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30c8dd34 1<?php
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3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'glossary', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package glossary
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
49aafb90 25
26$string['addcomment'] = 'Add comment';
27$string['addentry'] = 'Add a new entry';
28$string['addingcomment'] = 'Add a comment';
6c0a9413 29$string['alias'] = 'Keyword';
49aafb90 30$string['aliases'] = 'Keyword(s)';
31$string['aliases_help'] = 'Each glossary entry can have an associated list of keywords (or aliases). If the entry is auto-linked, then any keywords will also be auto-linked.
33Enter each keyword on a new line (not separated by commas).';
49aafb90 34$string['allcategories'] = 'All Categories';
35$string['allentries'] = 'ALL';
36$string['allowcomments'] = 'Allow comments on entries';
37$string['allowduplicatedentries'] = 'Duplicate entries allowed';
38$string['allowduplicatedentries_help'] = 'If enabled, multiple entries can have the same concept name.';
39$string['allowprintview_help'] = 'If enabled, students are provided with a link to a printer-friendly version of the glossary. The link is always available to teachers.';
49aafb90 40$string['allowratings'] = 'Allow entries to be rated?';
41$string['answer'] = 'Answer';
42$string['approve'] = 'Approve';
43$string['areyousuredelete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?';
44$string['areyousuredeletecomment'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this comment?';
45$string['areyousureexport'] = 'Are you sure you want to export this entry to';
468c120a 46$string['ascending'] = 'ascending';
49aafb90 47$string['attachment'] = 'Attachment';
5fbd8c0b 48$string['attachment_help'] = 'You can optionally attach one or more files to a glossary entry. If you attach an image, it will be displayed after the definition.';
58de4466 49$string['author'] = 'author';
49aafb90 50$string['authorview'] = 'Browse by Author';
51$string['back'] = 'Back';
52$string['cantinsertcat'] = 'Can\'t insert category';
53$string['cantinsertrec'] = 'Can\'t insert record';
54$string['cantinsertrel'] = 'Can\'t insert relation category-entry';
55$string['casesensitive'] = 'This entry is case sensitive';
5fbd8c0b 56$string['casesensitive_help'] = 'This setting specifies whether matching exact upper and lower case is necessary when auto-linking to an entry.';
58de4466 57$string['cat'] = 'cat';
49aafb90 58$string['categories'] = 'Categories';
59$string['category'] = 'Category';
60$string['categorydeleted'] = 'Category deleted';
61$string['categoryview'] = 'Browse by category';
62$string['cnfallowcomments'] = 'Define if a glossary will accept comments on entries by default';
63$string['cnfallowdupentries'] = 'Define if a glossary will allows duplicated entries by default';
64$string['cnfapprovalstatus'] = 'Define the approval status by default of an entry posted by a student';
65$string['cnfcasesensitive'] = 'Define if an entry, when linked, is case sensitive by default';
66$string['cnfdefaulthook'] = 'Select the default selection to show when the glossary is first viewed';
67$string['cnfdefaultmode'] = 'Select the default frame to show when the glossary is first viewed.';
68$string['cnffullmatch'] = 'Define if an entry, when linked, should match the case in the target text by default';
69$string['cnflinkentry'] = 'Define if an entry should be automatically linked by default';
70$string['cnflinkglossaries'] = 'Define if a glossary should be automatically linked by default';
71$string['cnfrelatedview'] = 'Select the display format to be used for automatic linking and entry view.';
72$string['cnfshowgroup'] = 'Specify if the group break should be shown or not.';
73$string['cnfsortkey'] = 'Select the sorting key by default.';
74$string['cnfsortorder'] = 'Select the sorting order by default.';
75$string['cnfstudentcanpost'] = 'Define if the students can or cannot post entries by default';
