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30c8dd34 1<?php
30c8dd34 2/**
30c8dd34 3 *
4 * This file contains en_utf8 translation of Wiki module
5 *
6 * @author Jordi Piguillem
7 * @author Kenneth Riba
8 *
9 * @license GNU Public License
10 * @package wiki
30c8dd34 11 */
12$string['addcomment'] = 'Add comment';
13$string['attachmentattach'] = 'Add as attachment';
14$string['attachmentimage'] = 'Add as image';
15$string['attachmentlink'] = 'Add as link';
16$string['attachments'] = 'Attachments';
17$string['backcomments'] = 'Back to Comments';
18$string['backhistory'] = 'Back to History';
19$string['backoldversion'] = 'Back to Old Version';
20$string['backpage'] = 'Back to Page';
21$string['backtomapmenu'] = 'Back to Map Menu';
22$string['changerate']='Do you wish to change it?';
23$string['comparesel'] = 'Compare Selected';
24$string['comments'] = 'Comments';
25$string['commentscount'] = 'Comments ({$a})';
26$string['comparewith'] = 'Comparing version {$a->old} with version {$a->new}';
27$string['contributions'] = 'Contributions';
534d5b04 28$string['contributions_help'] = 'List of pages that you have edited.';
29$string['createcomment'] = 'Creating comment';
30$string['creating'] = 'Creating wiki page';
31$string['createpage'] = 'Create Page';
32$string['createddate'] = 'Created: {$a->date} by {$a->username}';
33$string['creole'] = 'Creole';
34$string['defaultformat'] = 'Default format';
4bb74905 35$string['defaultformat_help'] = 'Currently only HTML format can be used for editing wiki pages. Additional formats will be available in future.';
36$string['deletecomment'] = 'Deleting comment';
37$string['deleteupload'] = 'Delete';
38$string['deletedbegins'] = 'Deleted begins';
39$string['deletedends'] = 'Deleted ends';
40$string['addedbegins'] = 'added begins';
41$string['addedends'] = 'added ends';
49aafb90 42$string['diff'] = 'Diff';
4bb74905 43$string['diff_help'] = 'Selected versions of the page may be compared in order to find the differences.';
44$string['edit'] = 'Edit';
45$string['editcomment'] = 'Edit comment';
46$string['editblocks'] = 'Turn edit blocks on';
47$string['filenotuploadederror'] = 'File \'{$a}\' could not be uploaded correctly.';
48$string['filtername'] = 'Wiki Auto-linking';
49$string['firstpagetitle'] = 'First page name';
4bb74905 50$string['firstpagetitle_help'] = 'Title of the first page of the wiki.';
00710f4c 51$string['forceformat'] = 'Force format';
4bb74905 52$string['forceformat_help'] = 'If the format is forced (checkbox ticked), there is no option to choose a format when editing a wiki page.';
53$string['formathtml'] = 'HTML Format';
54$string['formatcreole'] = 'Creole Format';
55$string['formatnwiki'] = 'NWIKI Format';
56$string['history'] = 'History';
57$string['html'] = 'HTML';
58$string['insertcomment'] = 'Insert comment';
59$string['invalidlock'] = 'This page is already locked by another user.';
60$string['invalidparameters'] = 'Invalid parameters have been given.';
61$string['invalidsesskey'] = 'The given Sesskey is not valid. Please resend data again';
62$string['individualpagedoesnotexist'] = 'Individual wiki page doen\'t exist';
63$string['javascriptdisabledlocks'] = 'Javascript is disabled on your browser and locks are not working. The changes you make may not be saved correctly.';
64$string['lockingajaxtimeout'] = 'Edit page locking refresh time';
65$string['lockingtimeout'] = 'Locking timeout';
66$string['links'] = 'Links';
67$string['map'] = 'Map';
68$string['mapmenu'] = 'Map Menu';
69$string['migrationfinished'] = 'Migration finished successfully';
70$string['migrationfinishednowikis'] = 'Migration finished, no wikis were migrated';
71$string['missingpages'] = 'Pages without content';
72$string['modified'] = 'Modified';
49aafb90 73$string['modulename'] = 'Wiki';
74$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Wikis';
75$string['navigation'] = 'Navigation';
76$string['navigationfrom'] = 'This page comes from';
77$string['navigationto'] = 'This page goes to';
78$string['newpage'] = 'New';
79$string['newpagetitle'] = 'New page title';
80$string['noattachments'] = '<strong>No files attached</strong>';
81$string['nocontent'] = 'There is no content for this page';
82$string['nocontribs'] = 'You have no contributions in this wiki';
83$string['nocomments'] = 'There are no comments';
84$string['nocreatepermission'] = 'Create page permission needed';
85$string['noeditcommentpermission'] = 'Edit comment permission needed';
86$string['noeditpermission'] = 'Edit page permission needed';
87$string['nofrompages'] = 'There are no links to this page';
88$string['nohistory'] = 'There is no history for this page';
89$string['nomanagecommentpermission'] = 'Manage comments permission needed';
90$string['nomanagewikipermission'] = 'Manage wiki permission needed';
91$string['noorphanedpages'] = 'There are no orphaned pages';
92$string['nooverridelockpermission'] = 'Override lock permission needed';
93$string['norated']='This page has not been rated yet, be the first!';
94$string['norating'] = 'No rating';
95$string['nosearchresults'] = 'No results';
