MDL-21695 help files replaced by standard strings - basic infrastructure in place...
[moodle.git] / mod / data / lang / en / data.php
304d08f0 1<?PHP // $Id$
a3425b2a 2
3$string['action'] = 'Action';
4$string['add'] = 'Add entry';
6c74c1da 5$string['addafield'] = 'Add a field';
6$string['addcomment'] = 'Add comment';
304d08f0 7$string['addentries'] = 'Add entries';
6c74c1da 8$string['addtemplate'] = 'Add template';
2525e465 9$string['advancedsearch'] = 'Advanced search';
0b3cfe88 10$string['allowcomments'] = 'Allow comments?';
e51d9eb4 11$string['allowratings'] = 'Allow posts to be rated?';
007e4f6e 12$string['alttext'] = 'Alternative text';
0b3cfe88 13$string['approve'] = 'Approve';
bb5740f4 14$string['approved'] = 'Approved';
a3425b2a 15$string['ascending'] = 'Ascending';
2525e465 16$string['asearchtemplate'] = 'Advanced search template';
a3425b2a 17$string['atmaxentry'] = 'You have entered the maximum number of entries allowed!';
714bec74 18$string['authorfirstname'] = 'Author first name';
19$string['authorlastname'] = 'Author surname';
a3425b2a 20$string['autogenallforms'] = 'Generate all default templates';
251616fd 21$string['autolinkurl'] = 'Autolink the URL';
a3425b2a 22$string['availablefromdate'] = 'Available from';
23$string['availabletags'] = 'Available tags';
24$string['availabletodate'] = 'Available to';
304d08f0 25$string['blank'] = 'Blank';
a72e67e6 26$string['buttons'] = 'Actions';
e1701b3c 27$string['bynameondate'] = 'by $a->name - $a->date';
ee95802c 28$string['cannotaccesspresentsother'] = 'You are not allowed to access presets from other users';
29$string['cannotadd'] = 'Can not add entries!';
30$string['cannotdeletepreset'] = 'Error deleting a preset!';
31$string['cannotrate'] = 'Rating of items not allowed!';
ee95802c 32$string['cannotunziptopreset'] = 'Cannot unzip to the preset directory';
a3425b2a 33$string['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
6c74c1da 34$string['checkbox'] = 'Checkbox';
aa40f47a 35$string['chooseexportfields'] = 'Choose the fields you wish to export:';
36$string['chooseexportformat'] = 'Choose the format you wish to export to:';
304d08f0 37$string['chooseorupload'] = 'Choose file';
01414505 38$string['columns'] = 'columns';
3387cc5c 39$string['commentdeleted'] = 'Comment deleted';
b4c3ed39 40$string['commentempty'] = 'Comment was empty';
40b6dd01 41$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
0b3cfe88 42$string['comments'] = 'Comments';
6c74c1da 43$string['commentsaved'] = 'Comment saved';
2217ff8d 44$string['commentsn'] = '$a comment(s)';
a3425b2a 45$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable the possibility of RSS feeds for all databases. You will still need to turn feeds on manually in the settings for each database.';
46$string['confirmdeletefield'] = 'You are about to delete this field, are you sure?';
a05a5e5d 47$string['confirmdeleterecord'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?';
c4e576f1 48$string['csstemplate'] = 'CSS template';
aa907a94 49$string['csvfailed'] = 'Unable to read the raw data from the CSV file';
6c74c1da 50$string['csvfile'] = 'CSV file';
51$string['csvimport'] = 'CSV file import';
aa907a94 52$string['csvwithselecteddelimiter'] = '<acronym title=\"Comma Separated Values\">CSV</acronym> text with selected delimiter:';
29b64a22 53$string['dataadministration'] = 'Database activity administration';
f9a67ea1 54$string['data:approve'] = 'Approve unapproved entries';
304d08f0 55$string['data:comment'] = 'Write comments';
