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3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'feedback', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package feedback
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
c70ad9f7 26$string['add_item'] = 'Add question to activity';
27$string['add_items'] = 'Add question to activity';
28$string['add_pagebreak'] = 'Add a pagebreak';
29$string['adjustment'] = 'Adjustment';
30$string['after_submit'] = 'After submitting';
8bea6b88 31$string['allowfullanonymous'] = 'Allow full anonymous';
c70ad9f7 32$string['analysis'] = 'Analysis';
33$string['anonymous'] = 'Anonymous';
34$string['anonymous_edit'] = 'Record user names';
35$string['anonymous_entries'] = 'Anonymous entries';
36$string['anonymous_user'] = 'Anonymous user';
37$string['append_new_items'] = 'Append new items';
e8790d59 38$string['autonumbering'] = 'automated numbers';
5435c9dc 39$string['autonumbering_help'] = 'enables or disables automated numbers for each question';
c70ad9f7 40$string['average'] = 'Average';
41$string['bold'] = 'Bold';
30c8dd34 42$string['cancel_moving'] = 'Cancel moving';
5d2edd1c 43$string['cannotmapfeedback'] = 'Database problem, unable to map feedback to course';
44$string['cannotsavetempl'] = 'saving templates is not allowed';
30c8dd34 45$string['cannotunmap'] = 'Database problem, unable to unmap';
c70ad9f7 46$string['captcha'] = 'Captcha';
b149ffb4 47$string['captchanotset'] = 'Captcha hasn\'t been set.';
c70ad9f7 48$string['completed'] = 'completed';
c70ad9f7 49$string['completed_feedbacks'] = 'Submitted answers';
30c8dd34 50$string['complete_the_form'] = 'Answer the questions...';
8bea6b88 51$string['configallowfullanonymous'] = 'If this option is set yes so the feedback can be completed whithout any preceding logon. It only affects feedbacks on the mainpage.';
52$string['confirmdeleteentry'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?';
53$string['confirmdeleteitem'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this element?';
54$string['confirmdeletetemplate'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this template?';
55$string['confirmusetemplate'] = 'Are you sure you want to use this template?';
c70ad9f7 56$string['continue_the_form'] = 'Continue the form';
57$string['count_of_nums'] = 'Count of numbers';
58$string['courseid'] = 'courseid';
59$string['creating_templates'] = 'Save these questions as a new template';
60$string['delete_entry'] = 'Delete entry';
61$string['delete_item'] = 'Delete question';
62$string['delete_old_items'] = 'Delete old items';
63$string['delete_template'] = 'Delete template';
64$string['delete_templates'] = 'Delete template...';
65$string['depending'] = 'depending items';
66$string['depending_help'] = 'Depending items allow you to show items depend on values from other items.<br />
67<strong>Here an build expample to use it:</strong><br />
69<li>First create an item on which value other items depends.</li>
70<li>Next add a pagebreak.</li>
71<li>Next add the items depend on the item-value before<br />
72Choose in the item creation-form the item in the list "depend item" and put the needed value into the textbox "depend value".</li>
74<strong>The structure should looks like this:</strong>
76<li>Item Q: do you have a car? A: yes/no</li>
78<li>Item Q: what color has your car?<br />
79(this item depends on item 1 with value = yes)</li>
80<li>Item Q: why you have not a car?<br />
81(this item depends on item 1 with value = no)</li>
82<li> ... other items</li>
84That is all. Have fun!';
85$string['dependitem'] = 'depend item';
86$string['dependvalue'] = 'depend value';
c70ad9f7 87$string['description'] = 'Description';
79473294 88$string['do_not_analyse_empty_submits'] = 'Do not analyse empty submits';
c70ad9f7 89$string['dropdown'] = 'Multiple choice - single answer allowed (dropdownlist)';
c70ad9f7 90$string['dropdownlist'] = 'Multiple choice - single answer (dropdown)';
91$string['dropdownrated'] = 'Dropdownlist (rated)';
92$string['dropdown_values'] = 'Answers';
93$string['drop_feedback'] = 'Remove from this course';
c70ad9f7 94$string['edit_item'] = 'Edit question';
95$string['edit_items'] = 'Edit questions';
96$string['email_notification'] = 'Send e-mail notifications';
