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3// This file is part of Moodle - http://moodle.org/
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
19 * Strings for component 'data', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package data
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link http://moodle.com}
23 * @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
a3425b2a 25
26$string['action'] = 'Action';
27$string['add'] = 'Add entry';
6c74c1da 28$string['addcomment'] = 'Add comment';
304d08f0 29$string['addentries'] = 'Add entries';
6c74c1da 30$string['addtemplate'] = 'Add template';
2525e465 31$string['advancedsearch'] = 'Advanced search';
e51d9eb4 32$string['allowratings'] = 'Allow posts to be rated?';
007e4f6e 33$string['alttext'] = 'Alternative text';
0b3cfe88 34$string['approve'] = 'Approve';
bb5740f4 35$string['approved'] = 'Approved';
a3425b2a 36$string['ascending'] = 'Ascending';
2525e465 37$string['asearchtemplate'] = 'Advanced search template';
a3425b2a 38$string['atmaxentry'] = 'You have entered the maximum number of entries allowed!';
714bec74 39$string['authorfirstname'] = 'Author first name';
40$string['authorlastname'] = 'Author surname';
a3425b2a 41$string['autogenallforms'] = 'Generate all default templates';
251616fd 42$string['autolinkurl'] = 'Autolink the URL';
a3425b2a 43$string['availablefromdate'] = 'Available from';
44$string['availabletags'] = 'Available tags';
45$string['availabletags_help'] = 'Tags are placeholders in the template, which will be replaced by data or other items, such as an edit icon, when entries are edited or viewed.
47Fields have the format [[fieldname]]. All other tags have the format ##sometag##.
49Only the tags that are in the "Available tags" list may be used for the current template.';
a3425b2a 50$string['availabletodate'] = 'Available to';
304d08f0 51$string['blank'] = 'Blank';
a72e67e6 52$string['buttons'] = 'Actions';
53$string['bynameondate'] = 'by {$a->name} - {$a->date}';
54$string['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
ee95802c 55$string['cannotaccesspresentsother'] = 'You are not allowed to access presets from other users';
56$string['cannotadd'] = 'Can not add entries!';
57$string['cannotdeletepreset'] = 'Error deleting a preset!';
58$string['cannotrate'] = 'Rating of items not allowed!';
ee95802c 59$string['cannotunziptopreset'] = 'Cannot unzip to the preset directory';
01414505 60$string['columns'] = 'columns';
30c8dd34 61$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
3387cc5c 62$string['commentdeleted'] = 'Comment deleted';
b4c3ed39 63$string['commentempty'] = 'Comment was empty';
0b3cfe88 64$string['comments'] = 'Comments';
6c74c1da 65$string['commentsaved'] = 'Comment saved';
30c8dd34 66$string['commentsn'] = '{$a} comment(s)';
a3425b2a 67$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable the possibility of RSS feeds for all databases. You will still need to turn feeds on manually in the settings for each database.';
68$string['confirmdeletefield'] = 'You are about to delete this field, are you sure?';
a05a5e5d 69$string['confirmdeleterecord'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?';
c4e576f1 70$string['csstemplate'] = 'CSS template';
aa907a94 71$string['csvfailed'] = 'Unable to read the raw data from the CSV file';
6c74c1da 72$string['csvfile'] = 'CSV file';
73$string['csvimport'] = 'CSV file import';
38d207ac 74$string['csvimport_help'] = 'Entries may be imported via a plain text file with a list of field names as the first line, then the data, with one record per line.';
30c8dd34 75$string['csvwithselecteddelimiter'] = '<acronym title="Comma Separated Values">CSV</acronym> text with selected delimiter:';
f9a67ea1 76$string['data:approve'] = 'Approve unapproved entries';
304d08f0 77$string['data:comment'] = 'Write comments';
30c8dd34 78$string['data:exportallentries'] = 'Export all database entries';
07028cd9 79$string['data:exportentry'] = 'Export a database entry';
80$string['data:exportownentry'] = 'Export own database entry';
f9a67ea1 81$string['data:managecomments'] = 'Manage comments';
304d08f0 82$string['data:manageentries'] = 'Manage entries';
f9a67ea1 83$string['data:managetemplates'] = 'Manage templates';
