MDL-22893, assignment module should use filepicker and filemanager
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30c8dd34 1<?php
49aafb90 2
3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'assignment', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package assignment
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
5c13c6cc 25
55b4d096 26$string['allowdeleting'] = 'Allow deleting';
fd1d5455 27$string['allowdeleting_help'] = 'If enabled, students may delete uploaded files at any time before submitting for grading.';
55b4d096 28$string['allowmaxfiles'] = 'Maximum number of uploaded files';
b944270f 29$string['allowmaxfiles_help'] = 'The maximum number of files which may be uploaded. As this figure is not displayed anywhere, it is suggested that it is mentioned in the assignment description.';
55b4d096 30$string['allownotes'] = 'Allow notes';
fd1d5455 31$string['allownotes_help'] = 'If enabled, students may enter notes into a text area, as in an online text assignment.';
49aafb90 32$string['allowresubmit'] = 'Allow resubmitting';
fd1d5455 33$string['allowresubmit_help'] = 'If enabled, students will be allowed to resubmit assignments after they have been graded (for them to be re-graded).';
0de80bcf 34$string['alreadygraded'] = 'Your assignment has already been graded and resubmission is not allowed.';
35$string['assignmentadministration'] = 'Assignment administration';
36$string['assignmentdetails'] = 'Assignment details';
728e1931 37$string['assignment:exportownsubmission'] = 'Export own submission';
626a4b79 38$string['assignment:exportsubmission'] = 'Export submission';
f9a67ea1 39$string['assignment:grade'] = 'Grade assignment';
40$string['assignmentmail'] = '{$a->teacher} has posted some feedback on your
41assignment submission for \'{$a->assignment}\'
49aafb90 42
43You can see it appended to your assignment submission:
45 {$a->url}';
46$string['assignmentmailhtml'] = '{$a->teacher} has posted some feedback on your
47assignment submission for \'<i>{$a->assignment}</i>\'<br /><br />
48You can see it appended to your <a href="{$a->url}">assignment submission</a>.';
49aafb90 49$string['assignmentname'] = 'Assignment name';
30c8dd34 50$string['assignment:submit'] = 'Submit assignment';
07270e65 51$string['assignmentsubmission'] = 'Assignment Submissions';
49aafb90 52$string['assignmenttype'] = 'Assignment type';
30c8dd34 53$string['assignment:view'] = 'View assignment';
49aafb90 54$string['availabledate'] = 'Available from';
0de80bcf 55$string['cannotdeletefiles'] = 'An error occurred and files could not be deleted';
0ad0dbe9 56$string['cannotviewassignment'] = 'You can not view this assignment';
49aafb90 57$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
58$string['commentinline'] = 'Comment inline';
b944270f 59$string['commentinline_help'] = 'If enabled, the submission text will be copied into the feedback comment field during grading, making it easier to comment inline (using a different colour, perhaps) or to edit the original text.';
49aafb90 60$string['configitemstocount'] = 'Nature of items to be counted for student submissions in online assignments.';
61$string['configmaxbytes'] = 'Default maximum assignment size for all assignments on the site (subject to course limits and other local settings)';
dd97c328 62$string['configshowrecentsubmissions'] = 'Everyone can see notifications of submissions in recent activity reports.';
63$string['confirmdeletefile'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to delete this file?<br /><strong>{$a}</strong>';
64$string['coursemisconf'] = 'Course is misconfigured';
d2b6ee29 65$string['currentgrade'] = 'Current grade in gradebook';
0b5a80a1 66$string['deleteallsubmissions'] = 'Delete all submissions';
55b4d096 67$string['deletefilefailed'] = 'Deleting of file failed.';
49aafb90 68$string['description'] = 'Description';
b37ce778 69$string['downloadall'] = 'Download all assignments as a zip';
55b4d096 70$string['draft'] = 'Draft';
92e7c34d 71$string['due'] = 'Assignment due';
49aafb90 72$string['duedate'] = 'Due date';
73$string['duedateno'] = 'No due date';
30c8dd34 74$string['early'] = '{$a} early';
49aafb90 75$string['editmysubmission'] = 'Edit my submission';
76$string['editthesefiles'] = 'Edit these files';
77$string['editthisfile'] = 'Update this file';
8ceabede 78$string['addsubmission'] = 'Add submission';
7bf59275 79$string['emailstudents'] = 'Email alerts to students';
80$string['emailteachermail'] = '{$a->username} has updated their assignment submission
81for \'{$a->assignment}\'
49aafb90 82
83It is available here:
85 {$a->url}';
86$string['emailteachermailhtml'] = '{$a->username} has updated their assignment submission
87for <i>\'{$a->assignment}\'</i><br /><br />
88It is <a href="{$a->url}">available on the web site</a>.';
304d08f0 89$string['emailteachers'] = 'Email alerts to teachers';
90$string['emailteachers_help'] = 'If enabled, teachers receive email notification whenever students add or update an assignment submission.