e8790d59 97$string['emailnotification'] = 'emailnotifications';
5435c9dc 98$string['emailnotification_help'] = 'On the submission of a Feedback response, Administrators will receive email notification';
30c8dd34 99$string['emailteachermail'] = '{$a->username} has completed feedback activity : \'{$a->feedback}\'
c70ad9f7 100
101You can view it here:
104$string['emailteachermailhtml'] = '{$a->username} has completed feedback activity : <i>\'{$a->feedback}\'</i><br /><br />
105You can view it <a href="{$a->url}">here</a>.';
c70ad9f7 106$string['entries_saved'] = 'Your answers have been saved. Thank you.';
107$string['export_questions'] = 'Export questions';
108$string['export_to_excel'] = 'Export to Excel';
ab5bd34d 109$string['feedbackadministration'] = 'Feedback administration';
110$string['feedbackclose'] = 'Close the feedback at';
111$string['feedbackcloses'] = 'Feedback closes';
c70ad9f7 112$string['feedback:complete'] = 'Complete a feedback';
113$string['feedback:createprivatetemplate'] = 'Create private template';
114$string['feedback:createpublictemplate'] = 'Create public template';
115$string['feedback:deletesubmissions'] = 'Delete completed submissions';
116$string['feedback:deletetemplate'] = 'Delete template';
117$string['feedback:edititems'] = 'Edit items';
118$string['feedback_is_not_for_anonymous'] = 'feedback is not for anonymous';
119$string['feedback_is_not_open'] = 'The feedback is not open';
c70ad9f7 120$string['feedback:mapcourse'] = 'Map courses to global feedbacks';
121$string['feedbackopen'] = 'Open the feedback at';
122$string['feedbackopens'] = 'Feedback opens';
123$string['feedback_options'] = 'Feedback options';
cae05e67 124$string['feedback:receivemail'] = 'Receive email notification';
c70ad9f7 125$string['feedback:view'] = 'View a feedback';
119b35b3 126$string['feedback:viewanalysepage'] = 'View the analysepage after submit';
c70ad9f7 127$string['feedback:viewreports'] = 'View reports';
c70ad9f7 128$string['file'] = 'File';
129$string['filter_by_course'] = 'Filter by course';
30c8dd34 130$string['handling_error'] = 'Error occurred in feedback module action handling';
79473294 131$string['hide_no_select_option'] = 'Hide the "Not selected" option';
132$string['horizontal'] = 'horizontal';
133$string['check'] = 'Multiple choice - multiple answers';
134$string['checkbox'] = 'Multiple choice - multiple answers allowed (check boxes)';
135$string['check_values'] = 'Possible responses';
136$string['choosefile'] = 'Choose a file';
137$string['chosen_feedback_response'] = 'chosen feedback response';
c70ad9f7 138$string['importfromthisfile'] = 'Import from this file';
30c8dd34 139$string['import_questions'] = 'Import questions';
c70ad9f7 140$string['import_successfully'] = 'Import successfully';
cae05e67 141$string['info'] = 'Information';
142$string['infotype'] = 'Information-Type';
30c8dd34 143$string['insufficient_responses_for_this_group'] = 'There are insufficient responses for this group';
144$string['insufficient_responses'] = 'insufficient responses';
145$string['insufficient_responses_help'] = 'There are insufficient responses for this group.<br />To keep feedbacks anonymous a minimum of 2 responses must be done.';
30c8dd34 146$string['item_label'] = 'Label';
c70ad9f7 147$string['item_name'] = 'Question';
148$string['items_are_required'] = 'Answers are required to starred questions.';
149$string['label'] = 'Label';
c70ad9f7 150$string['line_values'] = 'Rating';
151$string['mapcourse'] = 'Map course';
c70ad9f7 152$string['mapcourseinfo'] = 'This is a sitewide feedback that is available to all courses using the feedback block. You can however limit the courses to which it will appear by mapping them. Search the course and map it to this feedback.';
153$string['mapcoursenone'] = 'No courses mapped. Feedback available to all courses';
e8790d59 154$string['mapcourse'] = 'Map feedback to courses';
5435c9dc 155$string['mapcourse_help'] = 'By default Feedback forms created on your Moodle main page are available site wide
156and will appear in all courses using the Feedback block. You can also force the Feedback
157to appear by making it a Sticky Block.<br />
158You can however limit the courses in which a Feedback form will appear by Mapping it
159to specific courses.
