weekly on-sync release 3.6dev
[moodle.git] / theme / upgrade.txt
1This files describes API changes in /theme/* themes,
2information provided here is intended especially for theme designer.
edb7d5ad 3
4=== 3.4 ===
6* There was a mustache template login.mustache in /lib/templates/ rendering the login form
7 and a template with the same name in /theme/boost/templates/ rendering the pagelayout "login".
8 To prevent misunderstanding when overriding one of these templates in a Boost child theme,
9 the first one was renamed to loginform.mustache - see MDL-58970.
10* The Boost flat navigation nodes now have several data-attributes which let plugin developers
11 access properties from the underlying navigation nodes in the browser - see MDL-59425.
12* Navigation between activities via a previous and next link was added to Boost, Clean and Bootstrapbase. This
13 is made possible by a new function core_renderer->activity_navigation().
14* Theme designers may now place the Reset tour on this page link where required by adding an empty
15 container (e.g. <div class="tool_usertours-resettourcontainer"></div>) to their layouts.
46676b76 16
17=== 3.3 ===
19* As boost-based themes no longer use the moodle-core-popuphelp help popups, the javascript
20 setup for this module have been moved from core standard_head_html to the bootstrapbase
21 renderer. If your theme needs this javascript you will need to ensure the bootstrap renderer
22 is called, or require the JS yourself
24=== 3.2 ===
26* Removed themes: base, canvas
27 During the upgrade process the themes will be uninstalled and all their settings will be deleted.
28 If you wish to keep your theme and its settings, download it from moodle.org and put it back in
29 the theme/ directory BEFORE UPGRADING.
2ede86d7 30* Bootstrap 4 was added as part of a the new theme 'boost'.
31* Some backwards and forwards compatibility has been added for different bootstrap versions.
32 This is to allow the same markup to work in "clean" and "boost" themes a lot of the time.
33 It is also to allow user text with bootstrap classes to keep working in the new theme.
34* Using .dir-rtl for RTL styling is deprecated and should not be used any more. From now
35 the styles are automatically flipped when the language is right-to-left. However,
36 as this is not always perfect, you can define exceptions. Please refer to the documentation
37 of the tool RTLCSS-PHP for more information: https://github.com/moodlehq/rtlcss-php
38* Themes can now automatically compile SCSS on the fly. This works the same way as it
39 does compiling LESS on the fly, effecitvely adding $THEME->scss to your config. The
40 latter can either be the name a SCSS file (without extension) in your theme's scss/ folder,
41 or a Closure which will return the main SCSS content.
42* Two new callbacks allow themes to inject SCSS code before and after the content provided
43 by the SCSS file $THEME->scss. See $THEME->prescsscallback and $THEME->extrascsscallback.
44* A new callback can be defined to post process the CSS using an object representation
45 of the CSS tree ($THEME->csstreepostprocess). This gives a lot more flexibility than a
46 simple find and replace. Refer to 'boost' for an example, and to PHP-CSS-Parser.
47 (https://github.com/sabberworm/PHP-CSS-Parser) for the API.
48* A new core setting now enables admins to upload the logos of their site. Using the
49 following methods, themers can instantly support branding logos without the need
50 to implement specific theme settings:
51 * $OUTPUT->get_logo_url($maxwidth, $maxheight);
52 * $OUTPUT->get_compact_logo_url($maxwidth, $maxheight);
53* The class .dir-ltr should not be used any more. To force LTR styles use the directive
54 to remove the rule when the language is RTL. See RTLCSS-PHP for more information.
55* A new class .text-ltr may be used to force the direction to LTR. This is especially useful
56 for forms fields (numbers, emails, URLs must not be RTL'd), and for displaying code
57 snippets or configuration samples.
9d1402ab 58* A new theme config 'requiredblocks' allows a theme to define which blocks are deletable.
59* You may no longer override the following core_course_renderer methods.
60 See course/upgrade.txt for more information:
61 - course_modchooser_module_types
62 - course_modchooser_module
63 - course_modchooser_title
64* The question chooser now uses a renderable and a template, the following methods
65 have been deprecated in favour of core_question_bank_renderer::render_qbank_chooser().