cf855132 84$string['data:manageuserpresets'] = 'Manage all template presets';
304d08f0 85$string['data:rate'] = 'Rate entries';
86$string['data:readentry'] = 'Read entries';
94de4ab7 87$string['data:viewalluserpresets'] = 'View presets from all users';
88$string['data:viewallratings'] = 'View all raw ratings given by individuals';
89$string['data:viewanyrating'] = 'View total ratings that anyone received';
304d08f0 90$string['data:viewentry'] = 'View entries';
6595a568 91$string['data:viewrating'] = 'View the total rating you received';
304d08f0 92$string['data:writeentry'] = 'Write entries';
de251840 93$string['date'] = 'Date';
a3425b2a 94$string['dateentered'] = 'Date entered';
c27ae154 95$string['defaultfielddelimiter'] = '(default is the comma character)';
96$string['defaultfieldenclosure'] = '(default is none)';
7592c746 97$string['defaultsortfield'] = 'Default sort field';
0b3cfe88 98$string['delete'] = 'Delete';
0b5a80a1 99$string['deleteallentries'] = 'Delete all entries';
3387cc5c 100$string['deletecomment'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this comment?';
cbde4dc9 101$string['deleted'] = 'deleted';
6c74c1da 102$string['deletefield'] = 'Delete an existing field';
30c8dd34 103$string['deletenotenrolled'] = 'Delete entries by users not enrolled';
304d08f0 104$string['deletewarning'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this preset?';
105$string['descending'] = 'Descending';
30c8dd34 106$string['directorynotapreset'] = '{$a->directory} Not a preset: missing files: {$a->missing_files}';
304d08f0 107$string['download'] = 'Download';
0b3cfe88 108$string['edit'] = 'Edit';
3387cc5c 109$string['editcomment'] = 'Edit comment';
b0aea051 110$string['editentry'] = 'Edit entry';
0c097262 111$string['editordisable'] = 'Disable editor';
30c8dd34 112$string['editorenable'] = 'Enable editor';
a3425b2a 113$string['emptyadd'] = 'The Add template is empty, generating a default form...';
114$string['emptyaddform'] = 'You did not fill out any fields!';
a05a5e5d 115$string['entries'] = 'Entries';
116$string['entrieslefttoadd'] = 'You must add {$a->entriesleft} more entry/entries in order to complete this activity';
117$string['entrieslefttoaddtoview'] = 'You must add {$a->entrieslefttoview} more entry/entries before you can view other participants\' entries.';
5cd48bf4 118$string['entry'] = 'Entry';
a3425b2a 119$string['entrysaved'] = 'Your entry has been saved';
cbde4dc9 120$string['errormustbeteacher'] = 'You need to be a teacher to use this page!';
cba87c36 121$string['errorpresetexists'] = 'There is already a preset with the selected name';
a3425b2a 122$string['example'] = 'Database module example';
afac85c9 123$string['excel'] = 'Excel';
304d08f0 124$string['export'] = 'Export';
125$string['exportaszip'] = 'Export as zip';
38d207ac 126$string['exportaszip_help'] = 'The export as zip feature allows you to save the templates and fields as a preset zip for download. The zip may then be imported to another course.';
afac85c9 127$string['exportdatabaserecords'] = 'Export Database records';
304d08f0 128$string['exportedtozip'] = 'Exported to temporary zip...';
c3e1b5bd 129$string['exportownentries'] = 'Export your own entries only? ({$a->mine}/{$a->all})';
bfe1e789 130$string['failedpresetdelete'] = 'Error deleting a preset!';
a3425b2a 131$string['fieldadded'] = 'Field added';
cbde4dc9 132$string['fieldallowautolink'] = 'Allow autolink';
a3425b2a 133$string['fielddeleted'] = 'Field deleted';
6c74c1da 134$string['fielddelimiter'] = 'Field delimiter';
cbde4dc9 135$string['fielddescription'] = 'Field description';
304d08f0 136$string['fieldenclosure'] = 'Field enclosure';
137$string['fieldheight'] = 'Height';
138$string['fieldheightlistview'] = 'Height in list view';
139$string['fieldheightsingleview'] = 'Height in single view';
30c8dd34 140$string['fieldids'] = 'Field ids';
304d08f0 141$string['fieldmappings'] = 'Field Mappings';
142$string['fieldmappings_help'] = 'This menu allows you to keep the data from the existing database. To preserve the data in a field, you must map it to a new field, where the data will appear. Any field can also be left blank, with no infomation copied into it. Any old field not mapped to a new one will be lost and all it\'s data removed.
