MDL-21694 Moving repositories strings into plugin space
[moodle.git] / repository / mahara / lang / en_utf8 / repository_mahara.php
6847d4d8 1<?php // $Id$
2$string['configplugin'] = 'Configuration for Mahara repository';
c86dde2e 3$string['connectionfailure'] = 'Failed to retrieve file listing - The host moodle has either a version older than 2.0, either its Mahara Repository service hasn\'t been activated';
4$string['emptyfilelist'] = 'There are no files to show';
5$string['failtoretrievelist'] = 'List could not be retrieved or is empty';
6$string['usercannotaccess'] = 'You ($a) cannot access to this file';
7$string['hostnotfound'] = 'Cannot find the Mahara site into the database - contact your system administrator';
8$string['mahara:view'] = 'View mahara repository';
6847d4d8 9$string['notitle'] = 'notitle';
10$string['peer'] = 'Peer';
c86dde2e 11$string['nopeer'] = 'Please setup some <a href=\"\">Moodle peers</a> for your Mahara site.';
12$string['repositoryname'] = 'Mahara';
13$string['repositorydesc'] = 'Files on a remote Moodle server';
6847d4d8 14$string['remember'] = 'Remember me';
6847d4d8 15$string['remoterep_name'] = 'Mahara';
16$string['remoterep_description'] = 'Allow the service to be discovered';
6847d4d8 17$string['usernotfound'] = 'The user $a is not registered into the Mahara';