66 - qbank_chooser
67 - qbank_chooser_types
68 - qbank_chooser_qtype
69 - qbank_chooser_title
70* The 'css optimiser' has been removed. Developers are encouraged to use tools such as stylelint
71 to help optimise their css. Some functions and classes in lib/csslib.php (which was not for public use)
72 have been deprecated:
73 - css_is_colour
74 - css_is_width
75 - css_sort_by_count
76 - class css_optimiser no longer does anything.
77* CLI svgtool.php has moved from theme/base/cli to admin/cli and paths should be relative to the new location.
78* mod_chat will now display the 'course theme' option for all themes (previously it was only displayed on
79 bootstrap2 based themes).
80* Theme can choose how to display "Add a block" control in $THEME->addblockposition, default value is
81 BLOCK_ADDBLOCK_POSITION_DEFAULT that displays it as a fake block in editing mode.
2258b4dc 82
83=== 3.1 ===
85* A new search box for global search has been added to bootstrap and clean layout files, if
86 your theme is overwriting columns1.php, columns2.php or columns3.php you will need to add a
87 call to core_renderer::search_box to display it.
88* Notification templates have been renamed to better suit types of alert
89 rather than uses. The following changes have been made:
90 * notification_problem.mustache => notification_error.mustache
91 * notification_message => notification_info
92 * notification_redirect => notification_warning
93* Method core_course_renderer::course_section_cm_name() is split into two methods, custom themes that override
94 this method must be modified or otherwise editing functionality may become broken. This method is now also used by
95 social activities block and site menu block to display activities names.
4040c8b3 96
c7b73854 97=== 3.0 ===
99* The renderer function core_availability_renderer::multiple_messages was changed to
100 render_core_availability_multiple_messages, requiring a parameter of the new
101 \core_availability\multiple_messages type.
102* Meta description is now included in standard_head_html for homepage in bootstrapbase.
103 If your theme includes a meta description directly in a layout for the frontpage,
104 you will need to remove it or override the standard_head_html instead.
105* Themes Clean and More have been updated to use a new navbar_button function, which shows the
106 hamburguer icon (responsive menu) or not depending on custom and language menus settings;
107 themes extending bootstrapbase and overriding its layouts can call replace their "a.btn-navbar"
108 node for a call to this function.
c47f3803 109* Themes Clean and More page header logo only displays on front page and login page.
110* A new function navbar_home has been added to theme_clean and theme_more to display the navigation bar link
111 to the site home. Two new settings have been added to control if the link should be a small logo image, text
112 or both. It defaults to the current behaviour, only a text link.
c7b73854 113
114=== 2.9 ===
116* Themes Bootstrapbase, Clean and More have undergone some changes for RTL layouts see - MDL-48160.
c58891f1 118* Themes Clean amd More page header background logo, if loaded, no longer links to the home page.
119* Themes Clean and More have been updated to use the renderer full_header(). This renderer (when in a user context) displays a message button
120 and consequently the link to message users have been removed from various pages. It is recommended that theme developers use this
121 renderer to ensure that they do not suffer from a reduction in access to this feature.
122* $OUTPUT->context_header() has been introduced to produce headers similar to what full_header() creates. This renderer is used for creating
123 subsequent headers in a page. If provided with user information, this render will also display a message button like full_header().
c58891f1 124
c10fa5da 125=== 2.8 ===
c58891f1 126
127* Themes Base and Canvas layout/embedded.php has changed.
128 The div id="content" has been changed to id="page-content" - see MDL-47915.
129* All mod_assign CSS selectors have been qualified with ".path-mod-assign". This means any custom CSS
130 rules for mod_assign in a theme may need to be updated.
131* The following render methods were renamed, if you have overridden any of these you will need to update your renderer:
132 - report_log_renderer::render_report_log_renderable => report_log_renderer::render_report_log
133 - report_loglive_renderer::render_report_loglive_renderable => report_loglive_renderer::render_report_log
a2a4ad89 134* On calendar view screen the course selector and new event button have been swapped, custom CSS for .path-calendar might be affected.
135* The functions search_listing() and search_pagination() in the core_course_management_renderer class take the searched string
136 as an extra parameter - see MDL-46902.
f2b4b2ad 137* Themes with non-fixed headers must have the .navbar class in their navbar in order for floating headers in the grader report to work - see MDL-46658.