07028cd9 56$string['data:exportentry'] = 'Export a database entry';
57$string['data:exportownentry'] = 'Export own database entry';
58$string['data:exportallentries'] = 'Export all database entries';
f9a67ea1 59$string['data:managecomments'] = 'Manage comments';
304d08f0 60$string['data:manageentries'] = 'Manage entries';
f9a67ea1 61$string['data:managetemplates'] = 'Manage templates';
cf855132 62$string['data:manageuserpresets'] = 'Manage all template presets';
304d08f0 63$string['data:rate'] = 'Rate entries';
64$string['data:readentry'] = 'Read entries';
94de4ab7 65$string['data:viewalluserpresets'] = 'View presets from all users';
304d08f0 66$string['data:viewentry'] = 'View entries';
67$string['data:viewrating'] = 'View ratings';
68$string['data:writeentry'] = 'Write entries';
de251840 69$string['date'] = 'Date';
a3425b2a 70$string['dateentered'] = 'Date entered';
c27ae154 71$string['defaultfielddelimiter'] = '(default is the comma character)';
72$string['defaultfieldenclosure'] = '(default is none)';
7592c746 73$string['defaultsortfield'] = 'Default sort field';
0b3cfe88 74$string['delete'] = 'Delete';
0b5a80a1 75$string['deleteallentries'] = 'Delete all entries';
3387cc5c 76$string['deletecomment'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this comment?';
0b5a80a1 77$string['deletenotenrolled'] = 'Delete entries by users not enrolled';
cbde4dc9 78$string['deleted'] = 'deleted';
6c74c1da 79$string['deletefield'] = 'Delete an existing field';
304d08f0 80$string['deletewarning'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this preset?';
81$string['descending'] = 'Descending';
bfe1e789 82$string['directorynotapreset'] = '$a->directory Not a preset: missing files: $a->missing_files';
304d08f0 83$string['download'] = 'Download';
0b3cfe88 84$string['edit'] = 'Edit';
3387cc5c 85$string['editcomment'] = 'Edit comment';
b0aea051 86$string['editentry'] = 'Edit entry';
0c097262 87$string['editorenable'] = 'Enable editor';
88$string['editordisable'] = 'Disable editor';
a3425b2a 89$string['emptyadd'] = 'The Add template is empty, generating a default form...';
90$string['emptyaddform'] = 'You did not fill out any fields!';
a05a5e5d 91$string['entries'] = 'Entries';
c861f079 92$string['entrieslefttoaddtoview'] = 'You must add $a->entrieslefttoview more entry/entries before you can view other participants\' entries.';
93$string['entrieslefttoadd'] = 'You must add $a->entriesleft more entry/entries in order to complete this activity';
5cd48bf4 94$string['entry'] = 'Entry';
a3425b2a 95$string['entrysaved'] = 'Your entry has been saved';
cbde4dc9 96$string['errormustbeteacher'] = 'You need to be a teacher to use this page!';
a3425b2a 97$string['example'] = 'Database module example';
afac85c9 98$string['excel'] = 'Excel';
304d08f0 99$string['export'] = 'Export';
100$string['exportaszip'] = 'Export as zip';
afac85c9 101$string['exportdatabaserecords'] = 'Export Database records';
304d08f0 102$string['exportedtozip'] = 'Exported to temporary zip...';
bfe1e789 103$string['failedpresetdelete'] = 'Error deleting a preset!';
a3425b2a 104$string['fieldadded'] = 'Field added';
cbde4dc9 105$string['fieldallowautolink'] = 'Allow autolink';
a3425b2a 106$string['fielddeleted'] = 'Field deleted';
6c74c1da 107$string['fielddelimiter'] = 'Field delimiter';
cbde4dc9 108$string['fielddescription'] = 'Field description';
304d08f0 109$string['fieldenclosure'] = 'Field enclosure';
110$string['fieldheight'] = 'Height';
111$string['fieldheightlistview'] = 'Height in list view';
112$string['fieldheightsingleview'] = 'Height in single view';
