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30c8dd34 1<?php
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3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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30c8dd34 19 * Strings for component 'survey', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
a5cb6242 20 *
30c8dd34 21 * @package survey
a5cb6242 22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
49aafb90 25
26$string['actual'] = 'Actual';
27$string['actualclass'] = 'Class actual';
30c8dd34 28$string['actualstudent'] = '{$a} actual';
49aafb90 29$string['allquestions'] = 'All questions in order, all students';
30$string['allscales'] = 'All scales, all students';
31$string['alreadysubmitted'] = 'You have already submitted this survey';
30c8dd34 32$string['analysisof'] = 'Analysis of {$a}';
49aafb90 33$string['answers'] = 'Answers';
34$string['attlsintro'] = 'The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us evaluate your attitudes towards thinking and learning.
36There are no \'right\' or \'wrong\' answers; we are interested only in your opinion. Please be assured that your responses will be treated with a high degree of confidentiality, and will not affect your assessment.';
37$string['attlsmintro'] = 'In discussion ...';
38$string['attlsm1'] = 'Attitudes Towards Thinking and Learning';
39$string['attlsm2'] = 'Connected learning';
40$string['attlsm3'] = 'Separate learning';
30c8dd34 41$string['attlsname'] = 'ATTLS (20 item version)';
49aafb90 42$string['attls1'] = 'In evaluating what someone says, I focus on the quality of their argument, not on the person who\'s presenting it.';
30c8dd34 43$string['attls1short'] = 'focus quality of argument';
49aafb90 44$string['attls10'] = 'It\'s important for me to remain as objective as possible when I analyze something.';
45$string['attls10short'] = 'remain objective';
46$string['attls11'] = 'I try to think with people instead of against them.';
47$string['attls11short'] = 'think WITH people';
48$string['attls12'] = 'I have certain criteria I use in evaluating arguments.';
49$string['attls12short'] = 'use criteria to evaluate';
50$string['attls13'] = 'I\'m more likely to try to understand someone else\'s opinion than to try to evaluate it.';
51$string['attls13short'] = 'try to understand';
52$string['attls14'] = 'I try to point out weaknesses in other people\'s thinking to help them clarify their arguments.';
53$string['attls14short'] = 'point out weaknesses';
54$string['attls15'] = 'I tend to put myself in other people\'s shoes when discussing controversial issues, to see why they think the way they do.';
55$string['attls15short'] = 'put myself in their shoes';
56$string['attls16'] = 'One could call my way of analysing things \'putting them on trial\' because I am careful to consider all the evidence.';
57$string['attls16short'] = 'putting on trial';
58$string['attls17'] = 'I value the use of logic and reason over the incorporation of my own concerns when solving problems.';
59$string['attls17short'] = 'i value logic most';
60$string['attls18'] = 'I can obtain insight into opinions that differ from mine through empathy.';
61$string['attls18short'] = 'insight from empathy';
62$string['attls19'] = 'When I encounter people whose opinions seem alien to me, I make a deliberate effort to \'extend\' myself into that person, to try to see how they could have those opinions.';
63$string['attls19short'] = 'make effort to extend';
49aafb90 64$string['attls2'] = 'I like playing devil\'s advocate - arguing the opposite of what someone is saying.';
30c8dd34 65$string['attls2short'] = 'play devil\'s advocate';
49aafb90 66$string['attls20'] = 'I spend time figuring out what\'s \'wrong\' with things. For example, I\'ll look for something in a literary interpretation that isn\'t argued well enough.';
67$string['attls20short'] = 'what\'s wrong?';
49aafb90 68$string['attls3'] = 'I like to understand where other people are \'coming from\', what experiences have led them to feel the way they do.';
69$string['attls3short'] = 'where people come from';
70$string['attls4'] = 'The most important part of my education has been learning to understand people who are very different to me.';
71$string['attls4short'] = 'understand different people';
72$string['attls5'] = 'I feel that the best way for me to achieve my own identity is to interact with a variety of other people.';
73$string['attls5short'] = 'interact with variety';