138* To accomodate the new gradebook, use of overflow: hidden or overflow-x: hidden CSS rules on DOM elements containing the
139 #user-grades table, visible at [Course administration -> Grades] is not recommended. Please use overflow: auto or
140 overflow: scroll instead, as this will handle medium to large courses with multiple activities better (more information available at https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Theme_upgrade_notes ).
141* The new user menu can be added to themes by calling $OUTPUT->user_menu(); we recommend doing so in a backwards-compatible way (see https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Theme_upgrade_notes for more information).
c10fa5da 142
143=== 2.7 ===
145* CSS related functions in theme class and csslib.php were refactored, addons that are
146 using this private API need to be updated
ba55be91 147* Please update your css to use 'tr:nth-of-type(odd/even)' instead of '.r0/.r1' to apply tr specific css for various tables.
148 These classes are deprecated now and will be removed in Moodle 2.9. This has done to better support styling tables that will be altered by JavaScript.
149 Here is an example to update your css:
150 Old code:
151 table.generaltable .r0 {background-color: #F0F0F0;}
152 table.generaltable .r1 {background-color: #F0F0F0;}
153 New code:
98396c23 154 table.generaltable > tbody > tr:nth-of-type(even) {background-color: #F0F0F0;}
ba55be91 155 table.generaltable > tbody > tr:nth-of-type(odd) {background-color: #F0F0F0;}
6b216432 156
157Removed themes:
158* afterburner, anomaly, arialist, binarius, boxxie, brick, formal_white, formfactor, fusion, leatherbound,
159 magazine, nimble, nonzero, overlay, serenity, sky_high, splash, standard and standardold have been removed.
160 During the upgrade process the themes will be uninstalled and all their settings will be deleted.
161 If you wish to keep your theme and its settings, download it from moodle.org and put it back in
162 the theme/ directory BEFORE UPGRADING.
6b216432 163
165* z-index on #dock has been adjusted from 11000 to 5000 to prevent overlapping issues with fullscreen TinyMCE in Base theme.
699e2fd0 167=== 2.6 ===
3b42864d 168
169Removed themes:
170* "My Mobile" theme has been removed (see MDL-40874).
171 During the upgrade process "My Mobile" theme will be uninstalled and all its settings will be deleted.
172 "My Mobile" theme and its extending themes will fallback to the mobile friendly "Clean" theme.
173 If you wish to keep "My Mobile" theme and its settings, BEFORE UPGRADING you can copy the files from the
174 unmaintained plugin into theme/mymobile.
175 The unmaintained plugin can be downloaded at https://moodle.org/plugins/pluginversion.php?id=4563
699e2fd0 176Notes:
faf6010b 177* There have been several changes made to the classes used on headings throughout Moodle.
178 This was done as per the Moodle HTML guidelines. h1 and h2 elements should have no classes, h3 and lower headings
179 may have descriptive classes only (any classes must properly describe the relation between the header and its content).
699e2fd0 180* The parameters value for the following functions have been modified: core_renderer::heading() and core_renderer::heading_with_help().
3b42864d 181 This means that headings using the default options will no longer have the class "main" which was the previous default.
d61c96b6 182* The file picker and activity chooser have been converted to use M.core.dialogue. This means the styles
183 for these elements have changed in the base and bootstrapbase themes and you will need to copy the new styles
184 if you are not inheriting from either one of these themes.
b4c6b42e 185* For the themes based on bootstrapbase please also read theme/bootstrapbase/upgrade.txt
186* A new component action_menu is now used to display editing icons for courses and blocks within a drop down. If you have a theme that doesn't
187 extend base, canvas, or clean then you will need to style for this new component within your theme.
188* The maintenance layout now has a special renderer that extends the core_renderer in order to prevent some methods from interacting
189 with the database. Please be aware that for the maintenance layout some methods now always return an empty string.
190 This has been done because it is important that during maintenance routines we don't show any links, interact with the database,
191 or interact with caches as doing so may lead to errors,
192 Please see the maintenance renderer notes below for details on the functions affected.
194Renderer changes:
195* core_course_renderer::course_section_cm_edit_actions has two new optional arguments and now uses and action_menu component.
