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30c8dd34 1<?php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'quiz', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
19 *
20 * @package mod
21 * @subpackage quiz
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
30c8dd34 24 */
304d08f0 25
c52c62d1 26$string['accessnoticesheader'] = 'You can preview this quiz, but if this were a real attempt, you would be blocked because:';
49aafb90 27$string['action'] = 'Action';
28$string['adaptive'] = 'Adaptive mode';
854ee5e4 29$string['adaptive_help'] = 'If enabled, multiple responses to a question are allowed within the same attempt at the quiz. So for example if a response is marked as incorrect, the student will be allowed to try again immediately. However, depending on the "Apply penalties" setting, a penalty will usually be subtracted for each wrong attempt.';
cd120b23 30$string['addaquestion'] = 'Add a question ...';
30c8dd34 31$string['addarandomquestion'] = 'Add a random question ...';
b55ff603 32$string['addarandomquestion_help'] = 'When a random question is added, it results in a randomly-chosen question from the category being inserted into the quiz. This means that different students are likely to get a different selection of questions, and when a quiz allows multiple attempts then each attempt is likely to contain a new selection of questions.';
b75f0f82 33$string['adddescriptionlabel'] = 'Add description/label';
3bee1ead 34$string['addingquestion'] = 'Adding a question';
b75f0f82 35$string['addingquestions'] = 'This side of the page is where you manage your database of questions. Questions are stored in categories to help you keep them organised, and can be used by any quiz in your course or even other courses if you choose to \'publish\' them. <br /><br />After you select or create a question category you will be able to create or edit questions. You can select any of these questions to add to your quiz over on the other side of this page.';
6f3b54c8 36$string['addmoreoverallfeedbacks'] = 'Add {no} more feedback fields';
990650f9 37$string['addnewgroupoverride'] = 'Add group override';
b75f0f82 38$string['addnewpagesafterselected'] = 'Add new pages after selected questions';
30c8dd34 39$string['addnewquestionsqbank'] = 'Add questions to the category {$a->catname}: {$a->link}';
990650f9 40$string['addnewuseroverride'] = 'Add user override';
b75f0f82 41$string['addpagehere'] = 'Add page here';
42$string['addquestion'] = 'Add question';
49aafb90 43$string['addquestions'] = 'Add questions';
44$string['addquestionstoquiz'] = 'Add questions to current quiz';
30c8dd34 45$string['addrandom'] = 'Add {$a} random questions';
3e6ad1d7 46$string['addrandomfromcategory'] = 'Add random questions from category:';
b75f0f82 47$string['addrandomquestion'] = 'Add random question';
851b3d22 48$string['addarandomquestion_help'] = 'When a random question is added, it results in a randomly-chosen question from the category being inserted into the quiz. This means that different students are likely to get a different selection of questions, and when a quiz allows multiple attempts then each attempt is likely to contain a new selection of questions.';
49$string['addrandomquestiontoquiz'] = 'Add a random question to quiz {$a}';
50$string['addrandom1'] = '<< Add';
51$string['addrandom2'] = 'random questions';
49aafb90 52$string['addselectedtoquiz'] = 'Add selected to quiz';
53$string['addtoquiz'] = 'Add to quiz';
30c8dd34 54$string['affectedstudents'] = 'Affected {$a}';
4c07690e 55$string['aftereachquestion'] = 'After adding each question';
30c8dd34 56$string['afternquestions'] = 'After adding {$a} questions';
b75f0f82 57$string['age'] = 'age';
49aafb90 58$string['allattempts'] = 'All attempts';
59$string['allinone'] = 'Unlimited';
60$string['allowreview'] = 'Allow review';
61$string['alreadysubmitted'] = 'It is likely that you have already submitted this attempt';
e6f6fa17 62$string['alternativeunits'] = 'Alternative units';
49aafb90 63$string['alwaysavailable'] = 'Always available';
64$string['analysisoptions'] = 'Analysis options';
e6f6fa17 65$string['analysistitle'] = 'Item analysis table';
49aafb90 66$string['answer'] = 'Answer';
66d07f81 67$string['answered'] = 'Answered';
49aafb90 68$string['answerhowmany'] = 'One or multiple answers?';
69$string['answers'] = 'Answers';
70$string['answersingleno'] = 'Multiple answers allowed';
71$string['answersingleyes'] = 'One answer only';
72$string['answerswithacceptederrormarginmustbenumeric'] = 'Answers with accepted error must be numeric';
30c8dd34 73$string['answertoolong'] = 'Answer too long after line {$a} (255 char. max)';
49aafb90 74$string['aon'] = 'AON format';
7b161e12 75$string['areyousureremoveselected'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove all the selected questions?';
eeab18f0 76$string['asshownoneditscreen'] = 'As shown on the edit screen';
30c8dd34 77$string['attempt'] = 'Attempt {$a}';
f2557823 78$string['attemptalreadyclosed'] = 'This attempt has already been finished.';
e2ca1df5 79$string['attemptclosed'] = 'Attempt has not closed yet';
49aafb90 80$string['attemptduration'] = 'Time taken';
81$string['attemptedon'] = 'Attempted on';
30c8dd34 82$string['attempterror'] = 'You are not allowed to attempt this quiz at this time because: {$a}';
49aafb90 83$string['attemptfirst'] = 'First attempt';
30c8dd34 84$string['attemptincomplete'] = 'That attempt (by {$a}) is not yet completed.';
49aafb90 85$string['attemptlast'] = 'Last attempt';
e10367a4 86$string['attemptnumber'] = 'Attempt';
49aafb90 87$string['attemptquiznow'] = 'Attempt quiz now';
88$string['attempts'] = 'Attempts';
89$string['attemptsallowed'] = 'Attempts allowed';
7a6f4066 90$string['attemptsdeleted'] = 'Quiz attempts deleted';
304d08f0 91$string['attemptselection'] = 'Select which attempts to analyze per user:';
ffa6ed53 92$string['attemptsexist'] = 'You can no longer add or remove questions.';
93$string['attemptsnum'] = 'Attempts: {$a}';
94$string['attemptsnumthisgroup'] = 'Attempts: {$a->total} ({$a->group} from this group)';
95$string['attemptsnumyourgroups'] = 'Attempts: {$a->total} ({$a->group} from your groups)';
304d08f0 96$string['attemptsonly'] = 'Show only students with attempts';
2de9be52 97$string['attemptstate'] = 'State';
39759ac4 98$string['attemptstillinprogress'] = 'Attempt still in progress';
49aafb90 99$string['attemptsunlimited'] = 'Unlimited attempts';
100$string['back'] = 'Back to preview question';
3c6185e9 101$string['backtocourse'] = 'Back to the course';
e6f6fa17 102$string['backtoquestionlist'] = 'Back to question list';
49aafb90 103$string['backtoquiz'] = 'Back to quiz editing';
b75f0f82 104$string['basicideasofquiz'] = 'The basic ideas of quiz-making';
49aafb90 105$string['bestgrade'] = 'Best grade';
304d08f0 106$string['bothattempts'] = 'Show students with and without attempts';
7d4dfc48 107$string['browsersecurity'] = 'Browser security';
108$string['browsersecurity_help'] = 'If "Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security" is selected,
110* The quiz will only start if the student has a JavaScript-enabled web-browser
111* The quiz appears in a full screen popup window that covers all the other windows and has no navigation controls
112* Students are prevented, as far as is possible, from using facilities like copy and paste';
49aafb90 113$string['calculated'] = 'Calculated';
e6f6fa17 114$string['calculatedquestion'] = 'Calculated question not supported at line {$a}. The question will be ignored';
115$string['cannotcreatepath'] = 'Path cannot be created ({$a})';
116$string['cannoteditafterattempts'] = 'You cannot add or remove questions because this quiz has been attempted. ({$a})';
c52c62d1 117$string['cannotfindprevattempt'] = 'Cannot find previous attempt to build on.';
a5047f15 118$string['cannotfindquestionregard'] = 'Failed to get questions for regrading!';
0399e15d 119$string['cannotinsert'] = 'Cannot insert question';
a6344df4 120$string['cannotinsertrandomquestion'] = 'Could not insert new random question!';
a5047f15 121$string['cannotloadquestion'] = 'Could not load question options';
