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[moodle.git] / mod / quiz / report / statistics / lang / en / quiz_statistics.php
0c1c764e 1<?PHP // $Id$
2 // quiz_analysis.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
f37f30d4 5$string['statistics'] = 'Statistics';
bbf4f440 6$string['statistics:view'] = 'View statistics report';
7$string['statistics:componentname'] = 'Quiz statistics report';
e2249afe 8$string['statisticsreport'] = 'Statistics report';
0c1c764e 9$string['calculatefrom'] = 'Calculate statistics from';
fb94cd48 12$string['duration'] = 'Open for';
0c1c764e 13$string['quizinformation'] = 'Quiz information';
14$string['quizoverallstatistics'] = 'Quiz overall statistics';
15$string['quizname'] = 'Quiz name';
16$string['coursename'] = 'Course name';
71a2b878 17$string['firstattemptscount'] = 'Number of first attempts';
18$string['allattemptscount'] = 'Total number of attempts';
19$string['statsfor'] = 'Quiz Statistics (for $a)';
f8d4e7b1 20$string['attempts'] = 'Attempts';
fb94cd48 21$string['firstattempts'] = 'first attempts';
22$string['allattempts'] = 'all attempts';
0c1c764e 23$string['firstattemptsavg'] = 'Average grade of first attempts';
24$string['allattemptsavg'] = 'Average grade of all attempts';
25$string['attemptsall'] = 'all attempts';
26$string['attemptsfirst'] = 'first attempt';
27$string['errormedian'] = 'Error fetching median';
08a7ead5 28$string['errorpowers'] = 'Error fetching data to calculate variance for quiz grades';
29$string['errorpowerquestions'] = 'Error fetching data to calculate variance for question grades';
ea751786 30$string['errorstatisticsquestions'] = 'Error fetching data to calculate statistics for question grades';
71a2b878 31$string['median'] = 'Median grade (for $a)';
32$string['standarddeviation'] = 'Standard deviation (for $a)';
33$string['standarddeviationq'] = 'Standard deviation';
34$string['skewness'] = 'Score distribution skewness (for $a)';
35$string['kurtosis'] = 'Score distribution kurtosis (for $a)';
36$string['cic'] = 'Coefficient of internal consistency (for $a)';
37$string['errorratio'] = 'Error ratio (for $a)';
38$string['standarderror'] = 'Standard error (for $a)';
c0250840 39$string['questionnumber'] = 'Q#';
40$string['quizstructureanalysis'] = 'Quiz structure analysis';
41$string['questiontype'] = 'Q type';
ea751786 42$string['intended_weight'] = 'Intended weight';
6f51ed72 43$string['random_guess_score'] = 'Random guess score';
f8d4e7b1 44$string['facility'] = 'Facility index';
e72efdd4 45$string['nostudentsingroup'] = 'There are no students in this group yet';
ea751786 46$string['discrimination_index'] = 'Discrimination Index';
47$string['discriminative_efficiency'] = 'Discriminative Efficiency';
48$string['effective_weight'] = 'Effective weight';
4f5ffac0 49$string['errorrandom'] = 'Error getting sub item data';
50$string['erroritemappearsmorethanoncewithdifferentweight'] = 'Question ($a) appears more than once with different weights in different positions of the test. This is not currently supported by the statistics report and may make the statistics for this question unreliable.';
43ec99aa 51$string['lastcalculated'] = 'Last calculated $a->lastcalculated ago there have been $a->count attempts since then.';
52$string['recalculatenow'] = 'Recalculate now';
53$string['detailedanalysis'] = 'More detailed analysis of the responses to this question';
869309b8 54$string['errordeleting'] = 'Error deleting old $a records.';
43ec99aa 55$string['questionname'] = 'Question Name';
56$string['questiontype'] = 'Question Type';
57$string['positions'] = 'Position(s)';
58$string['position'] = 'Position';
59$string['questioninformation'] = 'Question information';
60$string['questionstatistics'] = 'Question statistics';
61$string['analysisofresponses'] = 'Analysis of responses';
5153422c 62$string['statisticsreportgraph'] = 'Statistics for question positions';
869309b8 63$string['response'] = 'Answer';
64$string['optiongrade'] = 'Partial credit';
65$string['count'] = 'Count';
66$string['frequency'] = 'Frequency';
67$string['backtoquizreport'] = 'Back to main statistics report page.';
68$string['analysisofresponsesfor'] = 'Analysis of responses for $a.';
69$string['downloadeverything'] = 'Download full report as';
74686047 70$string['negcovar'] ='Negative covariance of grade with total attempt grade';
0c1c764e 71?>