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30c8dd34 1<?php
49aafb90 2
3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'choice', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
c7afe6b7 21 * @package mod_choice
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
49aafb90 25
26$string['addmorechoices'] = 'Add more choices';
27$string['allowupdate'] = 'Allow choice to be updated';
54bdf1d4 28$string['allowmultiple'] = 'Allow more than one choice to be selected';
49aafb90 29$string['answered'] = 'Answered';
e776b415 30$string['cannotsubmit'] = 'Sorry, there was a problem submitting your choice. Please try again.';
bc499733 31$string['completionsubmit'] = 'Show as complete when user makes a choice';
30c8dd34 32$string['displayhorizontal'] = 'Display horizontally';
ad4bbda9 33$string['displaymode'] = 'Display mode for the options';
30c8dd34 34$string['displayvertical'] = 'Display vertically';
e692f585 35$string['eventanswercreated'] = 'Choice made';
e62f6a01 36$string['eventanswerdeleted'] = 'Choice answer deleted';
e692f585 37$string['eventanswerupdated'] = 'Choice updated';
e62f6a01 38$string['eventreportdownloaded'] = 'Choice report downloaded';
e692f585 39$string['eventreportviewed'] = 'Choice report viewed';
30c8dd34 40$string['expired'] = 'Sorry, this activity closed on {$a} and is no longer available';
aa20227e 41$string['atleastoneoption'] = 'You need to provide at least one possible answer.';
42$string['full'] = '(Full)';
43$string['havetologin'] = 'You have to log in before you can submit your choice';
49aafb90 44$string['choice'] = 'Choice';
c04b66a5 45$string['choiceactivityname'] = 'Choice: {$a}';
88eca3cd 46$string['choice:addinstance'] = 'Add a new choice';
30c8dd34 47$string['choiceclose'] = 'Until';
f9a67ea1 48$string['choice:deleteresponses'] = 'Delete responses';
49$string['choice:downloadresponses'] = 'Download responses';
f8e048a1 50$string['choicefull'] = 'This choice is full and there are no available places.';
30c8dd34 51$string['choice:choose'] = 'Record a choice';
c04b66a5 52$string['choicecloseson'] = 'Choice closes on {$a}';
49aafb90 53$string['choicename'] = 'Choice name';
54$string['choiceopen'] = 'Open';
55$string['choiceoptions'] = 'Choice options';
56$string['choiceoptions_help'] = 'Here is where you specify the options that participants have to choose from.
58You can fill in any number of these. If you leave some of the options blank, they will not be displayed. If you need more than 8 options, click the "Add 3 fields to form" button.';
59$string['limitanswers_help'] = 'This option allows you to limit the number of participants that can select each choice option. When the limit is reached then no-one else can select that option.
61If limits are disabled then any number of participants can select each of the options.';
ce2c0f3a 62$string['choice:readresponses'] = 'View responses';
ca538720 63$string['choicesaved'] = 'Your choice has been saved';
49aafb90 64$string['choicetext'] = 'Choice text';
f51d388c 65$string['chooseaction'] = 'Choose an action ...';
5ea0d026 66$string['description'] = 'Description';
799770cb 67$string['includeinactive'] = 'Include responses from inactive/suspended users';
49aafb90 68$string['limit'] = 'Limit';
ad4bbda9 69$string['limitno'] = 'Limit {no}';
49aafb90 70$string['limitanswers'] = 'Limit the number of responses allowed';
71$string['modulename'] = 'Choice';
7cbd6d83 72$string['modulename_help'] = 'The choice activity module enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses.
2e6b68f4 73
8635302e 74Choice results may be published after students have answered, after a certain date, or not at all. Results may be published with student names or anonymously.
76A choice activity may be used
78* As a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic
8635302e 79* To quickly test students\' understanding
80* To facilitate student decision-making, for example allowing students to vote on a direction for the course';
81$string['modulename_link'] = 'mod/choice/view';
49aafb90 82$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Choices';
0ed9c745 83$string['moveselectedusersto'] = 'Move selected users to...';
54bdf1d4 84$string['multiplenotallowederror'] = 'Multiple answers are not allowed in this choice';
49aafb90 85$string['mustchooseone'] = 'You must choose an answer before saving. Nothing was saved.';
4e19d85b 86$string['noguestchoose'] = 'Sorry, guests are not allowed to make choices.';
304d08f0 87$string['noresultsviewable'] = 'The results are not currently viewable.';
49aafb90 88$string['notanswered'] = 'Not answered yet';
58a8f288 89$string['notenrolledchoose'] = 'Sorry, only enrolled users are allowed to make choices.';
30c8dd34 90$string['notopenyet'] = 'Sorry, this activity is not available until {$a}';
91$string['numberofuser'] = 'Number of responses';
92$string['numberofuserinpercentage'] = 'Percentage of responses';
ca538720 93$string['option'] = 'Option';
94$string['optionno'] = 'Option {no}';
95$string['options'] = 'Options';
b1627a92 96$string['page-mod-choice-x'] = 'Any choice module page';
370d793c 97$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Choice administration';
9a5b9005 98$string['pluginname'] = 'Choice';
c30dbd69 99$string['previewonly'] = 'This is just a preview of the available options for this activity. You will not be able to submit your choice until {$a}.';
49aafb90 100$string['privacy'] = 'Privacy of results';
101$string['publish'] = 'Publish results';
caab8774 102$string['publishafteranswer'] = 'Show results to students after they answer';
49aafb90 103$string['publishafterclose'] = 'Show results to students only after the choice is closed';
104$string['publishalways'] = 'Always show results to students';
105$string['publishanonymous'] = 'Publish anonymous results, do not show student names';
106$string['publishnames'] = 'Publish full results, showing names and their choices';
107$string['publishnot'] = 'Do not publish results to students';
30c8dd34 108$string['removemychoice'] = 'Remove my choice';
0b5a80a1 109$string['removeresponses'] = 'Remove all responses';
49aafb90 110$string['responses'] = 'Responses';
0ed9c745 111$string['responsesresultgraphheader'] = 'Graph display';
30c8dd34 112$string['responsesto'] = 'Responses to {$a}';
ad4bbda9 113$string['results'] = 'Results';
49aafb90 114$string['savemychoice'] = 'Save my choice';
e2be9961 115$string['search:activity'] = 'Choice activities';
116$string['showpreview'] = 'Show preview';
117$string['showpreview_help'] = 'Allow students to preview the available options before the choice is opened for submission.';
49aafb90 118$string['showunanswered'] = 'Show column for unanswered';
119$string['spaceleft'] = 'space available';
120$string['spacesleft'] = 'spaces available';
121$string['taken'] = 'Taken';
122$string['timerestrict'] = 'Restrict answering to this time period';
30c8dd34 123$string['viewallresponses'] = 'View {$a} responses';
9b854b2d 124$string['withselected'] = 'With selected';
ba033b86 125$string['userchoosethisoption'] = 'Users who chose this option';
304d08f0 126$string['yourselection'] = 'Your selection';
315d4971 127$string['skipresultgraph'] = 'Skip result graph';