b75f0f82 122$string['cannotloadtypeinfo'] = 'Unable to load questiontype specific question information';
30c8dd34 123$string['cannotopen'] = 'Cannot open export file ({$a})';
e2ca1df5 124$string['cannotrestore'] = 'Could not restore question sessions';
b55797b8 125$string['cannotreviewopen'] = 'You cannot review this attempt, it is still open.';
a6344df4 126$string['cannotsavelayout'] = 'Could not save layout';
a6344df4 127$string['cannotsavenumberofquestion'] = 'Could not save number of questions per page';
b75f0f82 128$string['cannotsavequestion'] = 'Cannot save question list';
a6344df4 129$string['cannotsetgrade'] = 'Could not set a new maximum grade for the quiz';
130$string['cannotsetsumgrades'] = 'Failed to set sumgrades';
ba3fedfb 131$string['cannotstartgradesmismatch'] = 'Cannot start an attempt at this quiz. The quiz is set to be graded out of {$a->grade}, but none of the questions in the quiz have a grade. This can be fixed on the \'Edit quiz\' page.';
f2557823 132$string['cannotstartmissingquestion'] = 'Cannot start an attempt at this quiz. The quiz definition includes a question that does not exist.';
18dff757 133$string['cannotstartnoquestions'] = 'Cannot start an attempt at this quiz. The quiz has not been set up yet. No questions have been added.';
30c8dd34 134$string['cannotwrite'] = 'Cannot write to export file ({$a})';
49aafb90 135$string['caseno'] = 'No, case is unimportant';
136$string['casesensitive'] = 'Case sensitivity';
137$string['caseyes'] = 'Yes, case must match';
138$string['categories'] = 'Categories';
139$string['category'] = 'Category';
140$string['categoryadded'] = 'The category \'{$a}\' was added';
141$string['categorydeleted'] = 'The category \'{$a}\' was deleted';
30c8dd34 142$string['categorynoedit'] = 'You do not have editing privileges in the category \'{$a}\'.';
49aafb90 143$string['categoryupdated'] = 'The category was successfully updated';
49aafb90 144$string['close'] = 'Close window';
f2ca88b0 145$string['closed'] = 'Closed';
304d08f0 146$string['closebeforeopen'] = 'Could not update the quiz. You have specified a close date before the open date.';
49aafb90 147$string['closepreview'] = 'Close preview';
148$string['closereview'] = 'Close review';
b6e907a2 149$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
150$string['commentorgrade'] = 'Make comment or override grade';
304d08f0 151$string['comments'] = 'Comments';
49aafb90 152$string['completedon'] = 'Completed on';
e2249afe 153$string['configadaptive'] = 'If you choose Yes for this option then the student will be allowed multiple responses to a question even within the same attempt at the quiz.';
154$string['configattemptsallowed'] = 'Restriction on the number of attempts students are allowed at the quiz.';
155$string['configdecimaldigits'] = 'Number of digits that should be shown after the decimal point when displaying grades.';
84e628a0 156$string['configdecimalplaces'] = 'Number of digits that should be shown after the decimal point when displaying grades for the quiz.';
157$string['configdecimalplacesquestion'] = 'Number of digits that should be shown after the decimal point when displaying the grade for individual questions.';
30c8dd34 158$string['configdelaylater'] = 'If you set a time delay here, the student cannot start their third, fourth, ... attempt until this much time has passed since the end of their previous attempt.';
e2249afe 159$string['configdelay1'] = 'If you set a time delay, then a student has to wait for that time before they can attempt a quiz after the first attempt.';
84e628a0 160$string['configdelay1st2nd'] = 'If you set a time delay here, the student cannot start their second attempt until this much time has passed since the end of their first attempt.';
30c8dd34 161$string['configdelay2'] = 'If you set a time delay here, then a student has to wait for that time before they can attempt their third or later attempts.';
e2249afe 162$string['configeachattemptbuildsonthelast'] = 'If multiple attempts are allowed then each new attempt contains the results of the previous attempt.';
163$string['configgrademethod'] = 'When multiple attempts are allowed, which method should be used to calculate the student\'s final grade for the quiz.';
b75f0f82 164$string['configintro'] = 'The values you set here define the default values that are used in the settings form when you create a new quiz. You can also configure which quiz settings are considered advanced.';
e2249afe 165$string['configmaximumgrade'] = 'The default grade that the quiz grade is scaled to be out of.';
166$string['confignewpageevery'] = 'When adding questions to the quiz page breaks will automatically be inserted according to the setting you choose here.';
33c8d37b 167$string['confignavmethod'] = 'In Free navigation, questions may be answered in any order using navigation. In Sequential, questions must be answered in strict sequence.';
e2249afe 168$string['configpenaltyscheme'] = 'Penalty subtracted for each wrong response in adaptive mode.';
84e628a0 169$string['configpopup'] = 'Force the attempt to open in a popup window, and use JavaScript tricks to try to restrict copy and paste, etc. during quiz attempts.';
e2249afe 170$string['configrequirepassword'] = 'Students must enter this password before they can attempt the quiz.';
171$string['configrequiresubnet'] = 'Students can only attempt the quiz from these computers.';
172$string['configreviewoptions'] = 'These options control what information users can see when they review a quiz attempt or look at the quiz reports.';
56ed242b 173$string['configshowblocks'] = 'Show blocks during quiz attempts.';
a733c4b9 174$string['configshowuserpicture'] = 'Show the user\'s picture on screen during attempts.';
e2249afe 175$string['configshufflequestions'] = 'If you enable this option, then the order of questions in the quiz will be randomly shuffled each time a student attempts the quiz.';
176$string['configshufflewithin'] = 'If you enable this option, then the parts making up the individual questions will be randomly shuffled each time a student starts an attempt at this quiz, provided the option is also enabled in the question settings.';
177$string['configtimelimit'] = 'Default time limit for quizzes in minutes. 0 mean no time limit.';
84e628a0 178$string['configtimelimitsec'] = 'Default time limit for quizzes in seconds. 0 mean no time limit.';
439d9cbe 179$string['configurerandomquestion'] = 'Configure question';
6c7da461 180$string['confirmclose'] = 'Once you submit, you will no longer be able to change your answers for this attempt.';
30c8dd34 181$string['confirmserverdelete'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove the server <b>{$a}</b> from the list?';
1bc20413 182$string['confirmstartattemptlimit'] = 'Number of attempts allowed: {$a}. You are about to start a new attempt. Do you wish to proceed?';
30c8dd34 183$string['confirmstartattempttimelimit'] = 'This quiz has a time limit and is limited to {$a} attempt(s). You are about to start a new attempt. Do you wish to proceed?';
e6f6fa17 184$string['confirmstarttimelimit'] = 'The quiz has a time limit. Are you sure that you wish to start?';
49aafb90 185$string['containercategorycreated'] = 'This category has been created to store all the original categories moved to site level due to the causes specified below.';
186$string['continueattemptquiz'] = 'Continue the last attempt';
ed8bebce 187$string['continuepreview'] = 'Continue the last preview';
30c8dd34 188$string['copyingfrom'] = 'Creating a copy of the question \'{$a}\'';
49aafb90 189$string['copyingquestion'] = 'Copying a question';
190$string['correct'] = 'Correct';
191$string['correctanswer'] = 'Correct answer';
b55ff603 192$string['correctanswerformula'] = 'Correct answer formula';
30c8dd34 193$string['correctansweris'] = 'Correct answer: {$a}';
e6f6fa17 194$string['correctanswerlength'] = 'Significant figures';
49aafb90 195$string['correctanswers'] = 'Correct answers';
196$string['correctanswershows'] = 'Correct answer shows';
e6f6fa17 197$string['corrresp'] = 'Correct response';