143You can only map fields of the same type, so each dropdown will have different fields in it. Also, you must be careful not to try and map one old field to more than one new field.';
a3425b2a 144$string['fieldname'] = 'Field name';
30c8dd34 145$string['fieldnotmatched'] = 'The following fields in your file are not known in this database: {$a}';
6c74c1da 146$string['fieldoptions'] = 'Options (one per line)';
a3425b2a 147$string['fields'] = 'Fields';
148$string['fieldupdated'] = 'Field updated';
cbde4dc9 149$string['fieldwidth'] = 'Width';
cbde4dc9 150$string['fieldwidthlistview'] = 'Width in list view';
304d08f0 151$string['fieldwidthsingleview'] = 'Width in single view';
a3425b2a 152$string['file'] = 'File';
30c8dd34 153$string['filesnotgenerated'] = 'Not all files were generated: {$a}';
4ef4cff9 154$string['filtername'] = 'Database Auto-linking';
a3425b2a 155$string['footer'] = 'Footer';
ad3fba9c 156$string['forcelinkname'] = 'Forced name for the link';
157$string['foundnorecords'] = 'No records found (<a href="{$a->reseturl}">Reset filters</a>)';
158$string['foundrecords'] = 'Found records: {$a->num}/{$a->max} (<a href="{$a->reseturl}">Reset filters</a>)';
449e6414 159$string['fromfile'] = 'Import from zip file';
38d207ac 160$string['fromfile_help'] = 'The import from zip file feature allows you to browse for and upload a preset zip of templates and fields.';
29c1bb15 161$string['generateerror'] = 'Not all files generated!';
ee95802c 162$string['guestrate'] = 'Guests are not allowed to rate entries.';
a3425b2a 163$string['header'] = 'Header';
c4e576f1 164$string['headeraddtemplate'] = 'Defines the interface when editing entries';
7900ecb0 165$string['headerasearchtemplate'] = 'Defines the interface for Advanced Searches';
304d08f0 166$string['headercsstemplate'] = 'Defines local CSS styles for the other templates';
167$string['headerjstemplate'] = 'Defines custom Javascript for the other templates';
a3425b2a 168$string['headerlisttemplate'] = 'Defines browsing interface for multiple entries';
169$string['headerrsstemplate'] = 'Defines appearance of entries in RSS feeds';
170$string['headersingletemplate'] = 'Defines browsing interface for a single entry';
171$string['checkbox'] = 'Checkbox';
172$string['chooseexportfields'] = 'Choose the fields you wish to export:';
173$string['chooseexportformat'] = 'Choose the format you wish to export to:';
174$string['chooseorupload'] = 'Choose file';
2742ffe7 175$string['expired'] = 'Sorry, this activity closed on {$a} and is no longer available';
304d08f0 176$string['importsuccess'] = 'The preset has been successfully applied.';
a3425b2a 177$string['insufficiententries'] = 'more entries needed to view this database';
178$string['intro'] = 'Introduction';
29c1bb15 179$string['invalidaccess'] = 'This page was not accessed correctly';
ee95802c 180$string['invalidfieldid'] = 'Field ID is incorrect';
674b6ace 181$string['invalidfieldname'] = 'Please choose another name for this field';
ee95802c 182$string['invalidfieldtype'] = 'Field Type is incorrect';
183$string['invalidid'] = 'Incorrect data ID';
184$string['invalidpreset'] = '{$a} is not a preset.';
185$string['invalidrate'] = 'Invalid database rate ({$a})';
ee95802c 186$string['invalidratedata'] = 'Incorrect submitted ratings data';
674b6ace 187$string['invalidrecord'] = 'Incorrect record';