96$string['noteditblocks'] = 'Turn edit blocks off';
4231d124 97$string['notingroup'] = 'Not in group';
98$string['notopages'] = 'This page does not link to other pages';
99$string['notmigrated'] = 'This wiki has not been migrated yet. Please contact your administrator.';
100$string['noupdatedpages'] = 'There are no updated pages';
101$string['noviewcommentpermission'] = 'View comments permission needed';
102$string['noviewpagepermission'] = 'View page permission needed';
103$string['nwiki'] = 'NWiki';
104$string['oldversion'] = 'Old version';
105$string['orphaned'] = 'Orphaned pages';
534d5b04 106$string['orphaned_help'] = 'List of pages that are not linked from other page.';
107$string['overridelocks'] = 'Override locks';
108$string['overridinglocks'] = 'Overriding locks...';
109$string['pageexists'] = 'This page already exists. Redirecting to it.';
49aafb90 110$string['pageindex'] = 'Page Index';
111$string['pageislocked'] = 'Someone is editing this page right now. Try to edit it in a few minutes.';
112$string['pageindex'] = 'Page index';
113$string['pagelist'] = 'Page list';
114$string['peerreview'] = 'Peer review';
9a5b9005 115$string['pluginname'] = 'Wiki';
116$string['prettyprint'] = 'Printer-friendly version';
117$string['previewwarning'] = 'This is a preview. Changes have not been saved yet.';
118$string['rated']='You rated this page as a {$a}';
120$string['ratingmode'] = 'Rating mode';
121$string['reparsetimeout'] = 'Reparsing default timeout';
122$string['repeatedsection'] = 'Wiki error: Section name cannot be repeated \'{$a}\'';
123$string['restore'] = 'Restore';
124$string['restoreconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to restore version #{$a}?';
125$string['restoreerror'] = 'Version #{$a} could not be restored';
126$string['restorethis'] = 'Restore this version';
127$string['restoreversion'] = 'Restore old version';
128$string['restoring'] = 'Restoring version #{$a}';
129$string['return'] = 'Go back';
49aafb90 130$string['save'] = 'Save';
131$string['saving'] = 'Saving wiki page';
132$string['savingerror'] = 'Saving error';
133$string['searchcontent'] = 'Search in page content';
134$string['searchresult'] = 'Search results:';
135$string['searchwikis'] = 'Search wikis';
136$string['special'] = 'Special';
137$string['teacherrating'] = 'Teacher rating';
138$string['timesrating']='This page has been rated {$a->c} times with an average of: {$a->s}';
139$string['updatedpages'] = "Updated pages";
140$string['updatedwikipages'] = "Updated wiki pages";
141$string['upload'] = "Upload & Delete";
142$string['uploadname'] = "Filename";
143$string['uploadactions'] = "Actions";
144$string['uploadtitle'] = 'Attach files';
145$string['uploadfiletitle'] = 'Attachments';
146$string['versionerror'] = 'Version ID does not exist';
147$string['versionnum'] = 'Version #{$a}';
49aafb90 148$string['version'] = 'Version';
149$string['view'] = 'View';
150$string['viewallhistory'] = 'View all history';
151$string['viewperpage'] = 'Show {$a} versions per page';
152$string['viewversion'] = 'Viewing page version #{$a}';
153$string['viewcurrent'] = 'Current Version';
154$string['wiki'] = 'Wiki';
155$string['wikiadministration'] = 'Wiki Administration';
156$string['wikiattachments'] = 'Wiki attachments';
157$string['wikiboldtext'] = 'Bold Text';
158$string['wikiexternalurl'] = 'External URL';
159$string['wikifiletable'] = 'Uploaded file list';
160$string['wikiheader'] = 'Level {$a} Header';
161$string['wikihr'] = 'Horizontal Rule';
162$string['wikiimage'] = 'Image';
163$string['wikiinternalurl'] = 'Internal link';
164$string['wikiintro'] = 'Wiki description';
165$string['wikiitalictext'] = 'Italic Text';
166$string['wikilockingsettings'] = 'Locking and reparsing timeouts';
167$string['wikimode'] = 'Wiki Mode';
4bb74905 168$string['wikimode_help'] = 'The wiki mode determines whether everyone can edit the wiki - a collaborative wiki - or whether everyone has their own wiki which only they can edit - an individual wiki.';
169$string['wikimodecollaborative'] = 'Collaborative Wiki';
170$string['wikimodeindividual'] = 'Individual Wiki';
171$string['wikiname'] = 'Wiki name';
172$string['wikinowikitext'] = 'No Wiki Text';
173$string['wikiorderedlist'] = 'Ordered List';
174$string['wikisettings'] = 'Wiki settings';
175$string['wikiunorderedlist'] = 'Unordered List';
176$string['wiki:createpage'] = 'Create new wiki pages';
177$string['wiki:editcomment'] = 'Add comments to pages';
178$string['wiki:editpage'] = 'Save wiki pages';
f2b7e780 179$string['wiki:managecomment'] = 'Manage wiki comments';
180$string['wiki:managewiki'] = 'Manage wiki settings';
181$string['wiki:overridelock'] = 'Override wiki locks';
182$string['wiki:viewcomment'] = 'View page comments';
183$string['wiki:viewpage'] = 'View wiki pages';
184$string['wikipages'] = 'Wiki pages';
185$string['wrongversionlock'] = 'Another user has edited this page while you were editing and your content is obsolete.';
186$string['wrongversionsave'] = 'Another user has created a version while you were editing and you have overwritten his changes, check the page history.';