49aafb90 198$string['countdown'] = 'Countdown';
199$string['countdownfinished'] = 'The quiz is closing, you should submit your answers now.';
200$string['countdowntenminutes'] = 'The quiz will be closing in ten minutes.';
201$string['coursetestmanager'] = 'Course Test Manager format';
94dbfb3a 202$string['createcategoryandaddrandomquestion'] = 'Create category and add random question';
304d08f0 203$string['createfirst'] = 'You must create some short-answer questions first.';
49aafb90 204$string['createmultiple'] = 'Add several random questions to quiz';
205$string['createnewquestion'] = 'Create new question';
cd120b23 206$string['createquestionandadd'] = 'Create a new question and add it to the quiz.';
49aafb90 207$string['custom'] = 'Custom format';
3e734b60 208$string['dataitemneed'] = 'You need to add at least one set of data items to get a valid question';
30c8dd34 209$string['datasetdefinitions'] = 'Reusable dataset definitions for category {$a}';
49aafb90 210$string['datasetnumber'] = 'Number';
211$string['daysavailable'] = 'Days available';
3181dafd 212$string['decimaldigits'] = 'Decimal digits in grades';
84e628a0 213$string['decimalplaces'] = 'Decimal places in grades';
b2607ccc 214$string['decimalplaces_help'] = 'This setting specifies the number of digits shown after the decimal point when displaying grades or grades. It only effects the display of grades, not the grades stored in the database, nor the internal calculations, which are carried out to full accuracy.';
84e628a0 215$string['decimalplacesquestion'] = 'Decimal places in question grades';
cc1e127a 216$string['decimalplacesquestion_help'] = 'This setting specifies the number of digits shown after the decimal point when displaying the grades for individual questions.';
304d08f0 217$string['decimalpoints'] = 'Decimal points';
49aafb90 218$string['default'] = 'Default';
219$string['defaultgrade'] = 'Default question grade';
220$string['defaultinfo'] = 'The default category for questions.';
30c8dd34 221$string['delaylater'] = 'Enforced delay between later attempts';
73c1448f 222$string['delaylater_help'] = 'If enabled, a student must wait for the specified time to elapse before attempting the quiz a third time and any subsequent times.';
fb035088 223$string['delay1'] = 'Time delay between first and second attempt';
84e628a0 224$string['delay1st2nd'] = 'Enforced delay between 1st and 2nd attempts';
73c1448f 225$string['delay1st2nd_help'] = 'If enabled, a student must wait for the specified time to elapse before being able to attempt the quiz a second time.';
30c8dd34 226$string['delay2'] = 'Time delay between later attempts';
49aafb90 227$string['deleteattemptcheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to completely delete these attempts?';
49aafb90 228$string['deleteselected'] = 'Delete selected';
7a6f4066 229$string['deletingquestionattempts'] = 'Deleting question attempts';
49aafb90 230$string['description'] = 'Description';
990650f9 231$string['disabled'] = 'Disabled';
49aafb90 232$string['displayoptions'] = 'Display options';
233$string['download'] = 'Click to download the exported category file';
1367cb8d 234$string['downloadextra'] = '(file is also stored in the course files in the /backupdata/quiz folder)';
49aafb90 235$string['duplicateresponse'] = 'This submission has been ignored because you gave an equivalent answer earlier.';
236$string['eachattemptbuildsonthelast'] = 'Each attempt builds on the last';
854ee5e4 237$string['eachattemptbuildsonthelast_help'] = 'If multiple attempts are allowed and this setting is enabled, each new quiz attempt will contain the results of the previous attempt. This allows a quiz to be completed over several attempts.';
49aafb90 238$string['editcategories'] = 'Edit categories';
239$string['editcategory'] = 'Edit category';
240$string['editcatquestions'] = 'Edit category questions';
49aafb90 241$string['editingquestion'] = 'Editing a question';
242$string['editingquiz'] = 'Editing quiz';
851b3d22 243$string['editingquiz_help'] = 'When creating a quiz, the main concepts are:
4be9b128 244
245* The quiz, containing questions over one or more pages
246* The question bank, which stores copies of all questions organised into categories
247* Random questions - A student gets different questions each time they attempt the quiz and different students can get different questions';
7292c11f 248$string['editingquiz_link'] = 'mod/quiz/edit';
990650f9 249$string['editoverride'] = 'Edit override';
3181dafd 250$string['editqcats'] = 'Edit questions categories';
49aafb90 251$string['editquestions'] = 'Edit questions';
252$string['editquiz'] = 'Edit quiz';
253$string['editquizquestions'] = 'Edit quiz questions';
30c8dd34 254$string['emailconfirmbody'] = 'Dear {$a->username},
ac48e43a 255
256Thank you for submitting your answers to
258in course \'{$a->coursename}\'
259at {$a->submissiontime}.
ac48e43a 260
cbb8b55c 261This message confirms that we have safely received your answers.
ac48e43a 262
30c8dd34 263You can access this quiz at {$a->quizurl}.';
94263cca 264$string['emailconfirmsmall'] = 'Thank you for submitting your answers to \'{$a->quizname}\'';
fd0537ce 265$string['emailconfirmsubject'] = 'Submission confirmation: {$a->quizname}';
30c8dd34 266$string['emailnotifybody'] = 'Dear {$a->username},
ac48e43a 267
fd0537ce 268{$a->studentname} has completed
269\'{$a->quizname}\' ({$a->quizurl})
270in course \'{$a->coursename}\'
ac48e43a 271
30c8dd34 272You can review this attempt at {$a->quizreviewurl}.';
273$string['emailnotifysmall'] = '{$a->studentname} has completed {$a->quizname}. See {$a->quizreviewurl}';
274$string['emailnotifysubject'] = '{$a->studentname} has completed {$a->quizname}';
275$string['emailoverduebody'] = 'Dear {$a->studentname},
277You started an attempt at \'{$a->quizname}\'
278in course \'{$a->coursename}\', but you never submitted it. It should have been
279submitted by {$a->attemptduedate}.
fd0537ce 280
59d14f31 281If you would still like to submit this attempt, please go to
282{$a->attemptsummaryurl} and click the submit button.
283You must do this before {$a->attemptgraceend}
59d14f31 284otherwise your attempt will not be counted.';
285$string['emailoverduesmall'] = 'You did not submit your attempt at {$a->quizname}. Please go to {$a->attemptsummaryurl} before {$a->attemptgraceend} if you would still like to submit.';
286$string['emailoverduesubject'] = 'Attempt now overdue: {$a->quizname}';
b75f0f82 287$string['empty'] = 'Empty';
990650f9 288$string['enabled'] = 'Enabled';
87af936b 289$string['endtest'] = 'Finish attempt ...';
bbf4f440 290$string['erroraccessingreport'] = 'You cannot access this report';
532344b2 291$string['errorinquestion'] = 'Error in question';
30c8dd34 292$string['errormissingquestion'] = 'Error: The system is missing the question with id {$a}';
49aafb90 293$string['errornotnumbers'] = 'Error - answers must be numeric';
30c8dd34 294$string['errorunexpectedevent'] = 'Unexpected event code {$a->event} found for question {$a->questionid} in attempt {$a->attemptid}.';
304d08f0 295$string['essay'] = 'Essay';
296$string['essayquestions'] = 'Questions';
30c8dd34 297$string['everynquestions'] = 'Every {$a} questions';
eeab18f0 298$string['everyquestion'] = 'Every question';
e2249afe 299$string['everythingon'] = 'Everything on';
3181dafd 300$string['export'] = 'Export';
ca04c711 301$string['exportcategory'] = 'export category';
b75f0f82 302$string['exporterror'] = 'An error occurred during export processing';
0399e15d 303$string['exportingquestions'] = 'Questions are being exported to file';
49aafb90 304$string['exportname'] = 'File name';
49aafb90 305$string['exportquestions'] = 'Export questions to file';
84e628a0 306$string['extraattemptrestrictions'] = 'Extra restrictions on attempts';
49aafb90 307$string['false'] = 'False';
308$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
309$string['feedbackerrorboundaryformat'] = 'Feedback grade boundaries must be either a percentage or a number. The value you entered in boundary {$a} is not recognised.';