113$string['fieldmappings'] = 'Field Mappings';
a3425b2a 114$string['fieldname'] = 'Field name';
6c74c1da 115$string['fieldoptions'] = 'Options (one per line)';
a3425b2a 116$string['fields'] = 'Fields';
a5adbd0c 117$string['fieldids'] = 'Field ids';
aa907a94 118$string['fieldnotmatched'] = 'The following fields in your file are not known in this database: $a';
a3425b2a 119$string['fieldupdated'] = 'Field updated';
cbde4dc9 120$string['fieldwidth'] = 'Width';
cbde4dc9 121$string['fieldwidthlistview'] = 'Width in list view';
304d08f0 122$string['fieldwidthsingleview'] = 'Width in single view';
a3425b2a 123$string['file'] = 'File';
bfe1e789 124$string['filesnotgenerated'] = 'Not all files were generated: $a';
4ef4cff9 125$string['filtername'] = 'Database Auto-linking';
a3425b2a 126$string['footer'] = 'Footer';
ad3fba9c 127$string['forcelinkname'] = 'Forced name for the link';
eeeb4f2a 128$string['foundrecords'] = 'Found records: $a->num/$a->max (<a href=\"$a->reseturl\">Reset filters</a>)';
129$string['foundnorecords'] = 'No records found (<a href=\"$a->reseturl\">Reset filters</a>)';
449e6414 130$string['fromfile'] = 'Import from zip file';
29c1bb15 131$string['generateerror'] = 'Not all files generated!';
ee95802c 132$string['guestrate'] = 'Guests are not allowed to rate entries.';
a3425b2a 133$string['header'] = 'Header';
c4e576f1 134$string['headeraddtemplate'] = 'Defines the interface when editing entries';
7900ecb0 135$string['headerasearchtemplate'] = 'Defines the interface for Advanced Searches';
304d08f0 136$string['headercsstemplate'] = 'Defines local CSS styles for the other templates';
137$string['headerjstemplate'] = 'Defines custom Javascript for the other templates';
a3425b2a 138$string['headerlisttemplate'] = 'Defines browsing interface for multiple entries';
139$string['headerrsstemplate'] = 'Defines appearance of entries in RSS feeds';
140$string['headersingletemplate'] = 'Defines browsing interface for a single entry';
304d08f0 141$string['importsuccess'] = 'The preset has been successfully applied.';
a3425b2a 142$string['insufficiententries'] = 'more entries needed to view this database';
143$string['intro'] = 'Introduction';
29c1bb15 144$string['invalidaccess'] = 'This page was not accessed correctly';
ee95802c 145$string['invalidfieldid'] = 'Field ID is incorrect';
674b6ace 146$string['invalidfieldname'] = 'Please choose another name for this field';
ee95802c 147$string['invalidfieldtype'] = 'Field Type is incorrect';
148$string['invalidid'] = 'Incorrect data ID';
674b6ace 149$string['invalidpreset'] = '$a is not a preset.';
c11f2e4c 150$string['invalidrate'] = 'Invalid database rate ($a)';
ee95802c 151$string['invalidratedata'] = 'Incorrect submitted ratings data';
674b6ace 152$string['invalidrecord'] = 'Incorrect record';
a3425b2a 153$string['invalidurl'] = 'The URL you just entered is not valid';
061e2ce3 154$string['jstemplate'] = 'Javascript template';
8897f6fa 155$string['latitude'] = 'Latitude';
156$string['latlong'] = 'Latitude/longitude';
304d08f0 157$string['latlongdownloadallhint'] = 'Download link for all entries as KML';
5cd48bf4 158$string['latlongkmllabelling'] = 'How to label items in KML files (Google Earth)';
8897f6fa 159$string['latlonglinkservicesdisplayed'] = 'Link-out services to display';
304d08f0 160$string['latlongotherfields'] = 'Other fields';
0f217855 161$string['list'] = 'View list';
6c74c1da 162$string['listtemplate'] = 'List template';
8897f6fa 163$string['longitude'] = 'Longitude';
