MDL-46805 SCORM: AICC restricts allowed characters in the username
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30c8dd34 1<?php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
b2614417 18 * Strings for component 'scorm', language 'en'
30c8dd34 19 *
6da956e6 20 * @package mod_scorm
21 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
24$string['toc'] = 'TOC';
25$string['navigation'] = 'Navigation';
9f3e0968 26$string['aicchacptimeout'] = 'AICC HACP timeout';
3cfffd8c 27$string['aicchacptimeout_desc'] = 'Length of time in minutes that an external AICC HACP session can remain open';
ba0e91a2 28$string['aicchacpkeepsessiondata'] = 'AICC HACP session data';
3cfffd8c 29$string['aicchacpkeepsessiondata_desc'] = 'Length of time in days to keep the external AICC HACP session data (a high setting will fill up the table with old data but may be useful when debugging)';
30$string['aiccuserid'] = 'AICC pass numeric user id';
31$string['aiccuserid_desc'] = 'The AICC standard for usernames is very restrictive compared with Moodle so we pass the user->id instead. If disabled this passes the moodle username to the AICC package.
32The AICC standard allows for alpha-numeric characters with the two additional characters dash(-) and the underscore(_). Periods, spaces and the @ symbol are not permitted.';
5dcb429b 33$string['activation'] = 'Activation';
30c8dd34 34$string['activityloading'] = 'You will be automatically redirected to the activity in';
0e633595 35$string['activityoverview'] = 'You have SCORM packages that need attention';
c329e370 36$string['activitypleasewait'] = 'Activity loading, please wait ...';
3c0b04c4 37$string['adminsettings'] = 'Admin settings';
304d08f0 38$string['advanced'] = 'Parameters';
361a47d4 39$string['aliasonly'] = 'When selecting an imsmanifest.xml file from a repository you must use an alias/shortcut for this file.';
1881df27 40$string['allowapidebug'] = 'Activate API debug and tracing (set the capture mask with apidebugmask)';
9528568b 41$string['allowtypeexternal'] = 'Enable external package type';
9f3e0968 42$string['allowtypeexternalaicc'] = 'Enable direct AICC URL';
4388bd45 43$string['allowtypeexternalaicc_desc'] = 'If enabled this allows a direct url to a simple AICC package';
9528568b 44$string['allowtypelocalsync'] = 'Enable downloaded package type';
3cfffd8c 45$string['allowtypeaicchacp'] = 'Enable external AICC HACP';
ba0e91a2 46$string['allowtypeaicchacp_desc'] = 'If enabled this allows AICC HACP external communication without requiring user login for post requests from the external AICC package';
ae350951 47$string['apidebugmask'] = 'API debug capture mask - use a simple regex on &lt;username&gt;:&lt;activityname&gt; e.g. admin:.* will debug for admin user only';
9528568b 48$string['areacontent'] = 'Content files';
49$string['areapackage'] = 'Package file';
49aafb90 50$string['asset'] = 'Asset';
98baddf7 51$string['assetlaunched'] = 'Asset - Viewed';
2f717fcc 52$string['attempt'] = 'Attempt';
3b631eda 53$string['attempts'] = 'Attempts';
54$string['attemptstatusall'] = 'My home and entry page';
55$string['attemptstatusmy'] = 'My home only';
56$string['attemptstatusentry'] = 'Entry page only';
30c8dd34 57$string['attemptsx'] = '{$a} attempts';
20b51a11 58$string['attemptsmanagement'] = 'Attempts management';
59$string['attempt1'] = '1 attempt';
60$string['attr_error'] = 'Bad value for attribute ({$a->attr}) in tag {$a->tag}.';
61$string['autocommit'] = 'Auto-commit';
62$string['autocommit_help'] = 'If enabled, SCORM data is automaticaly saved to the database. Useful for SCORM objects which do not save their data regularly.';
63$string['autocommitdesc'] = 'Automatically save SCORM data if the SCORM package does not save it.';
64$string['autocontinue'] = 'Auto-continue';