196* core_course_renderer::course_section_cm has been altered to call core_course_renderer::course_section_cm_edit_actions with the two new arguments.
197* core_renderer::block_controls has a new optional argument (the block id) and has been altered to use the new action_menu component.
198* core_renderer::block_header has been altered to give core_renderer::block_controls the new second argument, the block id.
199* core_renderer::action_link has a new argument, and optional icon that can be rendererd into the link.
faf6010b 201Selector changes:
202* Changes to the classes given to the header produced when rendering a single section within a course.
203 .section-navigation.header.headingblock => .section-navigation.navigationtitle
204* Changes to the classes used when producing the course information box that lists courses.
205 The name (h3|div} of both courses and categories used to have .name, for courses in the list this was changed to .coursename and for categories in the list this was changed to .categoryname.
206* Classes ".header and .headingblock" were removed from all front page content headings.
207* Classes ".headingblock .header .tag-header" were removed from the tag index page
209Maintenance renderer notes:
210When the maintenance layout is being used $OUTPUT will be an instance of core_renderer_maintenance.
211This renderer mimics the core_renderer except that the following functions always return an empty string.
cf9f5a17 212* core_renderer_maintenance::block
213* core_renderer_maintenance::blocks
214* core_renderer_maintenance::blocks_for_regions
215* core_renderer_maintenance::course_header
216* core_renderer_maintenance::course_footer
217* core_renderer_maintenance::course_content_header
218* core_renderer_maintenance::course_content_footer
219* core_renderer_maintenance::custom_menu
220* core_renderer_maintenance::file_picker
221* core_renderer_maintenance::htmllize_file_tree
222* core_renderer_maintenance::lang_menu
223* core_renderer_maintenance::login_info
224* core_renderer_maintenance::user_picture
226If you have overridden methods of the core_renderer in your theme and want those changes to be shown during times of maintenance you
227will also need to override the core_renderer_maintenance and copy your customisations from the core_renderer to that.
90160639 229=== 2.5.1 ===
232* Block drag and drop functionality has been improved so that it works regardless of what block regions you use
233 or how many block regions you have. In order to benefit from this improvement you must convert your calls from
234 $OUTPUT->blocks_for_region() to $OUTPUT->blocks.
236Optional changes:
237* Theme config can nominate block regions to swap if the user is using a rtl languages such as Hebrew.
238 $THEME->blockrtlmanipulations should be an associative array, the key is the original block region, and the
239 value should be where the blocks in that region should be displayed.
240* New $OUTPUT methods to replace code that was previously using $PAGE. Converting to these methods is optional
241 but highly recommended. Refer to the bootstrapbase layouts for examples.
242 - $OUTPUT->body_attributes() returns a string you can use for the body id and classes.
243 - $OUTPUT->blocks() returns HTML to display a block region and all of its blocks. This adds data attributes
244 that ensure drag and drop of blocks will work no matter what block regions or how many you have.
245 - $OUTPUT->page_heading() returns the page heading. Replaces $PAGE->heading.
246 - $OUTPUT->page_heading_button() returns the button to display with the heading. Replaces $page->button.
247 - $OUTPUT->page_doc_link() returns the link to moodle docs for the page. Replaces page_doc_link().
248 - $OUTPUT->page_heading_menu() returns the heading menu for the page. Replaces $PAGE->headingmenu.
249 - $OUTPUT->page_title() Returns the title to use for the head section.
250 - $OUTPUT->favicon() returns the URL to the favicon.
252Renderer changes:
253* core_renderer::navbar now returns an empty string if there are no navigation items to display.
254* core_renderer::custom_menu now adds a class "custom_menu" to the div that contains the HTML for the custom menu.
256=== 2.5 ===
258required changes:
259* Functions core_course_renderer::course_category_tree() and course_category_tree_category()
260 are deprecated
261* Significant changes in rendering of courses and categories listings, lots of CSS classes changed,
262 several functions such as print_courses(), print_whole_category_list(), print_category_info()
263 are moved to course renderer.
264 See http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Courses_lists_upgrade_to_2.5
266DOM changes:
267* changed the h1 title in the help popup to a h2.
97dbc8f2 268* new setting $THEME->yuicssmodules = array('cssreset', 'cssfonts', 'cssgrids', 'cssbase'); which
12cb45f1 269 allows themes to use different CSS reset normalisers such as cssnormalize YUI module.