310$string['feedbackerrorboundaryoutofrange'] = 'Feedback grade boundaries must be between 0% and 100%. The value you entered in boundary {$a} is out of range.';
78fd16a5 311$string['feedbackerrorjunkinboundary'] = 'You must fill in the feedback grade boundary boxes without leaving any gaps.';
212b7b8c 312$string['feedbackerrorjunkinfeedback'] = 'You must fill in the feedback boxes without leaving any gaps.';
6c2f4309 313$string['feedbackerrororder'] = 'Feedback grade boundaries must be in order, highest first. The value you entered in boundary {$a} is out of sequence.';
49aafb90 314$string['file'] = 'File';
315$string['fileformat'] = 'File format';
316$string['fillcorrect'] = 'Fill with correct';
317$string['filloutnumericalanswer'] = 'You provide at least one possible answer and tolerance. The first matching answer will be used to determine the grade and feedback. If you supply some feedback with no answer at the end, that will be shown to students whose response is not matched by any of the other answers.';
318$string['filloutoneanswer'] = 'You must provide at least one possible answer. Answers left blank will not be used. \'*\' can be used as a wildcard to match any characters. The first matching answer will be used to determine the grade and feedback.';
304d08f0 319$string['filloutthreequestions'] = 'You must provide at least three questions with matching answers. You can provide extra wrong answers by giving an answer with a blank question. Entries where both the question and the answer are blank will be ignored.';
49aafb90 320$string['fillouttwochoices'] = 'You must fill out at least two choices. Choices left blank will not be used.';
157434a5 321$string['finishattemptdots'] = 'Finish attempt...';
b10e17ec 322$string['finishreview'] = 'Finish review';
49aafb90 323$string['forceregeneration'] = 'force regeneration';
30c8dd34 324$string['formatnotfound'] = 'Import/export format {$a} not found';
0399e15d 325$string['formatnotimplemented'] = 'This format has not been correctly implemented, please post a bug report';
bd8ee7c1 326$string['formulaerror'] = 'Formula errors!';
327$string['fractionsaddwrong'] = 'The positive grades you have chosen do not add up to 100%<br />Instead, they add up to {$a}%<br />Do you want to go back and fix this question?';
328$string['fractionsnomax'] = 'One of the answers should be 100%, so that it is<br />possible to get a full grade for this question.<br />Do you want to go back and fix this question?';
029a3c52 329$string['fromfile'] = 'from file:';
446166a6 330$string['functiondisabledbysecuremode'] = 'That functionality is currently disabled';
a4514d91 331$string['generalfeedback'] = 'General feedback';
3a1d485c 332$string['generalfeedback_help'] = 'General feedback is text which is shown after a question has been attempted. Unlike feedback for a specific question which depends on the response given, the same general feedback is always shown.';
333$string['graceperiod'] = 'Submission grace period';
334$string['graceperiod_desc'] = 'If what to do when time expires is set to \'Allow a grace period to submit, but not change any responses\', the default amount of extra time that is allowed, in seconds.';
335$string['graceperiod_help'] = 'If what to do when time expires is set to \'Allow a grace period to submit, but not change any responses\', the amount of extra time that is allowed.';
336$string['graceperiodmin'] = 'Last submission grace period';
337$string['graceperiodmin_desc'] = 'There is a potential problem right at the end of the quiz. On the one hand, we want to let students continue working right up until the last second - with the help of the timer that automatically submits the quiz when time runs out. On the other hand, the server may then be overloaded, and take some time to get to process the responses. Therefore, we will accept responses for up to this many seconds after time expires, so they are not penalised for the server being slow. However, the student could cheat and get this many seconds to answer the quiz. You have to make a trade-off based on how much you trust the performance of your server during quizzes.';
49aafb90 338$string['grade'] = 'Grade';
e6f6fa17 339$string['gradeall'] = 'Grade all';
49aafb90 340$string['gradeaverage'] = 'Average grade';
212b7b8c 341$string['gradeboundary'] = 'Grade boundary';
e6f6fa17 342$string['gradeessays'] = 'Grade essays';
49aafb90 343$string['gradehighest'] = 'Highest grade';
344$string['grademethod'] = 'Grading method';
854ee5e4 345$string['grademethod_help'] = 'When multiple attempts are allowed, the following methods are available for calculating the final quiz grade:
4be9b128 346
347* Highest grade of all attempts
348* Average (mean) grade of all attempts
349* First attempt (all other attempts are ignored)
350* Last attempt (all other attempts are ignored)';
7a6f4066 351$string['gradesdeleted'] = 'Quiz grades deleted';
352$string['gradesofar'] = '{$a->method}: {$a->mygrade} / {$a->quizgrade}.';
353$string['gradingdetails'] = 'Marks for this submission: {$a->raw}/{$a->max}.';
354$string['gradingdetailsadjustment'] = 'With previous penalties this gives <strong>{$a->cur}/{$a->max}</strong>.';
355$string['gradingdetailspenalty'] = 'This submission attracted a penalty of {$a}.';
304d08f0 356$string['gradingdetailszeropenalty'] = 'You were not penalized for this submission.';
30c8dd34 357$string['gradingmethod'] = 'Grading method: {$a}';
990650f9 358$string['groupoverrides'] = 'Group overrides';
7bc488dc 359$string['groupsnone'] = 'There are no groups in this course';
adaa8c86 360$string['guestsno'] = 'Sorry, guests cannot see or attempt quizzes';
96241873 361$string['hidebreaks'] = 'Hide page breaks';
362$string['hidereordertool'] = 'Hide the reordering tool';
e6f6fa17 363$string['history'] = 'History of responses:';
bb28e3bc 364$string['howquestionsbehave_desc'] = 'Default setting for how questions behave in a quiz.';
49aafb90 365$string['imagedisplay'] = 'Image to display';
3181dafd 366$string['import'] = 'Import';
367$string['import_help'] = 'This function allows you to import questions from external text files.
369If your file contains non-ascii characters then it must use UTF-8 encoding. Be particularly cautious with files generated by Microsoft Office applications, as these commonly use special encoding which will not be handled correctly.
371Import and Export formats are a pluggable resource. Other optional formats may be available in the Modules and Plugins database.';
372$string['import_link'] = 'question/import';
029a3c52 373$string['importcategory'] = 'import category';
0399e15d 374$string['importerror'] = 'An error occurred during import processing';
02fecf44 375$string['importfilearea'] = 'Import from file already in course files...';
376$string['importfileupload'] = 'Import from file upload...';
8c65c93e 377$string['importfromthisfile'] = 'Import from this file';
30c8dd34 378$string['importingquestions'] = 'Importing {$a} questions from file';
49aafb90 379$string['importmaxerror'] = 'There is an error in the question. There are too many answers.';
30c8dd34 380$string['importmax10error'] = 'There is an error in the question. You may not have more than ten answers';
49aafb90 381$string['importquestions'] = 'Import questions from file';
7bc488dc 382$string['inactiveoverridehelp'] = '* Student does not have the correct group or role to attempt the quiz';
49aafb90 383$string['incorrect'] = 'Incorrect';
e6f6fa17 384$string['indivresp'] = 'Responses of individuals to each item';
49aafb90 385$string['info'] = 'Info';
36e413e3 386$string['infoshort'] = 'i';
a1eb3a44 387$string['inprogress'] = 'In progress';
49aafb90 388$string['introduction'] = 'Introduction';
e2ca1df5 389$string['invalidattemptid'] = 'No such attempt ID exists';
d19d228e 390$string['invalidcategory'] = 'Category ID is invalid';
bba6c85f 391$string['invalidnumericanswer'] = 'One of the answers you entered was not a valid number.';
392$string['invalidnumerictolerance'] = 'One of the tolerances you entered was not a valid number.';
990650f9 393$string['invalidoverrideid'] = 'Invalid override id';