74$string['attls6'] = 'I enjoy hearing the opinions of people who come from backgrounds different to mine - it helps me to understand how the same things can be seen in such different ways.';
75$string['attls6short'] = 'enjoy hearing opinions';
76$string['attls7'] = 'I find that I can strengthen my own position through arguing with someone who disagrees with me.';
77$string['attls7short'] = 'strengthen by argue';
78$string['attls8'] = 'I am always interested in knowing why people say and believe the things they do.';
79$string['attls8short'] = 'know why people do';
80$string['attls9'] = 'I often find myself arguing with the authors of books that I read, trying to logically figure out why they\'re wrong.';
81$string['attls9short'] = 'argue with authors';
83b10e57 82$string['cannotfindanswer'] = 'There are no answers for this survey yet.';
83$string['cannotfindquestion'] = 'Question doesn\'t exist';
84$string['cannotfindsurveytmpt'] = 'No survey templates found!';
85$string['ciqintro'] = 'While thinking about recent events in this class, answer the questions below.';
f705b434 86$string['ciqname'] = 'Critical incidents';
49aafb90 87$string['ciq1'] = 'At what moment in class were you most engaged as a learner?';
88$string['ciq1short'] = 'Most engaged';
89$string['ciq2'] = 'At what moment in class were you most distanced as a learner?';
90$string['ciq2short'] = 'Most distanced';
91$string['ciq3'] = 'What action from anyone in the forums did you find most affirming or helpful?';
92$string['ciq3short'] = 'Helpful moment';
93$string['ciq4'] = 'What action from anyone in the forums did you find most puzzling or confusing?';
94$string['ciq4short'] = 'Confusing moment';
95$string['ciq5'] = 'What event surprised you most?';
96$string['ciq5short'] = 'Suprising moment';
49aafb90 97$string['clicktocontinue'] = 'Click here to continue';
98$string['clicktocontinuecheck'] = 'Click here to check and continue';
99$string['collesaintro'] = 'The purpose of this survey is to help us understand how well the online delivery of this unit enabled you to learn.
101Each one of the 24 statements below asks about your experience in this unit.
103There are no \'right\' or \'wrong\' answers; we are interested only in your opinion. Please be assured that your responses will be treated with a high degree of confidentiality, and will not affect your assessment.
105Your carefully considered responses will help us improve the way this unit is presented online in the future.
107Thanks very much.';
108$string['collesaname'] = 'COLLES (Actual)';
109$string['collesapintro'] = 'The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us understand how well the online delivery of this unit enabled you to learn.
111Each one of the 24 statements below asks you to compare your <b>preferred</b> (ideal) and <b>actual</b> experience in this unit.
113There are no \'right\' or \'wrong\' answers; we are interested only in your opinion. Please be assured that your responses will be treated with a high degree of confidentiality, and will not affect your assessment.
115Your carefully considered responses will help us improve the way this unit is presented online in the future.
117Thanks very much.';
118$string['collesapname'] = 'COLLES (Preferred and Actual)';
119$string['collesmintro'] = 'In this online unit...';
120$string['collesm1'] = 'Relevance';
121$string['collesm1short'] = 'Relevance';
122$string['collesm2'] = 'Reflective thinking';
123$string['collesm2short'] = 'Reflective thinking';
124$string['collesm3'] = 'Interactivity';
125$string['collesm3short'] = 'Interactivity';
126$string['collesm4'] = 'Tutor support';
127$string['collesm4short'] = 'Tutor support';
128$string['collesm5'] = 'Peer support';
129$string['collesm5short'] = 'Peer support';
130$string['collesm6'] = 'Interpretation';
131$string['collesm6short'] = 'Interpretation';
132$string['collespintro'] = 'The purpose of this survey is to help us understand what you value in an online learning experience.
134Each one of the 24 statements below asks about your <b>preferred</b> (ideal) experience in this unit.
136There are no \'right\' or \'wrong\' answers; we are interested only in your opinion. Please be assured that your responses will be treated with a high degree of confidentiality, and will not affect your assessment.
138Your carefully considered responses will help us improve the way this unit is presented online in the future.