a3425b2a 188$string['invalidurl'] = 'The URL you just entered is not valid';
061e2ce3 189$string['jstemplate'] = 'Javascript template';
8897f6fa 190$string['latitude'] = 'Latitude';
191$string['latlong'] = 'Latitude/longitude';
304d08f0 192$string['latlongdownloadallhint'] = 'Download link for all entries as KML';
5cd48bf4 193$string['latlongkmllabelling'] = 'How to label items in KML files (Google Earth)';
8897f6fa 194$string['latlonglinkservicesdisplayed'] = 'Link-out services to display';
304d08f0 195$string['latlongotherfields'] = 'Other fields';
0f217855 196$string['list'] = 'View list';
6c74c1da 197$string['listtemplate'] = 'List template';
8897f6fa 198$string['longitude'] = 'Longitude';
199$string['mapexistingfield'] = 'Map to {$a}';
200$string['mapnewfield'] = 'Create a new field';
304d08f0 201$string['mappingwarning'] = 'All old fields not mapped to a new field will be lost and all data in that field will be removed.';
a3425b2a 202$string['maxentries'] = 'Maximum entries';
38d207ac 203$string['maxentries_help'] = 'The maximum number of entries a student is allowed to submit for this activity.';
cbde4dc9 204$string['maxsize'] = 'Maximum size';
b0aea051 205$string['menu'] = 'Menu';
206$string['menuchoose'] = 'Choose...';
29c1bb15 207$string['missingdata'] = 'Data id or object must be provided to field class';
30c8dd34 208$string['missingfield'] = 'Programmer error: You must specify field and/or data when defining field class.';
a3425b2a 209$string['modulename'] = 'Database';
38d207ac 210$string['modulename_help'] = 'The database activity module enables participants to create, maintain and search a bank of record entries. The format and structure of these entries can be almost unlimited, including images, files, URLs, numbers and text amongst other things.';
a3425b2a 211$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Databases';
0b3cfe88 212$string['more'] = 'More';
5600b501 213$string['moreurl'] = 'More URL';
bfe1e789 214$string['movezipfailed'] = 'Can\'t move zip';
a3425b2a 215$string['multientry'] = 'Repeated entry';
be51e3d5 216$string['multimenu'] = 'Menu (Multi-select)';
a3425b2a 217$string['multipletags'] = 'Multiple tags found! Template not saved';
e8184755 218$string['namedate'] = 'Date field';
6c74c1da 219$string['namefile'] = 'File field';
30c8dd34 220$string['namecheckbox'] = 'Checkbox field';
8897f6fa 221$string['namelatlong'] = 'Latitude/longitude field';
304d08f0 222$string['namemenu'] = 'Menu field';
223$string['namemultimenu'] = 'Multiple-selection menu field';
9b940db6 224$string['namenumber'] = 'Number field';
e8184755 225$string['namepicture'] = 'Picture field';
6c74c1da 226$string['nameradiobutton'] = 'Radio button field';
6c74c1da 227$string['nametext'] = 'Text field';
228$string['nametextarea'] = 'Textarea field';
e8184755 229$string['nameurl'] = 'URL field';
a3425b2a 230$string['newentry'] = 'New entry';
231$string['newfield'] = 'Create a new field';
232$string['newfield_help'] = 'A field allows the input of data. Each entry in a database activity can have multiple fields of multiple types such as a date field, which allows participants to select a day, month and year from a dropdown list, a picture field, which allows participants to upload an image file, or a checkbox field, which allows participants to select one or more options.