e2ca1df5 394$string['invalidquestionid'] = 'Invalid question id';
e6f6fa17 395$string['invalidquizid'] = 'Invalid quiz ID';
49aafb90 396$string['invalidsource'] = 'The source is not accepted as valid.';
397$string['invalidsourcetype'] = 'Invalid source type.';
b75f0f82 398$string['invalidstateid'] = 'Invalid state id';
49aafb90 399$string['lastanswer'] = 'Your last answer was';
84e628a0 400$string['layout'] = 'Layout';
401$string['layoutasshown'] = 'Page layout as shown.';
402$string['layoutasshownwithpages'] = 'Page layout as shown. <small>(Automatic new page every {$a} questions.)</small>';
403$string['layoutshuffledandpaged'] = 'Questions randomly shuffled with {$a} questions per page.';
84e628a0 404$string['layoutshuffledsinglepage'] = 'Questions randomly shuffled, all on one page.';
49aafb90 405$string['link'] = 'Link';
e6f6fa17 406$string['listitems'] = 'Listing of items in quiz';
49aafb90 407$string['literal'] = 'Literal';
30c8dd34 408$string['loadingquestionsfailed'] = 'Loading questions failed: {$a}';
49aafb90 409$string['makecopy'] = 'Save as new question';
410$string['managetypes'] = 'Manage question types and servers';
3181dafd 411$string['manualgrading'] = 'Grading';
49aafb90 412$string['mark'] = 'Submit';
413$string['markall'] = 'Submit page';
414$string['marks'] = 'Marks';
415$string['match'] = 'Matching';
416$string['matchanswer'] = 'Matching answer';
30c8dd34 417$string['matchanswerno'] = 'Matching answer {$a}';
418$string['messageprovider:confirmation'] = 'Confirmation of your own quiz submissions';
419$string['messageprovider:submission'] = 'Notification of quiz submissions';
49aafb90 420$string['max'] = 'Max';
421$string['min'] = 'Min';
422$string['minutes'] = 'Minutes';
49aafb90 423$string['missingcorrectanswer'] = 'Correct answer must be specified';
424$string['missingitemtypename'] = 'Missing name';
068384ce 425$string['missingquestion'] = 'This question no longer seems to exist';
49aafb90 426$string['modulename'] = 'Quiz';
854ee5e4 427$string['modulename_help'] = 'The quiz module enables the teacher to design and set quizzes consisting of multiple choice, true-false, matching and other question types. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback and/or show correct answers.';
49aafb90 428$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Quizzes';
30c8dd34 429$string['moveselectedonpage'] = 'Move selected questions to page: {$a}';
e6f6fa17 430$string['multichoice'] = 'Multiple choice';
bffa0685 431$string['multipleanswers'] = 'Choose at least one answer.';
49aafb90 432$string['multiplier'] = 'Multiplier';
2b2b6458 433$string['mustbesubmittedby'] = 'This attempt must be submitted by {$a}.';
49aafb90 434$string['name'] = 'Name';
435$string['navmethod'] = 'Navigation method';
436$string['navmethod_free'] = 'Free';
437$string['navmethod_help'] = 'When sequential navigation is enabled a student must progress through the quiz in order and may not return to previous pages nor skip ahead.';
438$string['navmethod_seq'] = 'Sequential';
d18675a8 439$string['navnojswarning'] = 'Warning: these links will not save your answers. Use the next button at the bottom of the page.';
eeab18f0 440$string['neverallononepage'] = 'Never, all questions on one page';
49aafb90 441$string['newattemptfail'] = 'Error: Could not start a new attempt at the quiz';
8c879203 442$string['newpage'] = 'New page';
854ee5e4 443$string['newpage_help'] = 'For longer quizzes it makes sense to stretch the quiz over several pages by limiting the number of questions per page. When adding questions to the quiz, page breaks will automatically be inserted according to this setting. However page breaks may later be moved manually on the editing page.';
4c07690e 444$string['newpageevery'] = 'Automatically start a new page';
49aafb90 445$string['noanswers'] = 'No answers were selected!';
446$string['noattempts'] = 'No attempts have been made on this quiz';
f2557823 447$string['noattemptsfound'] = 'No attempts found.';
49aafb90 448$string['noattemptstoshow'] = 'There are no attempts to show';
0399e15d 449$string['nocategory'] = 'Incorrect or no category specified';
990650f9 450$string['noclose'] = 'No close date';
304d08f0 451$string['nocommentsyet'] = 'No comments yet.';
49aafb90 452$string['noconnection'] = 'There is currently no connection to a web service that can process this question. Please contact your administrator';
453$string['nodataset'] = 'nothing - it is not a wild card';
9f9eec1e 454$string['nodatasubmitted'] = 'No data was submitted.';
304d08f0 455$string['noessayquestionsfound'] = 'No manually graded questions found';
e0b7cfcb 456$string['nogradewarning'] = 'This quiz is not graded, so you cannot set overall feedback that differs by grade.';
49aafb90 457$string['nomoreattempts'] = 'No more attempts are allowed';
304d08f0 458$string['none'] = 'None';
459$string['noopen'] = 'No open date';
460$string['nooverridedata'] = 'You must override at least one of the quiz settings.';
49aafb90 461$string['nopossibledatasets'] = 'No possible datasets';
462$string['noquestionintext'] = 'The question text does not contain any embedded questions';
463$string['noquestions'] = 'No questions have been added yet';
464$string['noquestionsfound'] = 'No questions found';
b75f0f82 465$string['noquestionsinquiz'] = 'There are no questions in this quiz.';
466$string['noquestionsnotinuse'] = 'This random question is not in use, since its category is empty.';
467$string['noquestionsonpage'] = 'Empty page';
e6f6fa17 468$string['noresponse'] = 'No response';
49aafb90 469$string['noreview'] = 'You are not allowed to review this quiz';
8032cd79 470$string['noreviewattempt'] = 'You are not allowed to review this attempt.';
152d3c02 471$string['noreviewshort'] = 'Not permitted';
472$string['noreviewuntil'] = 'You are not allowed to review this quiz until {$a}';
473$string['noreviewuntilshort'] = 'Available {$a}';
49aafb90 474$string['noscript'] = 'JavaScript must be enabled to continue!';
49aafb90 475$string['notavailabletostudents'] = 'Note: This quiz is not currently available to your students';
f2557823 476$string['notenoughrandomquestions'] = 'There are not enough questions in category {$a->category} to create the question {$a->name} ({$a->id}).';
49aafb90 477$string['notenoughsubquestions'] = 'Not enough sub-questions have been defined!<br />Do you want to go back and fix this question?';
478$string['notimedependentitems'] = 'Time dependent items are not currently supported by the quiz module. As a work around, set a time limit for the whole quiz. Do you wish to choose a different item (or use the current item regardless)?';
f2557823 479$string['notyetgraded'] = 'Not yet graded';
79a46626 480$string['notyetviewed'] = 'Not yet viewed';
e2ca1df5 481$string['notyourattempt'] = 'This is not your attempt!';
b75f0f82 482$string['noview'] = 'Logged-in user is not allowed to view this quiz';
483$string['numattempts'] = '{$a->studentnum} {$a->studentstring} have made {$a->attemptnum} attempts';
484$string['numattemptsmade'] = '{$a} attempts made on this quiz';
49aafb90 485$string['numberabbr'] = '#';
486$string['numerical'] = 'Numerical';
30c8dd34 487$string['numquestionsx'] = 'Questions: {$a}';
0399e15d 488$string['onlyteachersexport'] = 'Only teachers can export questions';
304d08f0 489$string['onlyteachersimport'] = 'Only teachers with editing rights can import questions';
572a96ed 490$string['onthispage'] = 'This page';
837f8325 491$string['open'] = 'Not answered';
6ef56c99 492$string['openclosedatesupdated'] = 'Quiz open and close dates updated';
49aafb90 493$string['optional'] = 'optional';
b75f0f82 494$string['orderandpaging'] = 'Order and paging';
495$string['orderandpaging_help'] = 'The numbers 10, 20, 30, ... opposite each question indicate the order of the questions. The numbers increase in steps of 10 to leave space for additional questions to be inserted. To reorder the questions, change the numbers then click the "Reorder questions" button.
497To add page breaks after particular questions, tick the checkboxes next to the questions then click the "Add new pages after selected questions" button.
