Fixing a couple issues with grade receipt
[moodle.git] / mod / lti / lang / en / lti.php
2// This file is part of BasicLTI4Moodle
4// BasicLTI4Moodle is an IMS BasicLTI (Basic Learning Tools for Interoperability)
5// consumer for Moodle 1.9 and Moodle 2.0. BasicLTI is a IMS Standard that allows web
6// based learning tools to be easily integrated in LMS as native ones. The IMS BasicLTI
7// specification is part of the IMS standard Common Cartridge 1.1 Sakai and other main LMS
8// are already supporting or going to support BasicLTI. This project Implements the consumer
9// for Moodle. Moodle is a Free Open source Learning Management System by Martin Dougiamas.
10// BasicLTI4Moodle is a project iniciated and leaded by Ludo(Marc Alier) and Jordi Piguillem
11// at the GESSI research group at UPC.
12// SimpleLTI consumer for Moodle is an implementation of the early specification of LTI
13// by Charles Severance (Dr Chuck) htp:// , developed by Jordi Piguillem in a
14// Google Summer of Code 2008 project co-mentored by Charles Severance and Marc Alier.
16// BasicLTI4Moodle is copyright 2009 by Marc Alier Forment, Jordi Piguillem and Nikolas Galanis
17// of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
18// Contact info: Marc Alier Forment granludo @ or marc.alier @
20// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
21// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
22// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
23// (at your option) any later version.
25// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
26// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
28// GNU General Public License for more details.
30// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
31// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
34 * This file contains en_utf8 translation of the Basic LTI module
35 *
36 * @package basiclti
37 * @copyright 2009 Marc Alier, Jordi Piguillem, Nikolas Galanis
38 *
39 * @copyright 2009 Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
40 *
41 * @author Marc Alier
42 * @author Jordi Piguillem
43 * @author Nikolas Galanis
44 *
45 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
46 */
48$string['accept'] = 'Accept';
49$string['acceptgrades'] = 'Accept grades from tool';
50$string['activity'] = 'Activity';
51$string['addnewapp'] = 'Enable External Application';
52$string['addserver'] = 'Add new trusted server';
53$string['addtype'] = 'Add External Tool Configuration';
54$string['allow'] = 'Allow';
55$string['allowinstructorcustom'] = 'Allow instructors to add custom parameters';
56$string['allowroster'] = 'Tool may access course roster';
57$string['allowsetting'] = 'Allow tool to store 8K of settings in Moodle';
58$string['always'] = 'Always';
59$string['lti'] = 'Basic LTI';
60$string['basiclti'] = 'Basic LTI';
61$string['basiclti_base_string'] = 'Basic LTI OAuth Base String';
62$string['basiclti_in_new_window'] = 'Your activity has opened in a new window';
63$string['basiclti_endpoint'] = 'Basic LTI Launch Endpoint';
64$string['basiclti_parameters'] = 'Basic LTI Launch Parameters';
65$string['basicltiactivities'] = 'Basic LTI Activities';
66$string['basicltifieldset'] = 'Custom example fieldset';
67$string['basicltiintro'] = 'Activity Description';
68$string['basicltiname'] = 'Activity Name';
69$string['basicltisettings'] = 'Basic Learning Tool Interoperability Settings';
70$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
71$string['configpassword'] = 'Default Remote Tool Password';
72$string['configpreferheight'] = 'Default preferred height';
73$string['configpreferwidget'] = 'Set widget as default launch';
74$string['configpreferwidth'] = 'Default preferred width';
75$string['configresourceurl'] = 'Default Resource URL';
76$string['configtoolurl'] = 'Default Remote Tool URL';
77$string['configtypes'] = 'Enable Basic LTI Applications';
78$string['courseid'] = 'Course id number';
79$string['coursemisconf'] = 'Course is misconfigured';
80$string['curllibrarymissing'] = 'PHP Curl library must be installed to use LTI';
81$string['custom'] = 'Custom parameters';
82$string['custominstr'] = 'Custom parameters';
83$string['debuglaunch'] = 'Debug Option';
84$string['debuglaunchoff'] = 'Normal launch';
85$string['debuglaunchon'] = 'Debug launch';
86$string['donot'] = 'Do not send';
87$string['donotaccept'] = 'Do not accept';
88$string['donotallow'] = 'Do not allow';
89$string['enableemailnotification'] = 'Send notification emails';
90$string['enableemailnotification_help'] = 'If enabled, students will receive email notification when their tool submissions are graded.';
91$string['errormisconfig'] = 'Misconfigured tool. Please ask your Moodle administrator to fix the configuration of the tool.';
92$string['extensions'] = 'Basic LTI Extension Services';
93$string['failedtoconnect'] = 'Moodle was unable to communicate with the \"$a\" system';
94$string['filterconfig'] = 'Basic LTI administration';
95$string['filtername'] = 'Basic LTI';
96$string['filter_basiclti_configlink'] = 'Configure your preferred sites and their passwords';
97$string['filter_basiclti_password'] = 'Password is mandatory';
98$string['fixexistingconf'] = 'Use an existing configuration for the misconfigured instance';