65$string['autocontinue_help'] = 'If enabled, subsequent learning objects are launched automatically, otherwise the Continue button must be used.';
9f3e0968 66$string['autocontinuedesc'] = 'If enabled, subsequent learning objects are launched automatically, otherwise the Continue button must be used.';
304d08f0 67$string['averageattempt'] = 'Average attempts';
68$string['badmanifest'] = 'Some manifest errors: see errors log';
69$string['badimsmanifestlocation'] = 'An imsmanifest.xml file was found but it was not in the root of your zip file, please re-package your SCORM';
70$string['badarchive'] = 'You must provide a valid zip file';
49aafb90 71$string['browse'] = 'Preview';
72$string['browsed'] = 'Browsed';
f705b434 73$string['browsemode'] = 'Preview mode';
431b5cc8 74$string['browserepository'] = 'Browse repository';
b5656373 75$string['calculatedweight'] = 'Calculated weight';
42247cf0 76$string['cannotfindsco'] = 'Could not find SCO';
77$string['collapsetocwinsize'] = 'Collapse TOC when window size below';
78$string['collapsetocwinsizedesc'] = 'This setting lets you specify the window size below which the TOC should automatically collapse.';
20b51a11 79$string['compatibilitysettings'] = 'Compatibility settings';
49aafb90 80$string['completed'] = 'Completed';
81$string['completionscorerequired'] = 'Require minimum score';
82$string['completionscorerequired_help'] = 'Enabling this setting will require a user to have at least the minimum score entered to be marked complete in this SCORM activity, as well as any other Activity Completion requirements.';
83$string['completionstatus_passed'] = 'Passed';
84$string['completionstatus_completed'] = 'Completed';
85$string['completionstatusrequired'] = 'Require status';
86$string['completionstatusrequired_help'] = 'Checking one or more statuses will require a user to achieve at least one of the checked statuses in order to be marked complete in this SCORM activity, as well as any other Activity Completion requirements.';
304d08f0 87$string['confirmloosetracks'] = 'WARNING: The package seems to be changed or modified. If the package structure is changed, some users tracks may be lost during update process.';
5b619196 88$string['contents'] = 'Contents';
49aafb90 89$string['coursepacket'] = 'Course package';
304d08f0 90$string['coursestruct'] = 'Course structure';
d67eb434 91$string['currentwindow'] = 'Current window';
f705b434 92$string['datadir'] = 'Filesystem error: Can\'t create course data directory';
93$string['defaultdisplaysettings'] = 'Default display settings';
94$string['defaultgradesettings'] = 'Default grade settings';
95$string['defaultothersettings'] = 'Other default settings';
d883cbad 96$string['deleteattemptcheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to completely delete these attempts?';
30c8dd34 97$string['deleteallattempts'] = 'Delete all SCORM attempts';
5639baa8 98$string['deleteselected'] = 'Delete selected attempts';
d32e353e 99$string['deleteuserattemptcheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to completely delete all your attempts?';
304d08f0 100$string['details'] = 'Track details';
101$string['directories'] = 'Show the directory links';
99da7a95 102$string['disabled'] = 'Disabled';
304d08f0 103$string['display'] = 'Display package';
74ecabb8 104$string['displayactivityname'] = 'Display activity name';
74d2a9df 105$string['displayactivityname_help'] = 'Whether or not to display the activity name above the SCORM player.';
6381fa56 106$string['displayattemptstatus'] = 'Display attempt status';
da92e3b0 107$string['displayattemptstatus_help'] = 'This preference allows a summary of the users attempts to show in the course overview block in My home and/or the SCORM entry page.';
9f3e0968 108$string['displayattemptstatusdesc'] = 'Whether a summary of the user\'s attempts is shown in the course overview block in My home and/or the SCORM entry page.';