f77f615d 92Only teachers who are able to grade the particular assignment are notified. So, for example, if the course uses separate groups, teachers restricted to particular groups won\'t receive notification about students in other groups.';
49aafb90 93$string['emptysubmission'] = 'You have not submitted anything yet';
8aa0c699 94$string['enableemailnotification'] = 'Send notification emails';
fd1d5455 95$string['enableemailnotification_help'] = 'If enabled, students will receive email notification when their assignment submissions are graded.';
96$string['existingfiledeleted'] = 'Existing file has been deleted: {$a}';
97$string['failedupdatefeedback'] = 'Failed to update submission feedback for user {$a}';
49aafb90 98$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
99$string['feedbackfromteacher'] = 'Feedback from the {$a}';
100$string['feedbackupdated'] = 'Submissions feedback updated for {$a} people';
ad1e3409 101$string['finalize'] = 'No more submissions';
0de80bcf 102$string['finalizeerror'] = 'An error occurred and that submission could not be finalised';
84fa8f5f 103$string['graded'] = 'Graded';
fd1d5455 104$string['guestnosubmit'] = 'Sorry, guests are not allowed to submit an assignment. You have to log in/ register before you can submit your answer.';
304d08f0 105$string['guestnoupload'] = 'Sorry, guests are not allowed to upload';
49aafb90 106$string['helpoffline'] = '<p>This is useful when the assignment is performed outside of Moodle. It could be
107 something elsewhere on the web or face-to-face.</p><p>Students can see a description of the assignment,
108 but can\'t upload files or anything. Grading works normally, and students will get notifications of
49aafb90 109 their grades.</p>';
110$string['helponline'] = '<p>This assignment type asks users to edit a text, using the normal
111 editing tools. Teachers can grade them online, and even add inline comments or changes.</p>
112 <p>(If you are familiar with older versions of Moodle, this Assignment
113 type does the same thing as the old Journal module used to do.)</p>';
ce2a1c4d 114$string['helpupload'] = '<p>This type of assignment allows each participant to upload one or more files in any format.
55b4d096 115 These might be a Word processor documents, images, a zipped web site, or anything you ask them to submit.</p>
116 <p>This type also allows you to upload multiple response files. Response files can be also uploaded before submission which
117 can be used to give each participant different file to work with.</p>
118 <p>Participants may also enter notes describing the submitted files, progress status or any other text information.</p>
0de80bcf 119 <p>Submission of this type of assignment must be manually finalised by the participant. You can review the current status
2597d731 120 at any time, unfinished assignments are marked as Draft. You can revert any ungraded assignment back to draft status.</p>';
121$string['helpuploadsingle'] = '<p>This type of assignment allows each participant to upload a
122 single file, of any type.</p> <p>This might be a Word processor document, an image,
49aafb90 123 a zipped web site, or anything you ask them to submit.</p>';
8c408f8e 124$string['hideintro'] = 'Hide description before available date';
fd1d5455 125$string['hideintro_help'] = 'If enabled, the assignment description is hidden before the "Available from" date. Only the assignment name is displayed.';
0ad0dbe9 126$string['invalidassignment'] = 'incorrect assignment';
127$string['invalidid'] = 'assignment ID was incorrect';
128$string['invalidtype'] = 'Incorrect assignment type';
a97bcd68 129$string['invaliduserid'] = 'Invalid user ID';
30c8dd34 130$string['itemstocount'] = 'Count';
d2b6ee29 131$string['lastgrade'] = 'Last grade';
30c8dd34 132$string['late'] = '{$a} late';
49aafb90 133$string['maximumgrade'] = 'Maximum grade';
134$string['maximumsize'] = 'Maximum size';
fd1d5455 135$string['maxpublishstate'] = 'Maximum visibility for blog entry before due date';
49aafb90 136$string['modulename'] = 'Assignment';
e66841b9 137$string['modulename_help'] = 'Assignments enable the teacher to specify a task either on or offline which can then be graded.';
49aafb90 138$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Assignments';
139$string['newsubmissions'] = 'Assignments submitted';
140$string['noassignments'] = 'There are no assignments yet';
141$string['noattempts'] = 'No attempts have been made on this assignment';
30c8dd34 142$string['noblogs'] = 'You have no blog entries to submit!';