76$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
77$string['commentdeleted'] = 'The comment has been deleted.';
78$string['comments'] = 'Comments';
79$string['commentson'] = 'Comments on';
80$string['commentupdated'] = 'The comment has been updated.';
81$string['concept'] = 'Concept';
82$string['concepts'] = 'Concepts';
0b5a80a1 83$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable the possibility of RSS feeds for all glossaries. You will still need to turn feeds on manually in the settings for each glossary.';
30c8dd34 84$string['current'] = 'Currently sorted {$a}';
49aafb90 85$string['currentglossary'] = 'Current glossary';
58de4466 86$string['date'] = 'date';
49aafb90 87$string['dateview'] = 'Browse by date';
88$string['defaultapproval'] = 'Approved by default';
38f8f9ec 89$string['defaulthook'] = 'Default hook';
90$string['defaultmode'] = 'Default mode';
91$string['defaultsortkey'] = 'Default sort key';
92$string['defaultsortorder'] = 'Default sort order';
49aafb90 93$string['definition'] = 'Definition';
94$string['definitions'] = 'Definitions';
95$string['deleteentry'] = 'Delete entry';
0b5a80a1 96$string['deletenotenrolled'] = 'Delete entries by users not enrolled';
49aafb90 97$string['deletingcomment'] = 'Deleting comment';
98$string['deletingnoneemptycategory'] = 'Deleting this category will not delete the entries it contains - they will be marked as uncategorised.';
468c120a 99$string['descending'] = 'descending';
49aafb90 100$string['destination'] = 'Destination';
101$string['displayformat'] = 'Display format';
102$string['displayformatcontinuous'] = 'Continuous without author';
103$string['displayformatdictionary'] = 'Simple, dictionary style';
104$string['displayformatencyclopedia'] = 'Encyclopedia';
105$string['displayformatentrylist'] = 'Entry list';
106$string['displayformatfaq'] = 'FAQ';
107$string['displayformatfullwithauthor'] = 'Full with author';
108$string['displayformatfullwithoutauthor'] = 'Full without author';
109$string['displayformats'] = 'Display formats';
110$string['displayformatssetup'] = 'Display Formats Setup';
111$string['duplicateentry'] = 'Duplicate entry';
112$string['editalways'] = 'Edit always';
113$string['editcategories'] = 'Edit categories';
114$string['editentry'] = 'Edit entry';
115$string['editingcomment'] = 'Editing comment';
116$string['entbypage'] = 'Entries shown per page';
117$string['entries'] = 'Entries';
118$string['entrieswithoutcategory'] = 'Entries without category';
119$string['entry'] = 'Entry';
120$string['entryalreadyexist'] = 'Entry already exists';
121$string['entryapproved'] = 'This entry has been approved';
122$string['entrydeleted'] = 'Entry deleted';
123$string['entryexported'] = 'Entry succesfully exported';
124$string['entryishidden'] = '(this entry is currently hidden)';
125$string['entryleveldefaultsettings'] = 'Entry Level Default Settings';
126$string['entrysaved'] = 'This entry has been saved';
127$string['entryupdated'] = 'This entry has been updated';
128$string['entryusedynalink'] = 'This entry should be automatically linked';
5fbd8c0b 129$string['entryusedynalink_help'] = 'If site-wide glossary auto-linking has been enabled by an administrator and this checkbox is ticked, the entry will be automatically linked wherever the concept words and phrases appear throughout the rest of the course.';
130$string['errcannoteditothers'] = 'You cannot edit other people\'s entries.';
131$string['errconceptalreadyexists'] = 'This concept already exists. No duplicates allowed in this glossary.';
132$string['errdeltimeexpired'] = 'You can\'t delete this. Time expired!';
133$string['erredittimeexpired'] = 'The editing time for this entry has expired.';
20355e5a 134$string['errorparsingxml'] = 'Errors occurred while parsing the file. Make sure it is valid XML syntax.';
49aafb90 135$string['explainaddentry'] = 'Add a new entry to the current glossary.<br />Concept and definition are mandatory fields.';
136$string['explainall'] = 'Shows ALL entries on one page';