87db13b5 109$string['displaycoursestructure'] = 'Display course structure on entry page';
5c7c45d2 110$string['displaycoursestructure_help'] = 'If enabled, the table of contents is displayed on the SCORM outline page.';
111$string['displaycoursestructuredesc'] = 'If enabled, the table of contents is displayed on the SCORM outline page.';
112$string['displaydesc'] = 'Whether to display the SCORM package in a new window.';
113$string['displaysettings'] = 'Display settings';
cb6782d4 114$string['dnduploadscorm'] = 'Add a SCORM package';
30c8dd34 115$string['domxml'] = 'DOMXML external library';
d860e4f8 116$string['duedate'] = 'Due date';
304d08f0 117$string['element'] = 'Element';
35c0b12f 118$string['enter'] = 'Enter';
30c8dd34 119$string['entercourse'] = 'Enter course';
304d08f0 120$string['errorlogs'] = 'Errors log';
121$string['eventattemptdeleted'] = 'Attempt deleted';
122$string['eventinteractionsviewed'] = 'Interactions viewed';
123$string['eventreportviewed'] = 'Report viewed';
124$string['eventscolaunched'] = 'Sco launched';
125$string['eventtracksviewed'] = 'Tracks viewed';
126$string['eventuserreportviewed'] = 'User report viewed';
127$string['everyday'] = 'Every day';
128$string['everytime'] = 'Every time it\'s used';
129$string['exceededmaxattempts'] = 'You have reached the maximum number of attempts.';
d7ffd685 130$string['exit'] = 'Exit course';
131$string['exitactivity'] = 'Exit activity';
132$string['expired'] = 'Sorry, this activity closed on {$a} and is no longer available';
133$string['external'] = 'Update external packages timing';
49aafb90 134$string['failed'] = 'Failed';
135$string['finishscorm'] = 'If you have finished viewing this resource, {$a}';
136$string['finishscormlinkname'] = 'click here to return to the course page';
304d08f0 137$string['firstaccess'] = 'First access';
138$string['firstattempt'] = 'First attempt';
df5c7086 139$string['floating'] = 'Floating';
30c8dd34 140$string['forcecompleted'] = 'Force completed';
9f3e0968 141$string['forcecompleted_help'] = 'If enabled, the status of the current attempt is forced to "completed". (Only applicable to SCORM 1.2 packages.)';
142$string['forcecompleteddesc'] = 'This preference sets the default value for the force completed setting';
143$string['forcenewattempt'] = 'Force new attempt';
d1fafa24 144$string['forcenewattempt_help'] = 'If enabled, each time a SCORM package is accessed will be counted as a new attempt.';
9f3e0968 145$string['forcenewattemptdesc'] = 'If enabled, each time a SCORM package is accessed will be counted as a new attempt.';
30bce58e 146$string['forcejavascript'] = 'Force users to enable JavaScript';
9f3e0968 147$string['forcejavascript_desc'] = 'If enabled (recommended) this prevents access to SCORM objects when JavaScript is not supported/enabled in a users browser. If disabled the user may view the SCORM but API communication will fail and no grade information will be saved.';
db1f94ce 148$string['forcejavascriptmessage'] = 'JavaScript is required to view this object, please enable JavaScript in your browser and try again.';
304d08f0 149$string['found'] = 'Manifest found';
150$string['frameheight'] = 'The height of the stage frame or window.';
151$string['framewidth'] = 'The width of the stage frame or window.';
152$string['fromleft'] = 'From left';
153$string['fromtop'] = 'From top';
304d08f0 154$string['fullscreen'] = 'Fill the whole screen';
155$string['general'] = 'General data';
49aafb90 156$string['gradeaverage'] = 'Average grade';
30c8dd34 157$string['gradeforattempt'] = 'Grade for attempt';
49aafb90 158$string['gradehighest'] = 'Highest grade';
159$string['grademethod'] = 'Grading method';
b1ca5d31 160$string['grademethod_help'] = 'The grading method defines how the grade for a single attempt of the activity is determined.