99$string['fixnew'] = 'New Configuration';
100$string['fixnewconf'] = 'Define a new configuration for the misconfigured instance';
101$string['fixold'] = 'Use Existing';
102$string['grading'] = 'Grade Routing';
103$string['id'] = 'id';
104$string['imsroleadmin'] = 'Instructor,Administrator';
105$string['imsroleinstructor'] = 'Instructor';
106$string['imsrolelearner'] = 'Learner';
107$string['invalidid'] = 'basic LTI ID was incorrect';
108$string['launch_in_moodle'] = 'Launch tool in moodle';
109$string['launch_in_popup'] = 'Launch tool in a pop-up';
110$string['launchinpopup'] = 'Launch Container';
111$string['launchoptions'] = 'Launch Options';
112$string['lti_errormsg'] = 'The tool returned the following error message: \"$a\"';
113$string['misconfiguredtools'] = 'Misconfigured tool instances were detected';
114$string['missingparameterserror'] = 'The page is misconfigured: \"$a\"';
115$string['module_class_type'] = 'Moodle module type';
116$string['modulename'] = 'External Tool';
117$string['modulenameplural'] = 'basicltis';
118$string['modulenamepluralformatted'] = 'Basic LTI Instances';
119$string['never'] = 'Never';
120$string['noattempts'] = 'No attempts have been made on this tool instance';
121$string['noservers'] = 'No servers found';
122$string['notypes'] = 'There are currently no LTI tools setup in Moodle. Click the Install link above to add some.';
123$string['noviewusers'] = 'No users were found with permissions to use this tool';
124$string['optionalsettings'] = 'Optional settings';
125$string['organization'] ='Organization details';
126$string['organizationdescr'] ='Organization Description';
127$string['organizationid'] ='Organization ID';
128$string['organizationurl'] ='Organization URL';
129$string['pagesize'] = 'Submissions shown per page';
130$string['password'] = 'Shared Secret';
131$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Basic LTI administration';
132$string['pluginname'] = 'LTI';
133$string['preferheight'] = 'Preferred Height';
134$string['preferwidget'] = 'Prefer Widget Launch';
135$string['preferwidth'] = 'Preferred Width';
136$string['press_to_submit'] = 'Press to launch this activity';
137$string['privacy'] = 'Privacy';
138$string['quickgrade'] = 'Allow quick grading';
139$string['quickgrade_help'] = 'If enabled, multiple tools can be graded on one page. Add grades and comments then click the "Save all my feedback" button to save all changes for that page.';
140$string['redirect'] = 'You will be redirected in few seconds. If you are not, press the button.';
141$string['resource'] = 'Resource';
142$string['resourcekey'] = 'Consumer Key';
143$string['resourceurl'] = 'Resource URL';
144$string['saveallfeedback'] = 'Save all my feedback';
145$string['send'] = 'Send';
146$string['sendemailaddr'] = 'Share launcher\'s email with tool';
147$string['sendname'] = 'Share launcher\'s name with tool';
148$string['setdefault'] = 'Set a default value for the professor if delegating';
149$string['setupbox'] = 'Basic LTI Tool Setup Box';
150$string['setupoptions'] = 'Setup Options';
151$string['size'] = 'Size parameters';
152$string['submission'] = 'Submission';
153$string['toggle_debug_data'] = 'Toggle Debug Data';
154$string['toolsetup'] = 'External Tool Configuration';
155$string['toolurl'] = 'Tool Base URL';
156$string['typename'] = 'Tool Name';
157$string['types'] = 'Types';
158$string['validurl'] = 'A valid URL must start with http(s)://';
159$string['viewsubmissions'] = 'View submissions and grading screen';
161//New admin strings
163$string['show_in_course'] = 'Show tool type when creating tool instances';
164$string['delegate'] = 'Delegate to Instructor';
165$string['tool_settings'] = 'Tool Settings';
166$string['miscellaneous'] = 'Miscellaneous';
167$string['embed'] = 'Embed';
168$string['embed_no_blocks'] = 'Embed, without blocks';
169$string['new_window'] = 'New window';
170$string['default_launch_container'] = 'Default Launch Container';
171$string['active'] = 'Active';
172$string['pending'] = 'Pending';
173$string['rejected'] = 'Rejected';
174$string['baseurl'] = 'Base URL';
175$string['action'] = 'Action';
176$string['createdon'] = 'Created On';
177$string['accept'] = 'Accept';
178$string['update'] = 'Update';
179$string['delete'] = 'Delete';
180$string['reject'] = 'Reject';
181$string['external_tool_types'] = 'External Tool Types';
182$string['no_lti_configured'] = 'There are no active External Tools configured.';
183$string['no_lti_pending'] = 'There are no pending External Tools.';
184$string['no_lti_rejected'] = 'There are no rejected External Tools.';
186//New instructor strings
187$string['display_name'] = 'Display activity name when launched';
188$string['display_description'] = 'Display activity description when launched';
189$string['external_tool_type'] = 'External tool type';
190$string['launch_url'] = 'Launch URL';
191$string['share_name'] = 'Share launcher\'s name with the tool';
192$string['share_email'] = 'Share launcher\'s email with the tool';
193$string['accept_grades'] = 'Accept grades from the tool';
194$string['share_roster'] = 'Allow the tool to access this course\'s roster';
195$string['automatic'] = 'Automatic, based on Launch URL';
196$string['default'] = 'Default';