30c8dd34 161$string['mapcourses'] = 'Map feedback to courses';
5435c9dc 162$string['mapcourses_help'] = 'Once you have selected the relevant Course(s) and/or Programme(s) from your Search,
163you can associate them with this Feedback using Map Course(s). You can Ctrl select
164multiple Courses or Shift select a series of Courses.<br />
165You can disassociated a Course or Programme from a Feedback at any time.';
c70ad9f7 166$string['mappedcourses'] = 'Mapped courses';
167$string['max_args_exceeded'] = 'Max 6 arguments can be handled, too many arguments for';
168$string['maximal'] = 'maximal';
169$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
170$string['modulename'] = 'Feedback';
171$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Feedback';
c70ad9f7 172$string['movedown_item'] = 'Move this question down';
173$string['move_here'] = 'Move here';
30c8dd34 174$string['move_item'] = 'Move this question';
c70ad9f7 175$string['moveup_item'] = 'Move this question up';
176$string['multichoice'] = 'Multiple choice';
177$string['multichoicerated'] = 'Multiple choice (rated)';
178$string['multichoicetype'] = 'Multiple choice type';
179$string['multichoice_values'] = 'Multiple choice values';
180$string['multiple_submit'] = 'Multiple submit';
e8790d59 181$string['multiplesubmit'] = 'Multiple submit';
5435c9dc 182$string['multiplesubmit_help'] = 'For Anonymous polls Multiple Submit will allow unlimited answers for every user. Where a User\'s name is collected, Multiple Submit will allow them allow to resubmit their Feedback answers.';
c70ad9f7 183$string['name'] = 'Name';
184$string['name_required'] = 'Name required';
185$string['next_page'] = 'Next page';
30c8dd34 186$string['no_handler'] = 'No action handler exists for';
ab5bd34d 187$string['no_itemlabel'] = 'No label';
30c8dd34 188$string['no_itemname'] = 'No itemname';
c70ad9f7 189$string['no_items_available_yet'] = 'No questions have been set up yet';
c70ad9f7 190$string['non_anonymous'] = 'User\'s name will be logged and shown with answers';
191$string['non_anonymous_entries'] = 'non anonymous entries';
f77b3caa 192$string['notavailable'] = 'this feedback is not available';
c70ad9f7 193$string['not_completed_yet'] = 'Not completed yet';
30c8dd34 194$string['no_templates_available_yet'] = 'No templates available yet';
c70ad9f7 195$string['not_selected'] = 'Not selected';
196$string['numeric'] = 'Numeric answer';
197$string['numeric_range_from'] = 'Range from';
198$string['numeric_range_to'] = 'Range to';
199$string['of'] = 'of';
8bea6b88 200$string['oldvaluespreserved'] = 'All old questions and the assigned values will be preserved';
30c8dd34 201$string['oldvalueswillbedeleted'] = 'The current questions and all your user\'s responses will be deleted';
c70ad9f7 202$string['overview'] = 'Overview';
203$string['page'] = 'Page';
204$string['page_after_submit'] = 'Page after submit';
205$string['pagebreak'] = 'Page break';
206$string['parameters_missing'] = 'Parameters missing from';
207$string['picture'] = 'Picture';
c70ad9f7 208$string['picture_file_list'] = 'List of pictures';
209$string['picture_values'] = 'Choose one or more<br />picture files from the list:';
c70ad9f7 210$string['position'] = 'Position';
211$string['preview'] = 'Preview';
5435c9dc 212$string['preview_help'] = 'In the preview you can change the position order of questions.';
c70ad9f7 213$string['previous_page'] = 'Previous page';
214$string['public'] = 'Public';
c70ad9f7 215$string['question'] = 'Question';
216$string['questions'] = 'Questions';
217$string['radio'] = 'Multiple choice - single answer';
218$string['radiobutton'] = 'Multiple choice - single answer allowed (radio buttons)';
c70ad9f7 219$string['radiobutton_rated'] = 'Radiobutton (rated)';
220$string['radiorated'] = 'Radiobutton (rated)';
30c8dd34 221$string['radio_values'] = 'Responses';
c70ad9f7 222$string['ready_feedbacks'] = 'Ready feedbacks';