499To arrange the questions over a number of pages, click the Repaginate button and select the desired number of questions per page.';
b75f0f82 500$string['orderingquiz'] = 'Order and paging';
501$string['outof'] = '{$a->grade} out of a maximum of {$a->maxgrade}';
502$string['outofpercent'] = '{$a->grade} out of a maximum of {$a->maxgrade} ({$a->percent}%)';
503$string['outofshort'] = '{$a->grade}/{$a->maxgrade}';
212b7b8c 504$string['overallfeedback'] = 'Overall feedback';
73c1448f 505$string['overallfeedback_help'] = 'Overall feedback is text that is shown after a quiz has been attempted. By specifying additional grade boundaries (as a percentage or as a number), the text shown can depend on the grade obtained.';
49aafb90 506$string['overdue'] = 'Overdue';
507$string['overduehandling'] = 'When time expires';
508$string['overduehandling_desc'] = 'What should happen by default if a student does not submit the quiz before time expires.';
509$string['overduehandlingautosubmit'] = 'the attempt is submitted automatically';
510$string['overduehandlinggraceperiod'] = 'there is a grace period in which to submit the attempt, but not answer more questions';
511$string['overduehandlingautoabandon'] = 'that is it. The attempt must be submitted before time expires, or it is not counted';
59d14f31 512$string['overduemustbesubmittedby'] = 'This attempt is now overdue. It should already have been submitted. If you would like this quiz to be graded, you must submit it by {$a}. If you do not submit it by then, no marks from this attempt will be counted.';
990650f9 513$string['override'] = 'Override';
514$string['overridedeletegroupsure'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the override for group {$a}?';
515$string['overridedeleteusersure'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the override for user {$a}?';
990650f9 516$string['overridegroup'] = 'Override group';
517$string['overridegroupeventname'] = '{$a->quiz} - {$a->group}';
518$string['overrides'] = 'Overrides';
990650f9 519$string['overrideuser'] = 'Override user';
30c8dd34 520$string['overrideusereventname'] = '{$a->quiz} - Override';
b1627a92 521$string['page-mod-quiz-x'] = 'Any quiz module page';
346a32a7 522$string['page-mod-quiz-edit'] = 'Edit quiz page';
863872e3 523$string['pagesize'] = 'Page size';
49aafb90 524$string['parent'] = 'Parent';
b75f0f82 525$string['parentcategory'] = 'Parent category';
533f9aea 526$string['parsingquestions'] = 'Parsing questions from import file.';
49aafb90 527$string['partiallycorrect'] = 'Partially correct';
49aafb90 528$string['penalty'] = 'Penalty';
49aafb90 529$string['penaltyscheme'] = 'Apply penalties';
854ee5e4 530$string['penaltyscheme_help'] = 'If enabled, a penalty is subtracted from the final mark for a question for a wrong response. The amount of penalty is specified in the question settings. This setting only applies if adaptive mode is enabled.';
e6f6fa17 531$string['percentcorrect'] = 'Percent correct';
304d08f0 532$string['pleaseclose'] = 'Your request has been processed. You can now close this window';
370d793c 533$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Quiz administration';
9a5b9005 534$string['pluginname'] = 'Quiz';
49aafb90 535$string['popup'] = 'Show quiz in a &quot;secure&quot; window';
ec467c69 536$string['popupblockerwarning'] = 'This section of the test is in secure mode, this means that you need to take the quiz in a secure window. Please turn off your popup blocker. Thank you.';
49aafb90 537$string['popupnotice'] = 'Students will see this quiz in a secure window';
e2ca1df5 538$string['preprocesserror'] = 'Error occurred during pre-processing!';
49aafb90 539$string['preview'] = 'Preview';
540$string['previewquestion'] = 'Preview question';
30c8dd34 541$string['previewquiz'] = 'Preview {$a}';
ed8bebce 542$string['previewquiznow'] = 'Preview quiz now';
49aafb90 543$string['previous'] = 'Previous state';
544$string['publish'] = 'Publish';
545$string['publishedit'] = 'You must have permission in the publishing course to add or edit questions in this category';
b75f0f82 546$string['qname'] = 'name';
f2557823 547$string['qbrief'] = 'Q. {$a}';
49aafb90 548$string['qti'] = 'IMS QTI format';
b75f0f82 549$string['qtypename'] = 'type, name';
49aafb90 550$string['question'] = 'Question';
551$string['questionbankcontents'] = 'Question bank contents';
552$string['questionbankmanagement'] = 'Question bank management';
84e628a0 553$string['questionbehaviour'] = 'Question behaviour';
e6f6fa17 554$string['questioncats'] = 'Question categories';
7d042862 555$string['questiondeleted'] = 'This question has been deleted. Please contact your teacher';
30c8dd34 556$string['questioninuse'] = 'The question \'{$a->questionname}\' is currently being used in: <br />{$a->quiznames}<br />The question will not be deleted from these quizzes but only from the category list.';
e2ca1df5 557$string['questionmissing'] = 'Question for this session is missing';
49aafb90 558$string['questionname'] = 'Question name';
559$string['questionnonav'] = '<span class="accesshide">Question </span>{$a->number}<span class="accesshide"> {$a->attributes}</span>';
560$string['questionnonavinfo'] = '<span class="accesshide">Information </span>{$a->number}<span class="accesshide"> {$a->attributes}</span>';
30c8dd34 561$string['questionnotloaded'] = 'Question {$a} has not been loaded from the database';
eeab18f0 562$string['questionorder'] = 'Question order';
49aafb90 563$string['questions'] = 'Questions';
304d08f0 564$string['questionsinclhidden'] = 'Questions (including hidden)';
5eb266d8 565$string['questionsinthisquiz'] = 'Questions in this quiz';
49aafb90 566$string['questionsperpage'] = 'Questions per page';
567$string['questionsperpageselected'] = 'Questions per page has been set so the paging is currently fixed. As a result, the paging controls have been disabled. You can change this in {$a}.';
568$string['questionsperpagex'] = 'Questions per page: {$a}';
1b8a7434 569$string['questiontext'] = 'Question text';
b75f0f82 570$string['questiontextisempty'] = '[Empty question text]';
30c8dd34 571$string['questiontype'] = 'Question type {$a}';
49aafb90 572$string['questiontypesetupoptions'] = 'Setup options for question types:';
88eca3cd 573$string['quiz:addinstance'] = 'Add a new quiz';
3e28f9bc 574$string['quiz:attempt'] = 'Attempt quizzes';
575$string['quizavailable'] = 'The quiz is available until: {$a}';
576$string['quizclose'] = 'Close the quiz';
577$string['quizclosed'] = 'This quiz closed on {$a}';
578$string['quizcloses'] = 'Quiz closes';
579$string['quizcloseson'] = 'This quiz will close at {$a}';
304d08f0 580$string['quiz:deleteattempts'] = 'Delete quiz attempts';
581$string['quiz:emailconfirmsubmission'] = 'Get a confirmation message when submitting';
582$string['quiz:emailnotifysubmission'] = 'Get a notification message when an attempt is submitted';
18efef38 583$string['quiz:emailwarnoverdue'] = 'Get a notification message when an attempt becomes overdue and needs to be submitted.';
304d08f0 584$string['quiz:grade'] = 'Grade quizzes manually';
070af8ed 585$string['quiz:ignoretimelimits'] = 'Ignores time limit on quizzes';
96c7d771 586$string['quizisclosed'] = 'This quiz is closed';
587$string['quizisopen'] = 'This quiz is open';
c5da295b 588$string['quizisclosedwillopen'] = 'Quiz closed (opens {$a})';
589$string['quizisopenwillclose'] = 'Quiz open (closes {$a})';
590$string['quiz:manage'] = 'Manage quizzes';
591$string['quiz:manageoverrides'] = 'Manage quiz overrides';
b75f0f82 592$string['quiznavigation'] = 'Quiz navigation';
49aafb90 593$string['quizopen'] = 'Open the quiz';
594$string['quizopenclose'] = 'Open and close dates';
595$string['quizopenclose_help'] = 'Students can only start their attempt(s) after the open time and they must complete their attempts before the close time.';
b75f0f82 596$string['quizopened'] = 'This quiz is open.';
30c8dd34 597$string['quizopenedon'] = 'This quiz opened at {$a}';
b75f0f82 598$string['quizopens'] = 'Quiz opens';
30c8dd34 599$string['quizopenwillclose'] = 'This quiz is open, will close on {$a} at';
b75f0f82 600$string['quizordernotrandom'] = 'Order of quiz not shuffled';
601$string['quizorderrandom'] = '* Order of quiz is shuffled';
602$string['quiz:preview'] = 'Preview quizzes';
603$string['quiz:regrade'] = 'Regrade quiz attempts';
604$string['quiz:reviewmyattempts'] = 'Review your own attempts';
212b7b8c 605$string['quizsettings'] = 'Quiz settings';
606$string['quiz:view'] = 'View quiz information';
607$string['quiz:viewreports'] = 'View quiz reports';
