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a23f0aaf 1<?PHP // $Id$
304d08f0 2 // glossary.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
49aafb90 3
5$string['addcomment'] = 'Add comment';
6$string['addentry'] = 'Add a new entry';
7$string['addingcomment'] = 'Add a comment';
6c0a9413 8$string['alias'] = 'Keyword';
49aafb90 9$string['aliases'] = 'Keyword(s)';
10$string['allcategories'] = 'All Categories';
11$string['allentries'] = 'ALL';
12$string['allowcomments'] = 'Allow comments on entries';
13$string['allowduplicatedentries'] = 'Duplicated entries allowed';
14$string['allowprintview'] = 'Allow print view';
15$string['allowratings'] = 'Allow entries to be rated?';
16$string['answer'] = 'Answer';
17$string['approve'] = 'Approve';
18$string['areyousuredelete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?';
19$string['areyousuredeletecomment'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this comment?';
20$string['areyousureexport'] = 'Are you sure you want to export this entry to';
468c120a 21$string['ascending'] = 'ascending';
49aafb90 22$string['attachment'] = 'Attachment';
58de4466 23$string['author'] = 'author';
49aafb90 24$string['authorview'] = 'Browse by Author';
25$string['back'] = 'Back';
26$string['cantinsertcat'] = 'Can\'t insert category';
27$string['cantinsertrec'] = 'Can\'t insert record';
28$string['cantinsertrel'] = 'Can\'t insert relation category-entry';
29$string['casesensitive'] = 'This entry is case sensitive';
58de4466 30$string['cat'] = 'cat';
49aafb90 31$string['categories'] = 'Categories';
32$string['category'] = 'Category';
33$string['categorydeleted'] = 'Category deleted';
34$string['categoryview'] = 'Browse by category';
35$string['cnfallowcomments'] = 'Define if a glossary will accept comments on entries by default';
36$string['cnfallowdupentries'] = 'Define if a glossary will allows duplicated entries by default';
37$string['cnfapprovalstatus'] = 'Define the approval status by default of an entry posted by a student';
38$string['cnfcasesensitive'] = 'Define if an entry, when linked, is case sensitive by default';
39$string['cnfdefaulthook'] = 'Select the default selection to show when the glossary is first viewed';
40$string['cnfdefaultmode'] = 'Select the default frame to show when the glossary is first viewed.';
41$string['cnffullmatch'] = 'Define if an entry, when linked, should match the case in the target text by default';
42$string['cnflinkentry'] = 'Define if an entry should be automatically linked by default';
43$string['cnflinkglossaries'] = 'Define if a glossary should be automatically linked by default';
44$string['cnfrelatedview'] = 'Select the display format to be used for automatic linking and entry view.';
45$string['cnfshowgroup'] = 'Specify if the group break should be shown or not.';
46$string['cnfsortkey'] = 'Select the sorting key by default.';
47$string['cnfsortorder'] = 'Select the sorting order by default.';
48$string['cnfstudentcanpost'] = 'Define if the students can or cannot post entries by default';
49$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
50$string['commentdeleted'] = 'The comment has been deleted.';
51$string['comments'] = 'Comments';
52$string['commentson'] = 'Comments on';
53$string['commentupdated'] = 'The comment has been updated.';
54$string['concept'] = 'Concept';
55$string['concepts'] = 'Concepts';
0b5a80a1 56$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable the possibility of RSS feeds for all glossaries. You will still need to turn feeds on manually in the settings for each glossary.';
49aafb90 57$string['currentglossary'] = 'Current glossary';
468c120a 58$string['changeto'] = 'change to $a';
59$string['current']= 'Currently sorted $a';
a23f0aaf 60$string['errconceptalreadyexists'] = 'This concept already exists. No duplicates allowed in this glossary.';
61$string['erredittimeexpired'] = 'The editing time for this entry has expired.';
745bf998 62$string['errdeltimeexpired'] = 'You can\'t delete this. Time expired!';
a23f0aaf 63$string['errcannoteditothers'] = 'You cannot edit other people\'s entries.';
58de4466 64$string['date'] = 'date';
49aafb90 65$string['dateview'] = 'Browse by date';
66$string['defaultapproval'] = 'Approved by default';
38f8f9ec 67$string['defaulthook'] = 'Default hook';
68$string['defaultmode'] = 'Default mode';
69$string['defaultsortkey'] = 'Default sort key';