30c8dd34 223$string['relateditemsdeleted'] = 'All your user\'s responses for this question will also be deleted';
c70ad9f7 224$string['required'] = 'Required';
225$string['resetting_data'] = 'Reset feedback responses';
226$string['resetting_feedbacks'] = 'Resetting feedbacks';
227$string['response_nr'] = 'Response Nr.';
228$string['responses'] = 'Responses';
cae05e67 229$string['responsetime'] = 'Responsestime';
c70ad9f7 230$string['save_as_new_template'] = 'Save as new template';
231$string['save_entries'] = 'Submit your answers';
232$string['save_item'] = 'Save question';
233$string['saving_failed'] = 'Saving failed';
234$string['saving_failed_because_missing_or_false_values'] = 'Saving failed because missing or false values';
235$string['search_course'] = 'Search course';
e8790d59 236$string['searchcourses'] = 'Search courses';
5435c9dc 237$string['searchcourses_help'] = 'Search for the Code or Name of the Course(s) that you wish to associate with this Feedback.';
30c8dd34 238$string['selected_dump'] = 'Selected indexes of $SESSION variable are dumped below:';
c70ad9f7 239$string['separator_decimal'] = '.';
240$string['separator_thousand'] = ',';
241$string['show_all'] = 'Show all';
7ac32c70 242$string['show_analysepage_after_submit'] = 'Show analysepage after submit';
c70ad9f7 243$string['show_entries'] = 'Show responses';
244$string['show_entry'] = 'Show response';
cae05e67 245$string['site_after_submit'] = 'Site after submit';
c70ad9f7 246$string['sort_by_course'] = 'Sort by course';
247$string['start'] = 'Start';
248$string['stop'] = 'End';
249$string['switch_group'] = 'Switch group';
250$string['switch_item_to_not_required'] = 'switch to: answer not required';
251$string['switch_item_to_required'] = 'switch to: answer required';
252$string['template'] = 'Template';
c70ad9f7 253$string['templates'] = 'Templates';
30c8dd34 254$string['template_saved'] = 'Template saved';
c70ad9f7 255$string['textarea'] = 'Longer text answer';
256$string['textarea_height'] = 'Number of lines';
257$string['textarea_width'] = 'Width';
258$string['textfield'] = 'Short text answer';
259$string['textfield_maxlength'] = 'Maximum characters accepted';
260$string['textfield_size'] = 'Textfield width';
261$string['this_feedback_is_already_submitted'] = 'You\'ve already completed this activity.';
e8790d59 262$string['timeclose'] = 'time to close';
5435c9dc 263$string['timeclose_help'] = 'You can specify times when the feedback is accessible for people to answer the questions.<br />
264At a time after this time here defined, the feedback will be unavailable.<br />
265If the checkbox is not selected so there is no limit defined.';
266$string['timeopen'] = 'time to open';
5435c9dc 267$string['timeopen_help'] = 'You can specify times when the feedback is accessible for people to answer the questions.<br />
268At a time before this time here defined, the feedback will be unavailable.<br />
269If the checkbox is not selected so there is no limit defined.';
30c8dd34 270$string['typemissing'] = 'missing value "type"';
c70ad9f7 271$string['update_item'] = 'Save changes to question';
e8790d59 272$string['url_for_continue'] = 'URL for continue-button';
5435c9dc 273$string['url_for_continue_help'] = 'By default after a feedback is submitted the target of the
274continue button is the course page.<br />
275You can define here another target url for this continue-button.';
30c8dd34 276$string['url_for_continue_button'] = 'URL for continue-button';
c70ad9f7 277$string['use_one_line_for_each_value'] = '<br />Use one line for each answer!';
278$string['use_this_template'] = 'Use this template';
279$string['using_templates'] = 'Use a template';
280$string['vertical'] = 'vertical';
e8790d59 281$string['viewcompleted'] = 'completed feedbacks';
5435c9dc 282$string['viewcompleted_help'] = 'You may view completed Feedback forms, searchable by Course and/or by Question.
e8790d59 283Feedback responses may be exported to Excel.';