f2557823 608$string['quiztimer'] = 'Quiz Timer';
30c8dd34 609$string['quizwillopen'] = 'This quiz will open {$a}';
7292c11f 610$string['random'] = 'Random question';
e6f6fa17 611$string['randomcreate'] = 'Create random questions';
8e84d978 612$string['randomfromcategory'] = 'Random question from category:';
94dbfb3a 613$string['randomfromexistingcategory'] = 'Random question from an existing category';
3cac440b 614$string['randomnosubcat'] = 'Questions from this category only, not its subcategories.';
94dbfb3a 615$string['randomquestionusinganewcategory'] = 'Random question using a new category';
3cac440b 616$string['randomwithsubcat'] = 'Questions from this category and its subcategories.';
49aafb90 617$string['readytosend'] = 'You are about to send your whole quiz to be graded. Are you sure you want to continue?';
618$string['reattemptquiz'] = 'Re-attempt quiz';
619$string['recentlyaddedquestion'] = 'Recently added question!';
94dbfb3a 620$string['recurse'] = 'Include questions from sub-categories too';
49aafb90 621$string['regrade'] = 'Regrade all attempts';
622$string['regradecomplete'] = 'All attempts have been regraded';
30c8dd34 623$string['regradecount'] = '{$a->changed} out of {$a->attempt} grades were changed';
49aafb90 624$string['regradedisplayexplanation'] = 'Attempts that change during regrading are displayed as hyperlinks to the question review window';
07a7d859 625$string['regradenotallowed'] = 'You do not have permission to regrade this quiz';
30c8dd34 626$string['regradingquestion'] = 'Regrading "{$a}".';
e6f6fa17 627$string['regradingquiz'] = 'Regrading quiz "{$a}"';
49aafb90 628$string['remove'] = 'Remove';
0b5a80a1 629$string['removeallquizattempts'] = 'Delete all quiz attempts';
7b161e12 630$string['removeemptypage'] = 'Remove empty page';
631$string['removeselected'] = 'Remove selected';
49aafb90 632$string['rename'] = 'Rename';
30c8dd34 633$string['renderingserverconnectfailed'] = 'The server {$a} failed to process an RQP request. Check that the URL is correct.';
b75f0f82 634$string['reorderquestions'] = 'Reorder questions';
304d08f0 635$string['reordertool'] = 'Show the reordering tool';
30c8dd34 636$string['repaginate'] = 'Repaginate with {$a} questions per page';
b75f0f82 637$string['repaginatecommand'] = 'Repaginate';
eeab18f0 638$string['repaginatenow'] = 'Repaginate now';
49aafb90 639$string['replace'] = 'Replace';
e6f6fa17 640$string['replacementoptions'] = 'Replacement options';
49aafb90 641$string['report'] = 'Reports';
642$string['reportanalysis'] = 'Item analysis';
643$string['reportattemptsfrom'] = 'Attempts from';
644$string['reportattemptsthatare'] = 'Attempts that are';
645$string['reportdisplayoptions'] = 'Display options';
49aafb90 646$string['reportfullstat'] = 'Detailed statistics';
647$string['reportmulti_percent'] = 'Multi-percentages';
648$string['reportmulti_q_x_student'] = 'Multi-student choices';
649$string['reportmulti_resp'] = 'Individual responses';
863872e3 650$string['reportmustselectstate'] = 'You must select at least one state.';
30c8dd34 651$string['reportnotfound'] = 'Report not known ({$a})';
49aafb90 652$string['reportoverview'] = 'Overview';
653$string['reportregrade'] = 'Regrade attempts';
654$string['reportresponses'] = 'Detailed responses';
655$string['reports'] = 'Reports';
863872e3 656$string['reportshowonly'] = 'Show only attempts';
49aafb90 657$string['reportsimplestat'] = 'Simple statistics';
658$string['reportusersall'] = 'all users who have attempted the quiz';
659$string['reportuserswith'] = 'enrolled users who have attempted the quiz';
660$string['reportuserswithorwithout'] = 'enrolled users who have, or have not, attempted the quiz';
661$string['reportuserswithout'] = 'enrolled users who have not attempted the quiz';
662$string['reportwhattoinclude'] = 'What to include in the report';
49aafb90 663$string['requirepassword'] = 'Require password';
cc1e127a 664$string['requirepassword_help'] = 'If a password is specified, a student must enter it in order to attempt the quiz.';
49aafb90 665$string['requiresubnet'] = 'Require network address';
73c1448f 666$string['requiresubnet_help'] = 'Quiz access may be restricted to particular subnets on the LAN or Internet by specifying a comma-separated list of partial or full IP address numbers. This can be useful for an invigilated (proctored) quiz, to ensure that only people in a certain location can access the quiz.';
49aafb90 667$string['response'] = 'Response';
668$string['responses'] = 'Responses';
3a58ad11 669$string['results'] = 'Results';
33c8d37b 670$string['returnattempt'] = 'Return to attempt';
49aafb90 671$string['reuseifpossible'] = 'reuse previously removed';
990650f9 672$string['reverttodefaults'] = 'Revert to quiz defaults';
49aafb90 673$string['review'] = 'Review';
674$string['reviewafter'] = 'Allow review after quiz is closed';
675$string['reviewalways'] = 'Allow review at any time';
65778323 676$string['reviewattempt'] = 'Review attempt';
49aafb90 677$string['reviewbefore'] = 'Allow review while quiz is open';
678$string['reviewclosed'] = 'After the quiz is closed';
f2557823 679$string['reviewduring'] = 'During the attempt';
49aafb90 680$string['reviewimmediately'] = 'Immediately after the attempt';
681$string['marks'] = 'Marks';
682$string['marks_help'] = 'The numerical marks for each question, and the overall attempt score.';
49aafb90 683$string['reviewnever'] = 'Never allow review';
30c8dd34 684$string['reviewofattempt'] = 'Review of attempt {$a}';
38e179a4 685$string['reviewofpreview'] = 'Review of preview';
49aafb90 686$string['reviewopen'] = 'Later, while the quiz is still open';
687$string['reviewoptions'] = 'Students may review';
e2833e87 688$string['reviewoptionsheading'] = 'Review options';
689$string['reviewoptionsheading_help'] = 'These options control what information students can see when they review a quiz attempt or look at the quiz reports.
691**During the attempt** settings are are only relevant for some behaviours, like \'interactive with multiple tries\', which may display feedback during the attempt.
693**Immediately after the attempt** settings apply for the first two minutes after \'Submit all and finish\' is clicked.
695**Later, while the quiz is still open** settings apply after this, and before the quiz close date.
697**After the quiz is closed** settings apply after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz does not have a close date, this state is never reached.';
698$string['reviewoverallfeedback'] = 'Overall feedback';
699$string['reviewoverallfeedback_help'] = 'The feedback given at the end of the attempt, depending on the student\'s total mark.';
49aafb90 700$string['reviewresponse'] = 'Review response';
30c8dd34 701$string['reviewresponsetoq'] = 'Review response (question {$a})';
152d3c02 702$string['reviewthisattempt'] = 'Review your responses to this attempt';
703$string['rqp'] = 'Remote question';
704$string['rqps'] = 'Remote questions';
84e628a0 705$string['sameasoverall'] = 'Same as for overall grades';
49aafb90 706$string['save'] = 'Save';
707$string['saveandedit'] = 'Save changes and edit questions';
c52c62d1 708$string['saveattemptfailed'] = 'Failed to save the current quiz attempt.';
30c8dd34 709$string['savedfromdeletedcourse'] = 'Saved from deleted course "{$a}"';
49aafb90 710$string['savegrades'] = 'Save grades';
711$string['savemyanswers'] = 'Save my answers';
712$string['savenosubmit'] = 'Save without submitting';
990650f9 713$string['saveoverrideandstay'] = 'Save and enter another override';
49aafb90 714$string['savequiz'] = 'Save this whole quiz';
f2557823 715$string['saving'] = 'Saving';
33dae771 716$string['savingnewgradeforquestion'] = 'Saving new grade for question id {$a}.';
f2557823 717$string['savingnewmaximumgrade'] = 'Saving new maximum grade.';
49aafb90 718$string['score'] = 'Raw score';
719$string['scores'] = 'Scores';
720$string['select'] = 'Select';
721$string['selectall'] = 'Select all';
b75f0f82 722$string['selectcategory'] = 'Select category';
49aafb90 723$string['selectedattempts'] = 'Selected attempts...';
724$string['selectnone'] = 'Deselect all';
30c8dd34 725$string['selectquestiontype'] = '-- Select question type --';
49aafb90 726$string['serveradded'] = 'Server added';
727$string['serveridentifier'] = 'Identifier';
728$string['serverinfo'] = 'Server information';
49aafb90 729$string['servers'] = 'Servers';
730$string['serverurl'] = 'Server URL';
56ed242b 731$string['settingsoverrides'] = 'Settings overrides';
e6f6fa17 732$string['shortanswer'] = 'Short answer';
