Initial commit
[moodle.git] / search / README.txt
682d4032 1This is the initial release (prototype) of Moodle's new search module -
2so basically watch out for sharp edges.
4The structure has not been finalised, but this is what is working at the
5moment, when I start looking at other content to index, it will most likely
6change. I don't recommend trying to make your own content modules indexable,
7at least not until the whole flow is finalised. I will be implementing the
8functions needed to index all of the default content modules on Moodle, so
9expect that around mid-August.
11Wiki pages were my goal for this release, they can be indexed and searched,
12but not updated or deleted at this stage (was waiting for ZF 0.14 actually).
14I need to check the PostgreSQL sql file, I don't have a PG7 install lying
15around to test on, so the script is untested.
17To index for the first time, login as an admin user and browse to /search/index.php
18or /search/stats.php - there will be a message and a link telling you to go index.
20-- Michael Champanis (mchampan)
22 Summer of Code 2006