MDL-21695 help files replaced by standard strings - basic infrastructure in place...
[moodle.git] / portfolio / flickr / lang / en / portfolio_flickr.php
5c43e8b7 1<?php
3$string['apikey'] = 'API key (you need to get this from';
4$string['err_noapikey'] = 'There is no API Key configured for this plugin. You can get one of these from';
5$string['noauthtoken'] = 'Could not retrieve an authentication token for use in this session';
6$string['pluginname'] = 'Flickr online photo management system';
7$string['sharedsecret'] = 'Your shared secret string (will be provided with your generated API key)';
a55d94d4 8$string['title'] = 'Title';
9$string['ispublic'] = 'Public (anyone can see them)';
10$string['isfriend'] = 'Visible to friends';
11$string['isfamily'] = 'Visible to family';
12$string['safetylevel'] = 'Safety level';
13$string['safe'] = 'Safe';
14$string['moderate'] = 'Moderate';
15$string['restricted'] = 'Restricted';
16$string['contenttype'] = 'Content types';
17$string['photo'] = 'Photos';
18$string['screenshot'] = 'Screenshots';
19$string['other'] = 'Art, illustration, CGI, or other non-photographic images';
20$string['hidefrompublicsearches'] = 'Hide these images from public searches?';
21$string['set'] = 'Set';
0d4231f0 22$string['uploadfailed'] = 'Failed to upload image(s) to $a';
5c43e8b7 23?>