55b4d096 143$string['nofiles'] = 'No files were submitted';
304d08f0 144$string['nofilesyet'] = 'No files submitted yet';
39bc9fbb 145$string['nomoresubmissions'] = 'No further submissions are allowed.';
30c8dd34 146$string['nosubmitusers'] = 'No users were found with permissions to submit this assignment';
54b2c994 147$string['notavailableyet'] = 'Sorry, this assignment is not yet available.<br />Assignment instructions will be displayed here on the date given below.';
304d08f0 148$string['notes'] = 'Notes';
55b4d096 149$string['notesempty'] = 'No entry';
150$string['notesupdateerror'] = 'Error when updating notes';
49aafb90 151$string['notgradedyet'] = 'Not graded yet';
152$string['notsubmittedyet'] = 'Not submitted yet';
d543939c 153$string['onceassignmentsent'] = 'Once the assignment is sent for marking, you will no longer be able to delete or attach file(s). Do you want to continue?';
d2b6ee29 154$string['operation'] = 'Operation';
49aafb90 155$string['overwritewarning'] = 'Warning: uploading again will REPLACE your current submission';
156$string['pagesize'] = 'Submissions shown per page';
9a5b9005 157$string['pluginname'] = 'Assignment';
49aafb90 158$string['preventlate'] = 'Prevent late submissions';
159$string['quickgrade'] = 'Allow quick grading';
fd1d5455 160$string['quickgrade_help'] = 'If enabled, multiple assignments can be graded on one page. Add grades and comments then click the "Save all my feedback" button to save all changes for that page.';
55b4d096 161$string['responsefiles'] = 'Response files';
c664a036 162$string['reviewed'] = 'Reviewed';
49aafb90 163$string['saveallfeedback'] = 'Save all my feedback';
30c8dd34 164$string['selectblog'] = 'Select which blog entry you wish to submit';
7bf59275 165$string['sendformarking'] = 'Send for marking';
dd97c328 166$string['showrecentsubmissions'] = 'Show recent submissions';
49aafb90 167$string['submission'] = 'Submission';
55b4d096 168$string['submissiondraft'] = 'Submission draft';
49aafb90 169$string['submissionfeedback'] = 'Submission feedback';
170$string['submissions'] = 'Submissions';
171$string['submissionsaved'] = 'Your changes have been saved';
30c8dd34 172$string['submissionsnotgraded'] = '{$a} submissions not graded';
49aafb90 173$string['submitassignment'] = 'Submit your assignment using this form';
55b4d096 174$string['submitedformarking'] = 'Assignment was already submitted for marking and can not be updated';
175$string['submitformarking'] = 'Final submission for assignment marking';
49aafb90 176$string['submitted'] = 'Submitted';
55b4d096 177$string['submittedfiles'] = 'Submitted files';
42f50aec 178$string['trackdrafts'] = 'Enable Send for marking';
fd1d5455 179$string['trackdrafts_help'] = 'The "Send for marking" button allows students to indicate to the teacher that they have finished working on an assignment. The teacher may choose to revert the assignment to draft status (if it requires further work, for example).';
30c8dd34 180$string['typeblog'] = 'Blog post';
49aafb90 181$string['typeoffline'] = 'Offline activity';
182$string['typeonline'] = 'Online text';
7bf59275 183$string['typeupload'] = 'Advanced uploading of files';
49aafb90 184$string['typeuploadsingle'] = 'Upload a single file';
55b4d096 185$string['unfinalize'] = 'Revert to draft';
0de80bcf 186$string['unfinalizeerror'] = 'An error occurred and that submission could not be reverted to draft';
187$string['uploadafile'] = 'Upload a file';
188$string['uploadfiles'] = 'Upload files';
49aafb90 189$string['uploadbadname'] = 'This filename contained strange characters and couldn\'t be uploaded';
190$string['uploadedfiles'] = 'uploaded files';
191$string['uploaderror'] = 'An error happened while saving the file on the server';
192$string['uploadfailnoupdate'] = 'File was uploaded OK but could not update your submission!';
30c8dd34 193$string['uploadfiletoobig'] = 'Sorry, but that file is too big (limit is {$a} bytes)';
49aafb90 194$string['uploadnofilefound'] = 'No file was found - are you sure you selected one to upload?';
195$string['uploadnotregistered'] = '\'{$a}\' was uploaded OK but submission did not register!';
196$string['uploadsuccess'] = 'Uploaded \'{$a}\' successfully';
0ad0dbe9 197$string['usermisconf'] = 'User is misconfigured';
49aafb90 198$string['viewfeedback'] = 'View assignment grades and feedback';
47c96a77 199$string['viewmysubmission'] = 'View my submission';
30c8dd34 200$string['viewsubmissions'] = 'View {$a} submitted assignments';
49aafb90 201$string['yoursubmission'] = 'Your submission';