140Thanks very much.';
141$string['collespname'] = 'COLLES (Preferred)';
49aafb90 142$string['colles1'] = 'my learning focuses on issues that interest me.';
30c8dd34 143$string['colles1short'] = 'focus on interesting issues';
49aafb90 144$string['colles10'] = 'I ask other students to explain their ideas.';
145$string['colles10short'] = 'I ask for explanations';
146$string['colles11'] = 'other students ask me to explain my ideas.';
147$string['colles11short'] = 'I\'m asked to explain';
148$string['colles12'] = 'other students respond to my ideas.';
149$string['colles12short'] = 'students respond to me';
150$string['colles13'] = 'the tutor stimulates my thinking.';
151$string['colles13short'] = 'tutor stimulates thinking';
152$string['colles14'] = 'the tutor encourages me to participate.';
153$string['colles14short'] = 'tutor encourages me';
154$string['colles15'] = 'the tutor models good discourse.';
155$string['colles15short'] = 'tutor models discourse';
156$string['colles16'] = 'the tutor models critical self-reflection.';
157$string['colles16short'] = 'tutor models self-reflection';
158$string['colles17'] = 'other students encourage my participation.';
159$string['colles17short'] = 'students encourage me';
160$string['colles18'] = 'other students praise my contribution.';
161$string['colles18short'] = 'students praise me';
162$string['colles19'] = 'other students value my contribution.';
163$string['colles19short'] = 'students value me';
49aafb90 164$string['colles2'] = 'what I learn is important for my professional practice.';
30c8dd34 165$string['colles2short'] = 'important to my practice';
49aafb90 166$string['colles20'] = 'other students empathise with my struggle to learn.';
167$string['colles20short'] = 'students empathise';
168$string['colles21'] = 'I make good sense of other students\' messages.';
169$string['colles21short'] = 'I understand other students';
170$string['colles22'] = 'other students make good sense of my messages.';
171$string['colles22short'] = 'students understand me';
172$string['colles23'] = 'I make good sense of the tutor\'s messages.';
173$string['colles23short'] = 'I understand the tutor';
174$string['colles24'] = 'the tutor makes good sense of my messages.';
175$string['colles24short'] = 'tutor understands me';
49aafb90 176$string['colles3'] = 'I learn how to improve my professional practice.';
177$string['colles3short'] = 'improve my practice';
178$string['colles4'] = 'what I learn connects well with my professional practice.';
179$string['colles4short'] = 'connects with my practice';
180$string['colles5'] = 'I think critically about how I learn.';
181$string['colles5short'] = 'I\'m critical of my learning';
182$string['colles6'] = 'I think critically about my own ideas.';
183$string['colles6short'] = 'I\'m critical of my own ideas';
184$string['colles7'] = 'I think critically about other students\' ideas.';
185$string['colles7short'] = 'I\'m critical of other students';
186$string['colles8'] = 'I think critically about ideas in the readings.';
187$string['colles8short'] = 'I\'m critical of readings';
188$string['colles9'] = 'I explain my ideas to other students.';
189$string['colles9short'] = 'I explain my ideas';
4d7a4019 190$string['customintro'] = 'Custom intro';
191$string['deleteallanswers'] = 'Delete all survey responses';
192$string['deleteanalysis'] = 'Delete response analysis';
49aafb90 193$string['done'] = 'Done';
194$string['download'] = 'Download';
195$string['downloadexcel'] = 'Download data as Excel spreadsheet';
196$string['downloadinfo'] = 'You can download the complete raw data for this survey in a form suitable for analysis in Excel, SPSS or other package.';
a5cb6242 197$string['downloadresults'] = 'Download results';
49aafb90 198$string['downloadtext'] = 'Download data as a plain text file';
199$string['editingasurvey'] = 'Editing a survey';
200$string['guestsnotallowed'] = 'Guests are not allowed to submit surveys';
49aafb90 201$string['howlong'] = 'How long did this survey take you to complete?';
202$string['howlongoptions'] = 'under 1 min,1-2 min,2-3 min,3-4 min,4-5-min,5-10 min,more than 10';
203$string['ifoundthat'] = 'I found that';
204$string['introtext'] = 'Introduction text';
83b10e57 205$string['invalidsurveyid'] = 'Survey ID was incorrect';
206$string['invalidtmptid'] = 'Invalid template id';
49aafb90 207$string['ipreferthat'] = 'I prefer that';
208$string['modulename'] = 'Survey';
209$string['modulename_help'] = 'The survey activity module provides a number of verified survey instruments that have been found useful in assessing and stimulating learning in online environments. A teacher can use these to gather data from their students that will help them learn about their class and reflect on their own teaching.