162There are 4 grading methods:
4be9b128 163
164* Learning objects - The number of completed/passed learning objects
165* Highest grade - The highest score obtained in all passed learning objects
166* Average grade - The mean of all the scores
167* Sum grade - The sum of all the scores';
9f3e0968 168$string['grademethoddesc'] = 'The grading method defines how the grade for a single attempt of the activity is determined.';
7554f671 169$string['gradereported'] = 'Grade reported';
3c0b04c4 170$string['gradesettings'] = 'Grade settings';
f705b434 171$string['gradescoes'] = 'Learning objects';
49aafb90 172$string['gradesum'] = 'Sum grade';
304d08f0 173$string['height'] = 'Height';
174$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
175$string['hidebrowse'] = 'Disable preview mode';
d1fafa24 176$string['hidebrowse_help'] = 'Preview mode allows a student to browse an activity before attempting it. If preview mode is disabled, the preview button is hidden.';
9f3e0968 177$string['hidebrowsedesc'] = 'Preview mode allows a student to browse an activity before attempting it.';
304d08f0 178$string['hideexit'] = 'Hide exit link';
304d08f0 179$string['hidereview'] = 'Hide review button';
5c7c45d2 180$string['hidetoc'] = 'Display course structure in player';
181$string['hidetoc_help'] = 'How the table of contents is displayed in the SCORM player';
182$string['hidetocdesc'] = 'This setting specifies how the table of contents is displayed in the SCORM player.';
304d08f0 183$string['highestattempt'] = 'Highest attempt';
30c8dd34 184$string['chooseapacket'] = 'Choose or update a package';
f705b434 185$string['identifier'] = 'Question identifier';
49aafb90 186$string['incomplete'] = 'Incomplete';
d883cbad 187$string['info'] = 'Info';
304d08f0 188$string['interactions'] = 'Interactions';
361a47d4 189$string['repositorynotsupported'] = 'Only file system repositories are supported when linking directly to an imsmanifest.xml file.';
190$string['trackid'] = 'Id';
191$string['trackid_help'] = 'This is the identifier set by your SCORM package for this question, the SCORM specification doesn\'t allow the full question text to be provided.';
192$string['trackcorrectcount'] = 'Correct count';
193$string['trackcorrectcount_help'] = 'Number of correct results for the question';
194$string['trackpattern'] = 'Pattern';
195$string['trackpattern_help'] = 'This is what a correct response to this question would be, it does not show the learners response.';
196$string['tracklatency'] = 'Latency';
197$string['tracklatency_help'] = 'The time elapsed between the time the question was made available to the learner for a response and the time of the first response.';
198$string['trackresponse'] = 'Response';
199$string['trackresponse_help'] = 'This is the response made by the learner for this question';
200$string['trackresult'] = 'Result';
201$string['trackresult_help'] = 'Shows if the learner entered a correct response.';
202$string['trackscoremin'] = 'Minimum score';
203$string['trackscoremin_help'] = 'Minimum value that can be assigned for the raw score';
204$string['trackscoremax'] = 'Maximum score';
205$string['trackscoremax_help'] = 'Maximum value that can be assigned for the raw score';
206$string['trackscoreraw'] = 'Raw score';
207$string['trackscoreraw_help'] = 'Number that reflects the performance of the learner relative to the range bounded by the values of min and max';
208$string['tracksuspenddata'] = 'Suspend data';
209$string['tracksuspenddata_help'] = 'Provides space to store and retrieve data between learner sessions';
210$string['tracktime'] = 'Time';
211$string['tracktime_help'] = 'Time at which the attempt was started';
212$string['tracktype'] = 'Type';
213$string['tracktype_help'] = 'Type of the question, for example "choice" or "shortanswer".';
214$string['trackweight'] = 'Weight';
215$string['trackweight_help'] = 'Weight assigned to the question when calculating score.';
9f3e0968 216$string['invalidactivity'] = 'SCORM activity is incorrect';
361a47d4 217$string['invalidmanifestname'] = 'Only imsmanifest.xml or .zip files may be selected';
4388bd45 218$string['invalidurl'] = 'Invalid URL specified';
f833171f 219$string['invalidurlhttpcheck'] = 'Invalid URL specified. Debug message:<pre>{$a->cmsg}</pre>';
9f3e0968 220$string['invalidhacpsession'] = 'Invalid HACP session';
03c34889 221$string['invalidmanifestresource'] = 'WARNING: The following resources were referenced in your manifest but couldn\'t be found:';
304d08f0 222$string['last'] = 'Last accessed on';
223$string['lastaccess'] = 'Last access';
e0991666 224$string['lastattempt'] = 'Last completed attempt';
6381fa56 225$string['lastattemptlock'] = 'Lock after final attempt';
d1fafa24 226$string['lastattemptlock_help'] = 'If enabled, a student is prevented from launching the SCORM player after using up all their allocated attempts.';
9f3e0968 227$string['lastattemptlockdesc'] = 'If enabled, a student is prevented from launching the SCORM player after using up all their allocated attempts.';
304d08f0 228$string['location'] = 'Show the location bar';
229$string['max'] = 'Max score';
230$string['maximumattempts'] = 'Number of attempts';
b621bd19 231$string['maximumattempts_help'] = 'This setting enables the number of attempts to be restricted. It is only applicable for SCORM 1.2 and AICC packages.';
1adc77e6 232$string['maximumattemptsdesc'] = 'This preference sets the default maximum attempts for an activity';
233$string['maximumgradedesc'] = 'This preference sets the default maximum grade for an activity';
304d08f0 234$string['menubar'] = 'Show the menu bar';
9f3e0968 235$string['min'] = 'Minimum score';
30c8dd34 236$string['missing_attribute'] = 'Missing attribute {$a->attr} in tag {$a->tag}';
9f3e0968 237$string['missingparam'] = 'A required parameter is missing or wrong';
30c8dd34 238$string['missing_tag'] = 'Missing tag {$a->tag}';
304d08f0 239$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
9a5b9005 240$string['modulename'] = 'SCORM package';
241$string['modulename_help'] = 'A SCORM package is a collection of files which are packaged according to an agreed standard for learning objects. The SCORM activity module enables SCORM or AICC packages to be uploaded as a zip file and added to a course.