304d08f0 164$string['mappingwarning'] = 'All old fields not mapped to a new field will be lost and all data in that field will be removed.';
a3425b2a 165$string['maxentries'] = 'Maximum entries';
cbde4dc9 166$string['maxsize'] = 'Maximum size';
b0aea051 167$string['menu'] = 'Menu';
168$string['menuchoose'] = 'Choose...';
29c1bb15 169$string['missingfield'] = 'Programmer error: You must specify field and/or data when defining field class. ';
170$string['missingdata'] = 'Data id or object must be provided to field class';
a3425b2a 171$string['modulename'] = 'Database';
172$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Databases';
0b3cfe88 173$string['more'] = 'More';
5600b501 174$string['moreurl'] = 'More URL';
bfe1e789 175$string['movezipfailed'] = 'Can\'t move zip';
a3425b2a 176$string['multientry'] = 'Repeated entry';
be51e3d5 177$string['multimenu'] = 'Menu (Multi-select)';
a3425b2a 178$string['multipletags'] = 'Multiple tags found! Template not saved';
6c74c1da 179$string['namecheckbox'] = 'Checkbox field';
e8184755 180$string['namedate'] = 'Date field';
6c74c1da 181$string['namefile'] = 'File field';
8897f6fa 182$string['namelatlong'] = 'Latitude/longitude field';
304d08f0 183$string['namemenu'] = 'Menu field';
184$string['namemultimenu'] = 'Multiple-selection menu field';
9b940db6 185$string['namenumber'] = 'Number field';
e8184755 186$string['namepicture'] = 'Picture field';
6c74c1da 187$string['nameradiobutton'] = 'Radio button field';
6c74c1da 188$string['nametext'] = 'Text field';
189$string['nametextarea'] = 'Textarea field';
e8184755 190$string['nameurl'] = 'URL field';
a3425b2a 191$string['newentry'] = 'New entry';
192$string['newfield'] = 'Create a new field';
304d08f0 193$string['noaccess'] = 'You do not have access to this page';
ee95802c 194$string['nofieldcontent'] = 'Field content not found';
bfe1e789 195$string['nodefinedfields'] = 'New preset has no defined fields!';
a389cc82 196$string['nofieldindatabase'] = 'There are no fields defined for this database.';
a3425b2a 197$string['nolisttemplate'] = 'List template is not yet defined';
304d08f0 198$string['nomatch'] = 'No matching entries found!';
a3425b2a 199$string['nomaximum'] = 'No maximum';
304d08f0 200$string['norecords'] = 'No entries in database';
ee95802c 201$string['norating'] = 'This activity does not use ratings';
304d08f0 202$string['nosingletemplate'] = 'Single template is not yet defined';
ebb621f6 203$string['notapproved'] = 'Entry is not approved yet.';
bfe1e789 204$string['notinjectivemap'] = 'Not an injective map';
9b940db6 205$string['number'] = 'Number';
a3425b2a 206$string['numberrssarticles'] = 'RSS articles';
304d08f0 207$string['numnotapproved'] = 'Pending';
a05a5e5d 208$string['numrecords'] = '$a entries';
afac85c9 209$string['ods'] = '<acronym title=\"OpenDocument Spreadsheet\">ODS</acronym> (OpenOffice)';
a3425b2a 210$string['optionaldescription'] = 'Short description (optional)';
211$string['optionalfilename'] = 'Filename (optional)';
a72e67e6 212$string['other'] = 'Other';
304d08f0 213$string['overwrite'] = 'Overwrite';
8528bf26 214$string['overwritesettings'] = 'Overwrite current settings';
a3425b2a 215$string['pagesize'] = 'Entries per page';
216$string['participants'] = 'Participants';
217$string['picture'] = 'Picture';
901dd2fb 218$string['pleaseaddsome'] = 'Please create some below or <a href=\"$a\">choose a predefined set</a> to get started.';
59dd457e 219$string['portfolionotfile'] = 'Export to a portfolio rather than a file (csv and leap2a only)';