211Note that these survey tools are pre-populated with questions. Teachers who wish to create their own survey should use the feedback activity module.';
2e6b68f4 212$string['modulename_link'] = 'mod/survey/view';
49aafb90 213$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Surveys';
214$string['name'] = 'Name';
215$string['newsurveyresponses'] = 'New survey responses';
216$string['nobodyyet'] = 'Nobody has yet completed this survey';
217$string['notdone'] = 'Not done yet';
218$string['notes'] = 'Your private analysis and notes';
219$string['othercomments'] = 'Do you have any other comments?';
b1627a92 220$string['page-mod-survey-x'] = 'Any survey module page';
30c8dd34 221$string['peoplecompleted'] = '{$a} people have completed this survey so far';
370d793c 222$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Survey administration';
9a5b9005 223$string['pluginname'] = 'Survey';
49aafb90 224$string['preferred'] = 'Preferred';
225$string['preferredclass'] = 'Class preferred';
30c8dd34 226$string['preferredstudent'] = '{$a} preferred';
49aafb90 227$string['question'] = 'Question';
228$string['questions'] = 'Questions';
229$string['questionsnotanswered'] = 'Some of the multiple choice questions have not been answered.';
230$string['report'] = 'Survey report';
a5cb6242 231$string['responsereports'] = 'Response reports';
532f494d 232$string['responses'] = 'Responses';
49aafb90 233$string['savednotes'] = 'Your notes were saved';
234$string['scaleagree5'] = 'Strongly disagree,Somewhat disagree,Neither agree nor disagree,Somewhat agree,Strongly agree';
235$string['scales'] = 'Scales';
f705b434 236$string['scaletimes5'] = 'Almost never,Seldom,Sometimes,Often,Almost always';
49aafb90 237$string['seemoredetail'] = 'Click here to see more detail';
238$string['selectedquestions'] = 'Selected questions from a scale, all students';
239$string['summary'] = 'Summary';
88eca3cd 240$string['survey:addinstance'] = 'Add a new survey';
49aafb90 241$string['surveycompleted'] = 'You\'ve completed this survey. The graph below shows a summary of your results compared to the class averages.';
30c8dd34 242$string['survey:download'] = 'Download responses';
7150b8ae 243$string['surveygraph'] = 'Survey graph';
49aafb90 244$string['surveyname'] = 'Survey name';
245$string['survey:participate'] = 'Respond to survey';
246$string['survey:readresponses'] = 'View responses';
49aafb90 247$string['surveysaved'] = 'Survey saved';
248$string['surveytype'] = 'Survey type';
249$string['surveytype_help'] = 'There are 3 available survey types:
251* Attitudes to Thinking and Learning Survey (ATTLS) - For measuring the extent to which a person is a \'connected knower\' (tends to find learning more enjoyable, and is often more cooperative, congenial and more willing to build on the ideas of others) or a \'separate knower\' (tends to take a more critical and argumentative stance to learning)
f705b434 252* Critical incidents survey
253* Constructivist On-line Learning Environment Survey (COLLES) - For monitoring the extent to which the interactive capacity of the World Wide Web may be exploited for engaging students in dynamic learning practices';
254$string['surveytype_link'] = 'mod/survey/mod';
30c8dd34 255$string['thanksforanswers'] = 'Thanks for answering this survey, {$a}';
49aafb90 256$string['time'] = 'Time';
30c8dd34 257$string['viewsurveyresponses'] = 'View {$a} survey responses';
6438c34f 258$string['notyetanswered'] = 'Not yet answered';
e0fa7911 259$string['allquestionrequireanswer'] = 'All questions are required and must be answered.';