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3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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19 * Strings for component 'chat', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package chat
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
304d08f0 25
4ee00a30 26$string['ajax'] = 'Version using Ajax';
27$string['autoscroll'] = 'Auto Scroll';
49aafb90 28$string['beep'] = 'beep';
9b3f447d 29$string['cantlogin'] = 'Could not log in to chat room!!';
49aafb90 30$string['configmethod'] = 'The normal chat method involves the clients regularly contacting the server for updates. It requires no configuration and works everywhere, but it can create a large load on the server with many chatters. Using a server daemon requires shell access to Unix, but it results in a fast scalable chat environment.';
930413b1 31$string['confignormalupdatemode'] = 'Chatroom updates are normally served efficiently using the <em>Keep-Alive</em> feature of HTTP 1.1, but this is still quite heavy on the server. A more advanced method is to use the <em>Stream</em> strategy to feed updates to the users. Using <em>Stream</em> scales much better (similar to the chatd method) but may not be supported by your server.';
49aafb90 32$string['configoldping'] = 'What is the maximum time that may pass before we detect that a user has disconnected (in seconds)? This is just an upper limit, as usually disconnects are detected very quickly. Lower values will be more demanding on your server. If you are using the normal method, <strong>never</strong> set this lower than 2 * chat_refresh_room.';
930413b1 33$string['configrefreshroom'] = 'How often should the chat room itself be refreshed? (in seconds). Setting this low will make the chat room seem quicker, but it may place a higher load on your web server when many people are chatting. If you are using <em>Stream</em> updates, you can select higher refresh frequencies -- try with 2.';
49aafb90 34$string['configrefreshuserlist'] = 'How often should the list of users be refreshed? (in seconds)';
35$string['configserverhost'] = 'The hostname of the computer where the server daemon is';
36$string['configserverip'] = 'The numerical IP address that matches the above hostname';
37$string['configservermax'] = 'Max number of clients allowed';
38$string['configserverport'] = 'Port to use on the server for the daemon';
39$string['currentchats'] = 'Active chat sessions';
40$string['currentusers'] = 'Current users';
41$string['deletesession'] = 'Delete this session';
42$string['deletesessionsure'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this session?';
43$string['donotusechattime'] = 'Don\'t publish any chat times';
44$string['enterchat'] = 'Click here to enter the chat now';
45$string['errornousers'] = 'Could not find any users!';
cbfa24b8 46$string['explaingeneralconfig'] = 'These settings are <strong>always</strong> used';
47$string['explainmethoddaemon'] = 'These settings matter <strong>only</strong> if you have selected "Chat server daemon" for chat_method';
48$string['explainmethodnormal'] = 'These settings matter <strong>only</strong> if you have selected "Normal method" for chat_method';
49aafb90 49$string['generalconfig'] = 'General configuration';
50$string['helpchatting'] = 'Help with chatting';
51$string['chatadministration'] = 'Chat Administration';
52$string['chat:deletelog'] = 'Delete chat logs';
53$string['chat:exportparticipatedsession'] = 'Export participated-in chat session';
54$string['chat:exportsession'] = 'Export chat session';
55$string['chat:chat'] = 'Access a chat room';
56$string['chatintro'] = 'Introduction text';
57$string['chatname'] = 'Name of this chat room';
58$string['chat:readlog'] = 'Read chat logs';
59$string['chatreport'] = 'Chat sessions';
60$string['chat:talk'] = 'Talk in a chat';
61$string['chattime'] = 'Next chat time';
49aafb90 62$string['idle'] = 'Idle';
63$string['inputarea'] = 'Input area';
64$string['invalidid'] = 'Could not find that chat room!';
23677956 65$string['list_all_sessions'] = 'List all sessions.';
30c8dd34 66$string['list_complete_sessions'] = 'List just complete sessions.';
23677956 67$string['listing_all_sessions'] = 'Listing all sessions.';
68$string['messagebeepseveryone'] = '{$a} beeps everyone!';
69$string['messagebeepsyou'] = '{$a} has just beeped you!';
70$string['messageenter'] = '{$a} has just entered this chat';
71$string['messageexit'] = '{$a} has left this chat';
49aafb90 72$string['messages'] = 'Messages';
30c8dd34 73$string['messageyoubeep'] = 'You beeped {$a}';
220a90c5 74$string['method'] = 'Chat method';
49aafb90 75$string['methoddaemon'] = 'Chat server daemon';
304d08f0 76$string['methodnormal'] = 'Normal method';
49aafb90 77$string['modulename'] = 'Chat';
78$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Chats';
79$string['neverdeletemessages'] = 'Never delete messages';
80$string['nextsession'] = 'Next scheduled session';
23677956 81$string['no_complete_sessions_found'] = 'No complete sessions found.';
49aafb90 82$string['noguests'] = 'The chat is not open to guests';
30c8dd34 83$string['nochat'] = 'No chat found';
49aafb90 84$string['nomessages'] = 'No messages yet';
930413b1 85$string['normalkeepalive'] = 'KeepAlive';
304d08f0 86$string['normalstream'] = 'Stream';
9ca0187e 87$string['noscheduledsession'] = 'No scheduled session';
c19df282 88$string['notallowenter'] = 'You are not allow to enter the chat room.';
30c8dd34 89$string['notlogged'] = 'Not logged in!';
220a90c5 90$string['oldping'] = 'Disconnect timeout';
dd97c328 91$string['pastchats'] = 'Past chat sessions';
220a90c5 92$string['refreshroom'] = 'Refresh room';
93$string['refreshuserlist'] = 'Refresh user list';
0b5a80a1 94$string['removemessages'] = 'Remove all messages';
49aafb90 95$string['repeatdaily'] = 'At the same time every day';
96$string['repeatnone'] = 'No repeats - publish the specified time only';
97$string['repeattimes'] = 'Repeat sessions';
98$string['repeatweekly'] = 'At the same time every week';
4aa9147a 99$string['saidto'] = 'said to';
30c8dd34 100$string['savemessages'] = 'Save past sessions';
49aafb90 101$string['seesession'] = 'See this session';
4ee00a30 102$string['send'] = 'Send';
103$string['sending'] = 'Sending';
104$string['serverhost'] = 'Server name';
105$string['serverip'] = 'Server ip';
106$string['servermax'] = 'Max users';
107$string['serverport'] = 'Server port';
49aafb90 108$string['sessions'] = 'Chat sessions';
30c8dd34 109$string['strftimemessage'] = '%H:%M';
49aafb90 110$string['studentseereports'] = 'Everyone can view past sessions';
4aa9147a 111$string['talk'] = 'Talk';
220a90c5 112$string['updatemethod'] = 'Update method';
30c8dd34 113$string['updaterate'] = 'Update Rate:';
ecad5771 114$string['userlist'] = 'User list';
49aafb90 115$string['viewreport'] = 'View past chat sessions';