49aafb90 733$string['show'] = 'Show';
734$string['showall'] = 'Show all questions on one page';
735$string['showblocks'] = 'Show blocks during quiz attempts';
736$string['showblocks_help'] = 'If set to yes then normal blocks will be shown during quiz attempts';
49aafb90 737$string['showbreaks'] = 'Show page breaks';
30c8dd34 738$string['showcategorycontents'] = 'Show category contents {$a->arrow}';
49aafb90 739$string['showcorrectanswer'] = 'In feedback, show correct answers?';
740$string['showdetailedmarks'] = 'Show mark details';
d18675a8 741$string['showeachpage'] = 'Show one page at a time';
49aafb90 742$string['showfeedback'] = 'After answering, show feedback?';
84e628a0 743$string['showinsecurepopup'] = 'Use a \'secure\' popup window for attempts';
49aafb90 744$string['shownoattempts'] = 'Show students with no attempts';
745$string['shownoattemptsonly'] = 'Show only students with no attempts';
863872e3 746$string['showreport'] = 'Show report';
49aafb90 747$string['showteacherattempts'] = 'Show teacher attempts';
a733c4b9 748$string['showuserpicture'] = 'Show the user\'s picture';
cc1e127a 749$string['showuserpicture_help'] = 'If enabled, the student\'s name and picture will be shown on-screen during the attempt, and on the review screen, making it easier to check that the student is logged in as themself in an invigilated (proctored) exam.';
162f62da 750$string['shuffle'] = 'Shuffle';
49aafb90 751$string['shuffleanswers'] = 'Shuffle answers';
eeab18f0 752$string['shuffledrandomly'] = 'Shuffled randomly';
49aafb90 753$string['shufflequestions'] = 'Shuffle questions';
30c8dd34 754$string['shufflequestionsselected'] = 'Shuffle questions has been set, so some actions relating to pages are not available. To change the shuffle option, {$a}.';
162f62da 755$string['shufflewithin'] = 'Shuffle within questions';
854ee5e4 756$string['shufflewithin_help'] = 'If enabled, the parts making up each question will be randomly shuffled each time a student attempts the quiz, provided the option is also enabled in the question settings. This setting only applies to questions that have multiple parts, such as multiple choice or matching questions.';
bffa0685 757$string['singleanswer'] = 'Choose one answer.';
304d08f0 758$string['sortage'] = 'Sort by age';
c54da50b 759$string['sortalpha'] = 'Sort by name';
30c8dd34 760$string['sortquestionsbyx'] = 'Sort questions by: {$a}';
304d08f0 761$string['sortsubmit'] = 'Sort questions';
c54da50b 762$string['sorttypealpha'] = 'Sort by type, name';
b75f0f82 763$string['specificapathnotonquestion'] = 'The specified file path is not on the specified question';
764$string['specificquestionnotonquiz'] = 'Specified question is not on the specified quiz';
49aafb90 765$string['startagain'] = 'Start again';
6c7da461 766$string['startattempt'] = 'Start attempt';
49aafb90 767$string['startedon'] = 'Started on';
3c6185e9 768$string['startnewpreview'] = 'Start a new preview';
769$string['stateabandoned'] = 'Never submitted';
770$string['statefinished'] = 'Finished';
771$string['statefinisheddetails'] = 'Submitted {$a}';
772$string['stateinprogress'] = 'In progress';
30c8dd34 773$string['statenotloaded'] = 'The state for question {$a} has not been loaded from the database';
774$string['stateoverdue'] = 'Overdue';
775$string['stateoverduedetails'] = 'Must be submitted by {$a}';
36e413e3 776$string['status'] = 'Status';
533f9aea 777$string['stoponerror'] = 'Stop on error';
48c19b25 778$string['submitallandfinish'] = 'Submit all and finish';
49aafb90 779$string['subneterror'] = 'Sorry, this quiz has been locked so that it is only accessible from certain locations. Currently your computer is not one of those allowed to use this quiz.';
780$string['subnetnotice'] = 'This quiz has been locked so that it is only accessible from certain locations. Your computer is not on an allowed subnet. As teacher you are allowed to preview anyway.';
781$string['subplugintype_quiz'] = 'Report';
782$string['subplugintype_quiz_plural'] = 'Reports';
783$string['subplugintype_quizaccess'] = 'Access rule';
784$string['subplugintype_quizaccess_plural'] = 'Access rules';
49aafb90 785$string['substitutedby'] = 'will be substituted by';
36e413e3 786$string['summaryofattempt'] = 'Summary of attempt';
14e66f3b 787$string['summaryofattempts'] = 'Summary of your previous attempts';
304d08f0 788$string['temporaryblocked'] = 'You are temporarily not allowed to re-attempt the quiz.<br /> You will be able to take another attempt on:';
f2557823 789$string['theattempt'] = 'The attempt';
ce74dcc3 790$string['theattempt_help'] = 'Whether the student can review the attempt at all.';
49aafb90 791$string['time'] = 'Time';
792$string['timecompleted'] = 'Completed';
304d08f0 793$string['timedelay'] = 'You are not allowed to do the quiz since you have not passed the time delay before attempting another quiz';
5533791a 794$string['timeleft'] = 'Time left';
49aafb90 795$string['timelimit'] = 'Time limit';
854ee5e4 796$string['timelimit_help'] = 'If enabled, a floating timer window (requiring JavaScript) is shown with a countdown. When the time limit is up, the quiz is submitted automatically with whatever answers have been filled in so far.';
49aafb90 797$string['timelimitexeeded'] = 'Sorry! Quiz time limit exceeded!';
b75f0f82 798$string['timelimitmin'] = 'Time limit (minutes)';
84e628a0 799$string['timelimitsec'] = 'Time limit (seconds)';
30c8dd34 800$string['timestr'] = '%H:%M:%S on %d/%m/%y';
49aafb90 801$string['timesup'] = 'Time is up!';
802$string['timetaken'] = 'Time taken';
84da4788 803$string['timing'] = 'Timing';
b942d943 804$string['tofile'] = 'to file';
49aafb90 805$string['tolerance'] = 'Tolerance';
3181dafd 806$string['toomanyrandom'] = 'The number of random questions required is more than are still available in the category!';
49aafb90 807$string['top'] = 'Top';
5127e52d 808$string['totalmarksx'] = 'Total of marks: {$a}';
30c8dd34 809$string['totalquestionsinrandomqcategory'] = 'Total of {$a} questions in category.';
49aafb90 810$string['true'] = 'True';
e6f6fa17 811$string['truefalse'] = 'True/false';
49aafb90 812$string['type'] = 'Type';
813$string['unfinished'] = 'open';
304d08f0 814$string['ungraded'] = 'Ungraded';
49aafb90 815$string['unit'] = 'Unit';
30c8dd34 816$string['unknowntype'] = 'Question type not supported at line {$a}. The question will be ignored';
e6f6fa17 817$string['unusedcategorydeleted'] = 'This category has been deleted because, after deleting the course, its questions weren\'t used any more.';
3181dafd 818$string['updatesettings'] = 'Update quiz settings';
819$string['updatingatttemptgrades'] = 'Updating attempt grades.';
820$string['updatingfinalgrades'] = 'Updating final grades.';
821$string['updatingthegradebook'] = 'Updating the gradebook.';
56f68fcf 822$string['upgradesure'] = '<div>In particular the quiz module will perform an extensive change of the quiz tables and this upgrade has not yet been sufficiently tested. You are very strongly urged to backup your database tables before proceeding.</div>';
823$string['upgradingquizattempts'] = 'Upgrading quiz attempts: quiz {$a->done}/{$a->outof} (Quiz id {$a->info})';
824$string['upgradingveryoldquizattempts'] = 'Upgrading very old quiz attempts: {$a->done}/{$a->outof}';
49aafb90 825$string['url'] = 'URL';
4b87fbe7 826$string['usedcategorymoved'] = 'This category has been preserved and moved to the site level because it is a published category still in use by other courses.';
990650f9 827$string['useroverrides'] = 'User overrides';
7bc488dc 828$string['usersnone'] = 'No students have access to this quiz';
49aafb90 829$string['validate'] = 'Validate';
830$string['viewallanswers'] = 'View {$a} quiz attempts';
831$string['viewallreports'] = 'View reports for {$a} attempts';
79a46626 832$string['viewed'] = 'Viewed';
d7444d44 833$string['warningmissingtype'] = '<b>This question is of a type that has not been installed on your Moodle yet.<br />Please alert your Moodle administrator.</b>';
42394295 834$string['wheregrade'] = 'Where\'s my grade?';
49aafb90 835$string['wildcard'] = 'Wild card';
b75f0f82 836$string['windowclosing'] = 'This window will close shortly.';
e6f6fa17 837$string['withsummary'] = 'with summary statistics';
49aafb90 838$string['wronguse'] = 'You can not use this page like that';
5e8a85aa 839$string['xhtml'] = 'XHTML';
e63faf2b 840$string['youneedtoenrol'] = 'You need to enrol in this course before you can attempt this quiz';
30c8dd34 841$string['yourfinalgradeis'] = 'Your final grade for this quiz is {$a}.';