243Content is usually displayed over several pages, with navigation between the pages. There are various options for displaying content in a pop-up window, with a table of contents, with navigation buttons etc. SCORM activities generally include questions, with grades being recorded in the gradebook.
245SCORM activities may be used
247* For presenting multimedia content and animations
248* As an assessment tool';
249$string['modulename_link'] = 'mod/scorm/view';
9a5b9005 250$string['modulenameplural'] = 'SCORM packages';
df5c7086 251$string['nav'] = 'Show Navigation';
480fca77 252$string['nav_help'] = 'This setting specifies whether to show or hide the navigation buttons and their position.
254There are 3 options:
256* No - Navigation buttons are not shown
257* Under content - Navigation buttons are shown below the SCORM package content
fcca760a 258* Floating - Navigation buttons are shown floating, with the position from the top and from the left determined by the package.';
480fca77 259$string['navdesc'] = 'This setting specifies whether to show or hide navigation buttons and their position.';
260$string['navpositionleft'] = 'Position of navigation buttons from left in pixels.';
261$string['navpositiontop'] = 'Position of navigation buttons from top in pixels.';
262$string['networkdropped'] = 'The SCORM player has determined that your Internet connection is unreliable or has been interrupted. If you continue in this SCORM activity, your progress may not be saved.<br />
263You should exit the activity now, and return when you have a dependable Internet connection.';
304d08f0 264$string['newattempt'] = 'Start a new attempt';
49aafb90 265$string['next'] = 'Continue';
304d08f0 266$string['noactivity'] = 'Nothing to report';
267$string['noattemptsallowed'] = 'Number of attempts allowed';
268$string['noattemptsmade'] = 'Number of attempts you have made';
269$string['no_attributes'] = 'Tag {$a->tag} must have attributes';
270$string['no_children'] = 'Tag {$a->tag} must have children';
304d08f0 271$string['nolimit'] = 'Unlimited attempts';
c7e6fb6c 272$string['nomanifest'] = 'Incorrect file package - missing imsmanifest.xml or AICC structure';
9f3e0968 273$string['noprerequisites'] = 'Sorry but you don\'t have the required prerequisites to access this activity.';
49aafb90 274$string['noreports'] = 'No report to display';
275$string['normal'] = 'Normal';
b621bd19 276$string['noscriptnoscorm'] = 'Your browser does not support JavaScript or it has JavaScript support disabled. This SCORM package may not play or save data correctly.';
49aafb90 277$string['notattempted'] = 'Not attempted';
278$string['not_corr_type'] = 'Type mismatch for tag {$a->tag}';
279$string['notopenyet'] = 'Sorry, this activity is not available until {$a}';
304d08f0 280$string['objectives'] = 'Objectives';
281$string['optallstudents'] = 'all users';
282$string['optattemptsonly'] = 'users with attempts only';
283$string['optnoattemptsonly'] = 'users with no attempts only';
624bcb16 284$string['options'] = 'Options (Prevented by some browsers)';
0ffaa76b 285$string['optionsadv'] = 'Options (Advanced)';
286$string['optionsadv_desc'] = 'If checked the width and height will be listed as advanced settings.';
287$string['organization'] = 'Organisation';
288$string['organizations'] = 'Organisations';
30c8dd34 289$string['othersettings'] = 'Additional settings';
715a5bb7 290$string['page-mod-scorm-x'] = 'Any SCORM module page';
d883cbad 291$string['pagesize'] = 'Page size';
30c8dd34 292$string['package'] = 'Package file';
b621bd19 293$string['package_help'] = 'The package file is a zip (or pif) file containing SCORM/AICC course definition files.';
f705b434 294$string['packagedir'] = 'Filesystem error: Can\'t create package directory';