137$string['explainalphabet'] = 'Browse the glossary using this index';
212039c0 138$string['explainexport'] = 'Click on the button below to export glossary entries.<br />You can import it anytime you wish in this or other course.<p>Please note that attachments (e.g. images) and authors are not exported.</p>';
49aafb90 139$string['explainimport'] = 'You must specify the file to import and define the criteria of the process.<p>Submit your request and review the results.</p>';
140$string['explainspecial'] = 'Shows entries that do not begin with a letter';
a7117f3a 141$string['exportedentry'] = 'Exported entry';
304d08f0 142$string['exportentries'] = 'Export entries';
80ddc208 143$string['exportentriestoxml'] = 'Export entries to XML file';
212039c0 144$string['exportfile'] = 'Export entries to file';
49aafb90 145$string['exportglossary'] = 'Export glossary';
146$string['exporttomainglossary'] = 'Export to main glossary';
147$string['filetoimport'] = 'File to import';
148$string['fillfields'] = 'Concept and definition are mandatory fields.';
149$string['filtername'] = 'Glossary Auto-linking';
150$string['fullmatch'] = 'Match whole words only';
5fbd8c0b 151$string['fullmatch_help'] = 'This setting specifies whether only whole words will be linked, for example, a glossary entry named "construct" will not create a link inside the word "constructivism".';
49aafb90 152$string['globalglossary'] = 'Global glossary';
0961861e 153$string['glossaryadministration'] = 'Glossary Administration';
304d08f0 154$string['glossary:approve'] = 'Approve unapproved entries';
f9a67ea1 155$string['glossary:comment'] = 'Create comments';
f9a67ea1 156$string['glossary:export'] = 'Export entries';
86a3996d 157$string['glossary:exportentry'] = 'Export single entry';
158$string['glossary:exportownentry'] = 'Export single entry of yours';
304d08f0 159$string['glossary:import'] = 'Import entries';
30c8dd34 160$string['glossaryleveldefaultsettings'] = 'Glossary Level Default Settings';
304d08f0 161$string['glossary:managecategories'] = 'Manage categories';
162$string['glossary:managecomments'] = 'Manage comments';
163$string['glossary:manageentries'] = 'Manage entries';
f9a67ea1 164$string['glossary:rate'] = 'Rate entries';
165$string['glossarytype'] = 'Glossary type';
166$string['glossarytype_help'] = 'A main glossary is a glossary in which entries from secondary glossaries can be imported. There can only be one main glossary in a course. if glossary entry import is not required, all glossaries in the course can be secondary glossaries.';
304d08f0 167$string['glossary:view'] = 'View glossary';
168$string['glossary:viewallratings'] = 'View all raw ratings given by individuals';
169$string['glossary:viewanyrating'] = 'View total ratings that anyone received';
170$string['glossary:viewrating'] = 'View the total rating you received';
304d08f0 171$string['glossary:write'] = 'Create new entries';
745bf998 172$string['guestnoedit'] = 'Guests are not allowed to edit glossaries';
30c8dd34 173$string['changeto'] = 'change to {$a}';
49aafb90 174$string['importcategories'] = 'Import categories';
175$string['importedcategories'] = 'Imported categories';
176$string['importedentries'] = 'Imported entries';
177$string['importentries'] = 'Import entries';
20355e5a 178$string['importentriesfromxml'] = 'Import entries from XML file';
58de4466 179$string['includegroupbreaks'] = 'Include group breaks';
30c8dd34 180$string['invalidrate'] = 'Invalid glossary rate ({$a})';
49aafb90 181$string['isglobal'] = 'Is this glossary global?';
5fbd8c0b 182$string['isglobal_help'] = 'A global glossary has entries which are linked to from throughout the site, rather than only in the course that the glossary is in. Only administrators can set a glossary as global.';
58de4466 183$string['letter'] = 'letter';
49aafb90 184$string['linkcategory'] = 'Automatically link this category';
a23f0aaf 185$string['linking'] = 'Auto-linking';
49aafb90 186$string['mainglossary'] = 'Main glossary';