234Each field must have a unique field name. The field description is optional.';
304d08f0 235$string['noaccess'] = 'You do not have access to this page';
bfe1e789 236$string['nodefinedfields'] = 'New preset has no defined fields!';
30c8dd34 237$string['nofieldcontent'] = 'Field content not found';
a389cc82 238$string['nofieldindatabase'] = 'There are no fields defined for this database.';
a3425b2a 239$string['nolisttemplate'] = 'List template is not yet defined';
304d08f0 240$string['nomatch'] = 'No matching entries found!';
a3425b2a 241$string['nomaximum'] = 'No maximum';
ee95802c 242$string['norating'] = 'This activity does not use ratings';
30c8dd34 243$string['norecords'] = 'No entries in database';
304d08f0 244$string['nosingletemplate'] = 'Single template is not yet defined';
ebb621f6 245$string['notapproved'] = 'Entry is not approved yet.';
bfe1e789 246$string['notinjectivemap'] = 'Not an injective map';
2742ffe7 247$string['notopenyet'] = 'Sorry, this activity is not available until {$a}';
9b940db6 248$string['number'] = 'Number';
a3425b2a 249$string['numberrssarticles'] = 'RSS articles';
304d08f0 250$string['numnotapproved'] = 'Pending';
251$string['numrecords'] = '{$a} entries';
252$string['ods'] = '<acronym title="OpenDocument Spreadsheet">ODS</acronym> (OpenOffice)';
a3425b2a 253$string['optionaldescription'] = 'Short description (optional)';
254$string['optionalfilename'] = 'Filename (optional)';
a72e67e6 255$string['other'] = 'Other';
304d08f0 256$string['overwrite'] = 'Overwrite';
cba87c36 257$string['overrwritedesc'] = 'Overwrite the preset if it already exists';
8528bf26 258$string['overwritesettings'] = 'Overwrite current settings';
a3425b2a 259$string['pagesize'] = 'Entries per page';
260$string['participants'] = 'Participants';
261$string['picture'] = 'Picture';
30c8dd34 262$string['pleaseaddsome'] = 'Please create some below or <a href="{$a}">choose a predefined set</a> to get started.';
370d793c 263$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Database activity administration';
9a5b9005 264$string['pluginname'] = 'Database';
59dd457e 265$string['portfolionotfile'] = 'Export to a portfolio rather than a file (csv and leap2a only)';
304d08f0 266$string['presetinfo'] = 'Saving as a preset will publish this template. Other users may be able to use it in their databases.';
267$string['presets'] = 'Presets';
6c74c1da 268$string['radiobutton'] = 'Radio buttons';
e51d9eb4 269$string['rate'] = 'Rate';
270$string['rating'] = 'Rating';
271$string['ratingeveryone'] = 'Everyone can rate posts';
272$string['ratingno'] = 'No ratings';
273$string['ratingonlyteachers'] = 'Only {$a} can rate posts';
274$string['ratingpublic'] = '{$a} can see everyone\'s ratings';
275$string['ratingpublicnot'] = '{$a} can only see their own ratings';
e51d9eb4 276$string['ratings'] = 'Ratings';
277$string['ratingssaved'] = 'Ratings saved';
a05a5e5d 278$string['recordapproved'] = 'Entry approved';
279$string['recorddeleted'] = 'Entry deleted';
a05a5e5d 280$string['recordsnotsaved'] = 'No entry was saved. Please check the format of the uploaded file.';
304d08f0 281$string['recordssaved'] = 'entries saved';
6c74c1da 282$string['requireapproval'] = 'Require approval?';
38d207ac 283$string['requireapproval_help'] = 'If enabled, entries require approving by a teacher before they are viewable by everyone.';
a3425b2a 284$string['requiredentries'] = 'Required entries';
38d207ac 285$string['requiredentries_help'] = 'The number of entries a student is required to submit before the activity can be considered complete.';
a3425b2a 286$string['requiredentriestoview'] = 'Entries required before viewing';
287$string['requiredentriestoview_help'] = 'The number of entries a student is required to submit before they can view entries from other students.