70$string['defaultsortorder'] = 'Default sort order';
49aafb90 71$string['definition'] = 'Definition';
72$string['definitions'] = 'Definitions';
73$string['deleteentry'] = 'Delete entry';
0b5a80a1 74$string['deletenotenrolled'] = 'Delete entries by users not enrolled';
49aafb90 75$string['deletingcomment'] = 'Deleting comment';
76$string['deletingnoneemptycategory'] = 'Deleting this category will not delete the entries it contains - they will be marked as uncategorised.';
468c120a 77$string['descending'] = 'descending';
49aafb90 78$string['destination'] = 'Destination';
79$string['displayformat'] = 'Display format';
80$string['displayformatcontinuous'] = 'Continuous without author';
81$string['displayformatdictionary'] = 'Simple, dictionary style';
82$string['displayformatencyclopedia'] = 'Encyclopedia';
83$string['displayformatentrylist'] = 'Entry list';
84$string['displayformatfaq'] = 'FAQ';
85$string['displayformatfullwithauthor'] = 'Full with author';
86$string['displayformatfullwithoutauthor'] = 'Full without author';
87$string['displayformats'] = 'Display formats';
88$string['displayformatssetup'] = 'Display Formats Setup';
89$string['duplicateentry'] = 'Duplicate entry';
90$string['editalways'] = 'Edit always';
91$string['editcategories'] = 'Edit categories';
92$string['editentry'] = 'Edit entry';
93$string['editingcomment'] = 'Editing comment';
94$string['entbypage'] = 'Entries shown per page';
95$string['entries'] = 'Entries';
96$string['entrieswithoutcategory'] = 'Entries without category';
97$string['entry'] = 'Entry';
98$string['entryalreadyexist'] = 'Entry already exists';
99$string['entryapproved'] = 'This entry has been approved';
100$string['entrydeleted'] = 'Entry deleted';
101$string['entryexported'] = 'Entry succesfully exported';
102$string['entryishidden'] = '(this entry is currently hidden)';
103$string['entryleveldefaultsettings'] = 'Entry Level Default Settings';
104$string['entrysaved'] = 'This entry has been saved';
105$string['entryupdated'] = 'This entry has been updated';
106$string['entryusedynalink'] = 'This entry should be automatically linked';
20355e5a 107$string['errorparsingxml'] = 'Errors occurred while parsing the file. Make sure it is valid XML syntax.';
49aafb90 108$string['explainaddentry'] = 'Add a new entry to the current glossary.<br />Concept and definition are mandatory fields.';
109$string['explainall'] = 'Shows ALL entries on one page';
110$string['explainalphabet'] = 'Browse the glossary using this index';
212039c0 111$string['explainexport'] = 'Click on the button below to export glossary entries.<br />You can import it anytime you wish in this or other course.<p>Please note that attachments (e.g. images) and authors are not exported.</p>';
49aafb90 112$string['explainimport'] = 'You must specify the file to import and define the criteria of the process.<p>Submit your request and review the results.</p>';
113$string['explainspecial'] = 'Shows entries that do not begin with a letter';
a7117f3a 114$string['exportedentry'] = 'Exported entry';
304d08f0 115$string['exportentries'] = 'Export entries';
80ddc208 116$string['exportentriestoxml'] = 'Export entries to XML file';
212039c0 117$string['exportfile'] = 'Export entries to file';
49aafb90 118$string['exportglossary'] = 'Export glossary';
119$string['exporttomainglossary'] = 'Export to main glossary';
120$string['filetoimport'] = 'File to import';
121$string['fillfields'] = 'Concept and definition are mandatory fields.';
122$string['filtername'] = 'Glossary Auto-linking';
123$string['fullmatch'] = 'Match whole words only';
124$string['globalglossary'] = 'Global glossary';
0961861e 125$string['glossaryadministration'] = 'Glossary Administration';
304d08f0 126$string['glossary:approve'] = 'Approve unapproved entries';
f9a67ea1 127$string['glossary:comment'] = 'Create comments';
f9a67ea1 128$string['glossary:export'] = 'Export entries';
86a3996d 129$string['glossary:exportentry'] = 'Export single entry';
130$string['glossary:exportownentry'] = 'Export single entry of yours';
304d08f0 131$string['glossary:import'] = 'Import entries';
132$string['glossary:managecategories'] = 'Manage categories';
133$string['glossary:managecomments'] = 'Manage comments';
134$string['glossary:manageentries'] = 'Manage entries';
f9a67ea1 135$string['glossary:rate'] = 'Rate entries';
304d08f0 136$string['glossary:view'] = 'View glossary';
f9a67ea1 137$string['glossary:viewrating'] = 'View ratings';