304d08f0 295$string['packagefile'] = 'No package file specified';
20b51a11 296$string['packagehdr'] = 'Package';
427bcd4d 297$string['packageurl'] = 'URL';
88b8f04e 298$string['packageurl_help'] = 'This setting enables a URL for the SCORM package to be specified, rather than choosing a file via the file picker.';
49aafb90 299$string['passed'] = 'Passed';
304d08f0 300$string['php5'] = 'PHP 5 (DOMXML native library)';
9f3e0968 301$string['pluginadministration'] = 'SCORM package administration';
9a5b9005 302$string['pluginname'] = 'SCORM package';
304d08f0 303$string['popup'] = 'New window';
6573b077 304$string['popuplaunched'] = 'This SCORM package has been launched in a popup window, If you have finished viewing this resource, click here to return to the course page';
304d08f0 305$string['popupmenu'] = 'In a drop down menu';
306$string['popupopen'] = 'Open package in a new window';
9f3e0968 307$string['popupsblocked'] = 'It appears that popup windows are blocked, stopping this SCORM package from playing. Please check your browser settings before trying again.';
30c8dd34 308$string['position_error'] = 'The {$a->tag} tag can\'t be child of {$a->parent} tag';
309$string['preferencesuser'] = 'Preferences for this report';
310$string['preferencespage'] = 'Preferences just for this page';
49aafb90 311$string['prev'] = 'Previous';
304d08f0 312$string['raw'] = 'Raw score';
f705b434 313$string['regular'] = 'Regular manifest';
49aafb90 314$string['report'] = 'Report';
62b82cbc 315$string['reports'] = 'Reports';
316$string['reportcountallattempts'] = '{$a->nbattempts} attempts for {$a->nbusers} users, out of {$a->nbresults} results';
317$string['reportcountattempts'] = '{$a->nbresults} results ({$a->nbusers} users)';
b5656373 318$string['response'] = 'Response';
304d08f0 319$string['result'] = 'Result';
d883cbad 320$string['results'] = 'Results';
49aafb90 321$string['review'] = 'Review';
f705b434 322$string['reviewmode'] = 'Review mode';
b5656373 323$string['rightanswer'] = 'Right answer';
324$string['scorm12standard'] = 'Enable SCORM 1.2 standard mode';
325$string['scorm12standarddesc'] = 'Disabling this setting allows Moodle to store more data than the SCORM 1.2 specification allows.
326If your SCORM packages allow users to enter large amounts of text or if your package tries to store large amounts of data in the suspend_data field disable this.';
f705b434 327$string['scoes'] = 'Learning objects';
49aafb90 328$string['score'] = 'Score';
88eca3cd 329$string['scorm:addinstance'] = 'Add a new SCORM package';
61fbdb0e 330$string['scormclose'] = 'Available to';
f705b434 331$string['scormcourse'] = 'Learning course';
30c8dd34 332$string['scorm:deleteresponses'] = 'Delete SCORM attempts';
333$string['scormloggingoff'] = 'API logging is off';
334$string['scormloggingon'] = 'API logging is on';
61fbdb0e 335$string['scormopen'] = 'Available from';
7554f671 336$string['scormresponsedeleted'] = 'Deleted user attempts';
1a50148e 337$string['scorm:deleteownresponses'] = 'Delete own attempts';
338$string['scorm:savetrack'] = 'Save tracks';
339$string['scorm:skipview'] = 'Skip overview';
9528568b 340$string['scormtype'] = 'Type';
88b8f04e 341$string['scormtype_help'] = 'This setting determines how the package is included in the course. There are up to 4 options:
427bcd4d 342
343* Uploaded package - Enables a SCORM package to be chosen via the file picker
344* External SCORM manifest - Enables an imsmanifest.xml URL to be specified. Note: If the URL has a different domain name than your site, then "Downloaded package" is a better option, since otherwise grades are not saved.
345* Downloaded package - Enables a package URL to be specified. The package will be unzipped and saved locally, and updated when the external SCORM package is updated.
