MDL-21695 help files replaced by standard strings - basic infrastructure in place...
[moodle.git] / question / type / shortanswer / lang / en / qtype_shortanswer.php
271ffe3f 1<?php
4d933beb 2$string['addingshortanswer'] = 'Adding a short answer question';
271ffe3f 3$string['addmoreanswerblanks'] = 'Blanks for {no} More Answers';
4d933beb 4$string['answermustbegiven'] = 'You must enter an answer if there is a grade or feedback.';
271ffe3f 5$string['answerno'] = 'Answer $a';
4d933beb 6$string['editingshortanswer'] = 'Editing a Short answer question';
271ffe3f 7$string['filloutoneanswer'] = 'You must provide at least one possible answer. Answers left blank will not be used. \'*\' can be used as a wildcard to match any characters. The first matching answer will be used to determine the score and feedback.';
4d933beb 8$string['shortanswer'] = 'Short answer';
cd120b23 9$string['shortanswersummary'] = 'Allows a response of one or a few words that is graded by comparing against various model answers, which may contain wildcards.';
271ffe3f 10?>