304d08f0 138$string['glossary:write'] = 'Create new entries';
139$string['glossaryleveldefaultsettings'] = 'Glossary Level Default Settings';
140$string['glossarytype'] = 'Glossary Type';
745bf998 141$string['guestnoedit'] = 'Guests are not allowed to edit glossaries';
49aafb90 142$string['importcategories'] = 'Import categories';
143$string['importedcategories'] = 'Imported categories';
144$string['importedentries'] = 'Imported entries';
145$string['importentries'] = 'Import entries';
20355e5a 146$string['importentriesfromxml'] = 'Import entries from XML file';
58de4466 147$string['includegroupbreaks'] = 'Include group breaks';
6e73bd12 148$string['invalidrate'] = 'Invalid glossary rate ($a)';
49aafb90 149$string['isglobal'] = 'Is this glossary global?';
58de4466 150$string['letter'] = 'letter';
49aafb90 151$string['linkcategory'] = 'Automatically link this category';
a23f0aaf 152$string['linking'] = 'Auto-linking';
49aafb90 153$string['mainglossary'] = 'Main glossary';
154$string['maxtimehaspassed'] = 'Sorry, but the maximum time for editing this comment ($a) has passed!';
155$string['modulename'] = 'Glossary';
156$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Glossaries';
157$string['newentries'] = 'New glossary entries';
158$string['newglossary'] = 'New glossary';
159$string['newglossarycreated'] = 'New glossary created.';
160$string['newglossaryentries'] = 'New glossary entries:';
161$string['nocomment'] = 'No comment found';
162$string['nocomments'] = '(No comments found on this entry)';
163$string['noconceptfound'] = 'No concept or definition found.';
164$string['noentries'] = 'No entries found in this section';
165$string['noentry'] = 'No entry found.';
166$string['notcategorised'] = 'Not categorised';
bb371a5f 167$string['nopermissiontodelcomment'] = 'You can\'t delete other people\'s comments!';
168$string['nopermissiontodelinglossary'] = 'You can\'t comments in this glossary!';
745bf998 169$string['nopermissiontoviewresult'] = 'You can only look at results for your own entries';
49aafb90 170$string['numberofentries'] = 'Number of entries';
171$string['onebyline'] = '(one per line)';
38f8f9ec 172$string['popupformat'] = 'Popup format';
49aafb90 173$string['printerfriendly'] = 'Printer-friendly version';
174$string['printviewnotallowed'] = 'Print view isn\'t allowed';
175$string['question'] = 'Question';
176$string['rate'] = 'Rate';
177$string['rating'] = 'Rating';
178$string['ratingeveryone'] = 'Everyone can rate entries';
179$string['ratingno'] = 'No ratings';
180$string['ratingonlyteachers'] = 'Only $a can rate entries';
9101efd3 181$string['ratingonlywithpermissions'] = 'Only people with permission to rate entries';
49aafb90 182$string['ratings'] = 'Ratings';
183$string['ratingssaved'] = 'Ratings saved';
184$string['ratingsuse'] = 'Use ratings';
185$string['ratingtime'] = 'Restrict ratings to entries with dates in this range:';
186$string['rejectedentries'] = 'Rejected entries';
187$string['rejectionrpt'] = 'Rejection Report';
0b5a80a1 188$string['resetglossariesall'] = 'Delete entries from all glossaries';
189$string['resetglossaries'] = 'Delete entries from';
49aafb90 190$string['rsssubscriberss'] = 'Display the RSS feed for \'$a\' concepts';
191$string['searchindefinition'] = 'Search full text';
192$string['secondaryglossary'] = 'Secondary glossary';
193$string['sendinratings'] = 'Send in my latest ratings';
194$string['showall'] = 'Show \'ALL\' link';
195$string['showalphabet'] = 'Show alphabet';
196$string['showspecial'] = 'Show \'Special\' link';
197$string['sortby'] = 'Sort by';
198$string['sortbycreation'] = 'By creation date';
199$string['sortbylastupdate'] = 'By last update';
200$string['sortchronogically'] = 'Sort chronologically';
201$string['special'] = 'Special';
202$string['standardview'] = 'Browse by alphabet';
203$string['studentcanpost'] = 'Students can add entries';
204$string['totalentries'] = 'Total entries';
205$string['usedynalink'] = 'Automatically link glossary entries';
206$string['waitingapproval'] = 'Waiting approval';
207$string['warningstudentcapost'] = '(Applies only if the glossary is not the main one)';
208$string['withauthor'] = 'Concepts with author';
209$string['withoutauthor'] = 'Concepts without author';
210$string['writtenby'] = 'by';
211$string['youarenottheauthor'] = 'You are not the author of this comment, so you are not allowed to edit it.';