string['modulename'] = 'Assignment';
141$string['modulename_help'] = 'Assignments enable the teacher to specify a task either on or offline which can then be graded.';
142$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Assignments';
143$string['mysubmission'] = 'My submission: ';
144$string['newsubmissions'] = 'Assignments submitted';
145$string['nofiles'] = 'No files. ';
146$string['nograde'] = 'No grade. ';
147$string['noonlinesubmissions'] = 'This assignment does not require you to submit anything online';
148$string['nosavebutnext'] = 'Next';
149$string['nosubmission'] = 'Nothing has been submitted for this assignment';
150$string['notgraded'] = 'Not graded';
151$string['notgradedyet'] = 'Not graded yet';
152$string['notsubmittedyet'] = 'Not submitted yet';
153$string['notifications'] = 'Notifications';
154$string['nousersselected'] = 'No users selected';
155$string['numberofdraftsubmissions'] = 'Drafts';
156$string['numberofparticipants'] = 'Participants';
157$string['numberofsubmittedassignments'] = 'Submitted';
158$string['offline'] = 'No online submissions required';
159$string['overdue'] = '<font color="red">Assignment is overdue by: {$a}</font>';
160$string['outlinegrade'] = 'Grade: {$a}';
161$string['page-mod-assign-x'] = 'Any assignment module page';
162$string['page-mod-assign-view'] = 'Assignment module main and submission page';
163$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Assignment administration';
164$string['pluginname'] = 'Assignment';
165$string['preventlatesubmissions'] = 'Prevent late submissions';
166$string['preventlatesubmissions_help'] = 'If enabled, students will not be able submit after the Due Date. If disabled, students will be able to submit assignments after the due date and before the final date (if set).';
167$string['preventsubmissions'] = 'Prevent the user from making any more submissions to this assignment.';
168$string['preventsubmissionsshort'] = 'Prevent submission changes';
169$string['previous'] = 'Previous';
170$string['reverttodraftforstudent'] = 'Revert submission to draft for student: (id={$a->id}, fullname={$a->fullname}).';
171$string['reverttodraft'] = 'Revert the submission to draft status.';
172$string['reverttodraftshort'] = 'Revert the submission to draft';
173$string['reviewed'] = 'Reviewed';
174$string['savechanges'] = 'Save changes';
175$string['savenext'] = 'Save and show next';
176$string['sendnotifications'] = 'Send notifications to graders';
177$string['sendnotifications_help'] = 'If enabled, graders (usually teachers) receive a message whenever a student submits an assignment, early, on time and late. Message methods are configurable.';
178$string['selectlink'] = 'Select...';
179$string['settings'] = 'Assignment settings';
180$string['showrecentsubmissions'] = 'Show recent submissions';
181$string['submissiondrafts'] = 'Require students click submit button';
182$string['submissiondrafts_help'] = 'If enabled, students will have to click a Submit button to declare their submission as final. This allows students to keep a draft version of the submission on the system.';
183$string['submissionnotready'] = 'This assignment is not ready to submit:';
184$string['submissionplugins'] = 'Submission plugins';
185$string['submissionreceipts'] = 'Send submission receipts';
186$string['submissionslocked'] = 'This assignment is not accepting submissions';
187$string['submissionslockedshort'] = 'Submission changes not allowed';
188$string['submissions'] = 'Submissions';
189$string['submissionsnotgraded'] = 'Submissions not graded: {$a}';
190$string['submissionsclosed'] = 'Submissions closed';
191$string['submissionsettings'] = 'Submission settings';
192$string['submissionstatus_draft'] = 'Draft (not submitted)';
193$string['submissionstatusheading'] = 'Submission status';
194$string['submissionstatus_marked'] = 'Graded';
195$string['submissionstatus_new'] = 'New submission';
196$string['submissionstatus_'] = 'No submission';
197$string['submissionstatus'] = 'Submission status';
198$string['submissionstatus_submitted'] = 'Submitted for grading';
199$string['submission'] = 'Submission';
200$string['submitaction'] = 'Submit';
201$string['submitassignment_help'] = 'Once this assignment is submitted you will not be able to make any more changes';
202$string['submitassignment'] = 'Submit assignment';
203$string['submittedearly'] = 'Assignment was submitted {$a} early';
204$string['submittedlate'] = 'Assignment was submitted {$a} late';
205$string['submittedlateshort'] = '{$a} late';
206$string['submitted'] = 'Submitted';
207$string['textinstructions'] = 'Assignment instructions';
208$string['timemodified'] = 'Last modified';
209$string['timeremaining'] = 'Time remaining';
210$string['unlocksubmissionforstudent'] = 'Allow submissions for student: (id={$a->id}, fullname={$a->fullname}).';
211$string['unlocksubmissions'] = 'Unlock submissions';
212$string['updategrade'] = 'Update grade';
213$string['updatetable'] = 'Save and update table';
214$string['upgradenotimplemented'] = 'Upgrade not implemented in plugin ({$a->type} {$a->subtype})';
215$string['viewfeedback'] = 'View feedback';
216$string['viewfeedbackforuser'] = 'View feedback for user: {$a}';
217$string['viewfullgradingpage'] = 'Open the full grading page to provide feedback';
218$string['viewgradebook'] = 'View gradebook';
219$string['viewgradingformforstudent'] = 'View grading page for student: (id={$a->id}, fullname={$a->fullname}).';
220$string['viewgrading'] = 'View/grade all submissions';
221$string['viewownsubmissionform'] = 'View own submit assignment page.';
222$string['viewownsubmissionstatus'] = 'View own submission status page.';
223$string['viewsubmissionforuser'] = 'View submission for user: {$a}';
224$string['viewsubmission'] = 'View submission';
225$string['viewsubmissiongradingtable'] = 'View submission grading table.';