304d08f0 220$string['presetinfo'] = 'Saving as a preset will publish this template. Other users may be able to use it in their databases.';
221$string['presets'] = 'Presets';
6c74c1da 222$string['radiobutton'] = 'Radio buttons';
e51d9eb4 223$string['rate'] = 'Rate';
224$string['rating'] = 'Rating';
225$string['ratingeveryone'] = 'Everyone can rate posts';
226$string['ratingno'] = 'No ratings';
227$string['ratingonlyteachers'] = 'Only $a can rate posts';
228$string['ratingpublic'] = '$a can see everyone\'s ratings';
229$string['ratingpublicnot'] = '$a can only see their own ratings';
230$string['ratings'] = 'Ratings';
231$string['ratingssaved'] = 'Ratings saved';
232$string['ratingsuse'] = 'Use ratings';
a05a5e5d 233$string['recordapproved'] = 'Entry approved';
234$string['recorddeleted'] = 'Entry deleted';
a05a5e5d 235$string['recordsnotsaved'] = 'No entry was saved. Please check the format of the uploaded file.';
304d08f0 236$string['recordssaved'] = 'entries saved';
6c74c1da 237$string['requireapproval'] = 'Require approval?';
a3425b2a 238$string['requiredentries'] = 'Required entries';
239$string['requiredentriestoview'] = 'Entries required before viewing';
32cba33f 240$string['resettemplate'] = 'Reset template';
eeeb4f2a 241$string['resetsettings'] = 'Reset filters';
de251840 242$string['resizingimages'] = 'Resizing image thumbnails...';
01414505 243$string['rows'] = 'rows';
cbde4dc9 244$string['rssglobaldisabled'] = 'Disabled. See site configuration variables.';
235ef1e5 245$string['rsshowmany'] = '(number of latest entries to show, 0 to disable RSS)';
6c74c1da 246$string['rsstemplate'] = 'RSS template';
0b0b5ea4 247$string['rsstitletemplate'] = 'RSS title template';
a3425b2a 248$string['save'] = 'Save';
7c05ae7a 249$string['saveandadd'] = 'Save and add another';
250$string['saveandview'] = 'Save and view';
304d08f0 251$string['saveaspreset'] = 'Save as preset';
6c74c1da 252$string['savesettings'] = 'Save settings';
304d08f0 253$string['savesuccess'] = 'Saved successfully. Your preset will now be available across the site.';
a3425b2a 254$string['savetemplate'] = 'Save template';
2525e465 255$string['search'] = 'Search';
0d505ace 256$string['selectedrequired'] = 'All selected required';
e51d9eb4 257$string['sendinratings'] = 'Send in my latest ratings';
0f217855 258$string['single'] = 'View single';
6c74c1da 259$string['singletemplate'] = 'Single template';
2535bff9 260$string['showall'] = 'Show all entries';
a3425b2a 261$string['teachersandstudents'] = '$a->teachers and $a->students';
262$string['templates'] = 'Templates';
5600b501 263$string['templatesaved'] = 'Template saved';
a3425b2a 264$string['text'] = 'Text';
265$string['textarea'] = 'Textarea';
bab2d9ea 266$string['timeadded'] = 'Time added';
267$string['timemodified'] = 'Time modified';
304d08f0 268$string['todatabase'] = 'to this database.';
a3425b2a 269$string['type'] = 'Field type';
bfe1e789 270$string['undefinedprocessactionmethod'] = 'No action method defined in Data_Preset to handle action \"$a\".';
aa40f47a 271$string['unsupportedexport'] = '($a->fieldtype) cannot be exported.';
a3425b2a 272$string['updatefield'] = 'Update an existing field';
6c74c1da 273$string['uploadfile'] = 'Upload file';
304d08f0 274$string['uploadrecords'] = 'Upload entries from a file';
a3425b2a 275$string['url'] = 'Url';
449e6414 276$string['usestandard'] = 'Use a preset';
a3425b2a 277$string['viewfromdate'] = 'Viewable from';
278$string['viewtodate'] = 'Viewable to';
bfe1e789 279$string['wrongdataid'] = 'Wrong data id provided';
6c74c1da 280?>