4388bd45 346* External AICC URL - this URL is the launch URL for a single AICC Activity. A psuedo package will be constructed around this.';
347$string['scorm:viewreport'] = 'View reports';
348$string['scorm:viewscores'] = 'View scores';
49aafb90 349$string['scrollbars'] = 'Allow the window to be scrolled';
350$string['selectall'] = 'Select all';
351$string['selectnone'] = 'Deselect all';
352$string['show'] = 'Show';
87db13b5 353$string['sided'] = 'To the side';
98baddf7 354$string['skipview'] = 'Student skip content structure page';
d1fafa24 355$string['skipview_help'] = 'This setting specifies whether the content structure page should ever be skipped (not displayed). If the package contains only one learning object, the content structure page can always be skipped.';
1adc77e6 356$string['skipviewdesc'] = 'This preference sets the default for when to skip content structure for a page';
01e6c030 357$string['slashargs'] = 'WARNING: slash arguments is disabled on this site and objects may not function as expected!';
304d08f0 358$string['stagesize'] = 'Stage size';
5c7c45d2 359$string['stagesize_help'] = 'These two settings specify the frame/window width and height for the learning objects.';
304d08f0 360$string['started'] = 'Started on';
361$string['status'] = 'Status';
362$string['statusbar'] = 'Show the status bar';
363$string['student_response'] = 'Response';
364$string['subplugintype_scormreport'] = 'Report';
365$string['subplugintype_scormreport_plural'] = 'Reports';
98baddf7 366$string['suspended'] = 'Suspended';
49aafb90 367$string['syntax'] = 'Syntax error';
30c8dd34 368$string['tag_error'] = 'Unknown tag ({$a->tag}) with this content: {$a->value}';
304d08f0 369$string['time'] = 'Time';
370$string['title'] = 'Title';
304d08f0 371$string['toolbar'] = 'Show the toolbar';
372$string['too_many_attributes'] = 'Tag {$a->tag} has too many attributes';
373$string['too_many_children'] = 'Tag {$a->tag} has too many children';
304d08f0 374$string['totaltime'] = 'Time';
375$string['trackingloose'] = 'WARNING: The tracking data of this package will be lost!';
376$string['type'] = 'Type';
4388bd45 377$string['typeaiccurl'] = 'External AICC URL';
9528568b 378$string['typeexternal'] = 'External SCORM manifest';
9528568b 379$string['typelocal'] = 'Uploaded package';
380$string['typelocalsync'] = 'Downloaded package';
df5c7086 381$string['undercontent'] = 'Under content';
382$string['unziperror'] = 'An error occurs during package unzip';
383$string['updatefreq'] = 'Auto-update frequency';
27b87c10 384$string['updatefreq_error'] = 'Auto-update frequency can only be set when the package file is hosted externally';
8aba9cda 385$string['updatefreq_help'] = 'This allows the external package to be automatically downloaded and updated';
30c8dd34 386$string['updatefreqdesc'] = 'This preference sets the default auto-update frequency of an activity';
49aafb90 387$string['validateascorm'] = 'Validate a package';
388$string['validation'] = 'Validation result';
389$string['validationtype'] = 'This preference set the DOMXML library used for validating SCORM Manifest. If you don\'t know leave the selected choice.';
304d08f0 390$string['value'] = 'Value';
391$string['versionwarning'] = 'The manifest version is older than 1.3, warning at {$a->tag} tag';
392$string['viewallreports'] = 'View reports for {$a} attempts';
393$string['viewalluserreports'] = 'View reports for {$a} users';
304d08f0 394$string['whatgrade'] = 'Attempts grading';
9f3e0968 395$string['whatgrade_help'] = 'If multiple attempts are allowed, this setting specifies whether the highest, average (mean), first or last completed attempt is recorded in the gradebook. The last completed attempt option does not include attempts with a \'failed\' status.
fdacfe63 396
9f3e0968 397Notes on handling of multiple attempts:
399* The option to start a new attempt is provided by a checkbox above the Enter button on the content structure page, so be sure you\'re providing access to that page if you want to allow more than one attempt.
9f3e0968 400* Some SCORM packages are intelligent about new attempts, many are not. What this means is that if the learner re-enters an existing attempt, if the SCORM content does not have internal logic to avoid overwriting previous attempts they can be overwritten, even though the attempt was \'completed\' or \'passed\'.
fd6a6947 401* The settings "Force completed", "Force new attempt" and "Lock after final attempt" also provide further management of multiple attempts.';
9f3e0968 402$string['whatgradedesc'] = 'Whether the highest, average (mean), first or last completed attempt is recorded in the gradebook if multiple attempts are allowed.';
304d08f0 403$string['width'] = 'Width';
404$string['window'] = 'Window';