weekly release 3.5dev
[moodle.git] / search / upgrade.txt
1This files describes API changes in /search/*,
2information provided here is intended especially for developers.
67d64795 4=== 3.4 ===
6* Search indexing now supports time limits to make the scheduled task run more neatly. In order for
7 this to work, search engine plugins will need to implement the 'stopat' parameter if they
8 override the add_documents() function, and return an extra parameter from this function (see base
9 class in engine.php). Unmodified plugins will still work, but without supporting time limits.
427b7563 10* Search areas should now implement the get_document_recordset function instead of the old
11 get_recordset_by_timestamp API (implement both if the area should work in older Moodle versions
12 as well). The new function is the same as the old one, but has an additional context parameter.
13 There is a helper function get_context_restriction_sql to make this easy to implement; see code
14 in base_activity.php for an example of how to implement this in your search area. (The
15 change was required to make search work after restoring sites. It also allows more flexible
16 reindexing in other cases.)
67d64795 17
18=== 3.2 ===
20* Base search area classes have been renamed, please update your search areas to use the classes below:
21 - \core_search\area\base has been renamed to \core_search\base
22 - \core_search\area\base_mod has been renamed to \core_search\base_mod
23 - \core_search\area\base_activity has been renamed to \core_search\base_activity