30c8dd34 187$string['maxtimehaspassed'] = 'Sorry, but the maximum time for editing this comment ({$a}) has passed!';
49aafb90 188$string['modulename'] = 'Glossary';
5fbd8c0b 189$string['modulename_help'] = 'The glossary module enables participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary. Glossary entries may be automatically linked wherever the concept words and phrases appear throughout the course.';
49aafb90 190$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Glossaries';
191$string['newentries'] = 'New glossary entries';
192$string['newglossary'] = 'New glossary';
193$string['newglossarycreated'] = 'New glossary created.';
194$string['newglossaryentries'] = 'New glossary entries:';
195$string['nocomment'] = 'No comment found';
196$string['nocomments'] = '(No comments found on this entry)';
197$string['noconceptfound'] = 'No concept or definition found.';
198$string['noentries'] = 'No entries found in this section';
199$string['noentry'] = 'No entry found.';
bb371a5f 200$string['nopermissiontodelcomment'] = 'You can\'t delete other people\'s comments!';
201$string['nopermissiontodelinglossary'] = 'You can\'t comments in this glossary!';
745bf998 202$string['nopermissiontoviewresult'] = 'You can only look at results for your own entries';
30c8dd34 203$string['notcategorised'] = 'Not categorised';
49aafb90 204$string['numberofentries'] = 'Number of entries';
205$string['onebyline'] = '(one per line)';
38f8f9ec 206$string['popupformat'] = 'Popup format';
49aafb90 207$string['printerfriendly'] = 'Printer-friendly version';
208$string['printviewnotallowed'] = 'Print view isn\'t allowed';
209$string['question'] = 'Question';
210$string['rate'] = 'Rate';
211$string['rating'] = 'Rating';
212$string['ratingeveryone'] = 'Everyone can rate entries';
213$string['ratingno'] = 'No ratings';
30c8dd34 214$string['ratingonlyteachers'] = 'Only {$a} can rate entries';
9101efd3 215$string['ratingonlywithpermissions'] = 'Only people with permission to rate entries';
49aafb90 216$string['ratings'] = 'Ratings';
217$string['ratingssaved'] = 'Ratings saved';
218$string['ratingsuse'] = 'Use ratings';
219$string['ratingtime'] = 'Restrict ratings to entries with dates in this range:';
220$string['rejectedentries'] = 'Rejected entries';
221$string['rejectionrpt'] = 'Rejection Report';
0b5a80a1 222$string['resetglossaries'] = 'Delete entries from';
223$string['resetglossariesall'] = 'Delete entries from all glossaries';
224$string['rsssubscriberss'] = 'Display the RSS feed for \'{$a}\' concepts';
49aafb90 225$string['searchindefinition'] = 'Search full text';
226$string['secondaryglossary'] = 'Secondary glossary';
227$string['sendinratings'] = 'Send in my latest ratings';
228$string['showall'] = 'Show \'ALL\' link';
229$string['showalphabet'] = 'Show alphabet';
230$string['showspecial'] = 'Show \'Special\' link';
231$string['sortby'] = 'Sort by';
232$string['sortbycreation'] = 'By creation date';
233$string['sortbylastupdate'] = 'By last update';
234$string['sortchronogically'] = 'Sort chronologically';
235$string['special'] = 'Special';
236$string['standardview'] = 'Browse by alphabet';
237$string['studentcanpost'] = 'Students can add entries';
238$string['totalentries'] = 'Total entries';
239$string['usedynalink'] = 'Automatically link glossary entries';
5fbd8c0b 240$string['usedynalink_help'] = 'If site-wide glossary auto-linking has been enabled by an administrator and this setting is enabled, the "Add a new entry" form includes the option to automatically link the entry wherever the concept words and phrases appear throughout the rest of the course.';
49aafb90 241$string['waitingapproval'] = 'Waiting approval';
242$string['warningstudentcapost'] = '(Applies only if the glossary is not the main one)';
243$string['withauthor'] = 'Concepts with author';
244$string['withoutauthor'] = 'Concepts without author';
245$string['writtenby'] = 'by';
246$string['youarenottheauthor'] = 'You are not the author of this comment, so you are not allowed to edit it.';