289Note: If entries are required before viewing, the database auto-linking filter should be disabled. This is because the database auto-linking filter can\'t determine whether a user has submitted the required number of entries.';
eeeb4f2a 290$string['resetsettings'] = 'Reset filters';
30c8dd34 291$string['resettemplate'] = 'Reset template';
de251840 292$string['resizingimages'] = 'Resizing image thumbnails...';
01414505 293$string['rows'] = 'rows';
cbde4dc9 294$string['rssglobaldisabled'] = 'Disabled. See site configuration variables.';
235ef1e5 295$string['rsshowmany'] = '(number of latest entries to show, 0 to disable RSS)';
6c74c1da 296$string['rsstemplate'] = 'RSS template';
0b0b5ea4 297$string['rsstitletemplate'] = 'RSS title template';
a3425b2a 298$string['save'] = 'Save';
7c05ae7a 299$string['saveandadd'] = 'Save and add another';
300$string['saveandview'] = 'Save and view';
304d08f0 301$string['saveaspreset'] = 'Save as preset';
38d207ac 302$string['saveaspreset_help'] = 'The save as preset feature publishes the templates and fields as a preset which others on the site can then use. (You may delete it from the list of presets at any time.)';
6c74c1da 303$string['savesettings'] = 'Save settings';
304d08f0 304$string['savesuccess'] = 'Saved successfully. Your preset will now be available across the site.';
a3425b2a 305$string['savetemplate'] = 'Save template';
2525e465 306$string['search'] = 'Search';
0d505ace 307$string['selectedrequired'] = 'All selected required';
e51d9eb4 308$string['sendinratings'] = 'Send in my latest ratings';
30c8dd34 309$string['showall'] = 'Show all entries';
0f217855 310$string['single'] = 'View single';
6c74c1da 311$string['singletemplate'] = 'Single template';
30c8dd34 312$string['teachersandstudents'] = '{$a->teachers} and {$a->students}';
a3425b2a 313$string['templates'] = 'Templates';
5600b501 314$string['templatesaved'] = 'Template saved';
a3425b2a 315$string['text'] = 'Text';
316$string['textarea'] = 'Textarea';
bab2d9ea 317$string['timeadded'] = 'Time added';
318$string['timemodified'] = 'Time modified';
304d08f0 319$string['todatabase'] = 'to this database.';
a3425b2a 320$string['type'] = 'Field type';
321$string['undefinedprocessactionmethod'] = 'No action method defined in Data_Preset to handle action "{$a}".';
322$string['unsupportedexport'] = '({$a->fieldtype}) cannot be exported.';
a3425b2a 323$string['updatefield'] = 'Update an existing field';
6c74c1da 324$string['uploadfile'] = 'Upload file';
304d08f0 325$string['uploadrecords'] = 'Upload entries from a file';
a3425b2a 326$string['url'] = 'Url';
449e6414 327$string['usestandard'] = 'Use a preset';
38d207ac 328$string['usestandard_help'] = 'To use a preset available to the whole site, select it from the list. (If you have added a preset to the list using the save as preset feature then you have the option of deleting it.)';
a3425b2a 329$string['viewfromdate'] = 'Viewable from';
330$string['viewtodate'] = 'Viewable to';
bfe1e789 331$string['wrongdataid'] = 'Wrong data id provided';