6e5d002e 270* Re-wrote the user profile views to definition lists.
271* Re-wrote the table for the course completion status block to use html_table - added some CSS classes to
272 the table in the process (see MDL-35608).
5581c618 273* Cancel buttons have the class btn-cancel.
274* Added a z-index for the div#dateselector-calendar-panel so that the calendar pop-up renders above
275 the filemanager when they overlap, ie. the course settings page (see MDL-39047).
276* Trivial change of CSS selectors used to display plugin status at the plugins overview
277 screen (#plugins-control-panel).
fc7defef 278
279Renderer changes:
280* Mymobile theme changed to support more verbose move-block-here descriptions.
282=== 2.4 ===
284required changes:
285* output course and course content header/footer that may be returned by course format (see MDL-36048)
e40bd746 286* span.completionprogress has been changed to a <div> and is not a float by default any more.
52b1ed5e 287
289* i/roles: Use t/assignroles instead
290* t/manual_item: Use i/manual_item instead
291* t/unlock_gray: Use t/locked instead
f2bba619 292* t/userblue: Previously used to unblock a user, use t/unblock.
293* c/course: Use i/courseevent instead
294* c/group: Use i/groupevent instead
295* c/site: Use i/siteevent instead
296* c/user: Use i/userevent instead
99938034 297* t/clear: Use t/check instead
298* i/cross_red_big: Use i/invalid or i/grade_incorrect
299* i/tick_green_big: Use i/valid or i/grade_correct
300* i/tick_amber_big: Use i/caution or i/grade_partiallycorrect
301* No more small versions of i/cross_red_small, i/tick_green_small and i/tick_amber_small, use their big equivalent.
501380a9 302* t/addgreen: Use t/add instead.
851d3b7a 303* i/approve: Use t/approve instead
fbb207c5 304
305optional changes:
306* new optional boolean parameter $withlinks for public function login_info() in lib/outputrenderers.php (MDL-31365)
307* new layout option "nologinlinks" and new page layout "secure" e.g. for safebrowser and securewindow (MDL-31365)
bb128107 308* new class 'iconlarge' for 24x24 icons.
309* new icons i/export and i/import (sized 16x16). Previously export and import actions used i/backup and i/restore.
310* new icon i/assignroles (sized 16x16), to prevent the use of i/roles which is 12x12.
311* new icon i/switchrole (sized 16x16), was previously using i/roles. Now is a copy of the new i/assignroles icon.
312* new icons i/enrolusers and t/enrolusers, previsouly i/users was used.
313* new icon t/cohorts (sized 12x12), to prevent the use of i/cohorts which is 16x16.
314* new icons t/sort_asc, t/sort_desc to use for ordering in table headers.
315* new class 'iconsort' for icons used for ordering in table headers.
fa9c0aab 316* new icons t/locked and t/unlocked (12x12) which should be used when there is no action associated to the icon.
0cddd851 317* new icons i/folder (16x16), monochrome equivalent to f/folder.
318* new icons t/addcontact, t/removecontact and t/messages, previously t/addgreen, t/delete and t/log were used in messaging.
319* new icons t/unblock and i/twoway.
5326675e 320* new icons i/courseevent, i/groupevent, i/siteevent and i/userevent (16x16) instead of c/* for calendar events.
321* new icon t/markasread (12x12) to replace t/clear used in forums.
322* new icon t/check (12x12) to replace t/clear which name does not reflect the icon meaning.
c22fbd38 323* new classes 'icon-pre' and 'icon-post' supposedly to be used when the icon is positioned before or after the text. This is not really used yet, but it's a start towards some standardisation of the icon selectors.
324* new icons i/valid, i/caution and i/invalid for generic statuses.
325* new icons i/grade_correct, i/grade_partiallycorrect and i/grade_incorrect for grades.
851d3b7a 326* new icon t/approve (12x12).
0348468b 327* new icon t/contextmenu (12x12) for a monochrome version of i/menu.
ee362526 328
329=== 2.3 ===
331optional changes:
332* add new u/f3.png image when theme contains customised f1 and f2 default user images
334=== 2.2 ===
336required changes:
337* use new page content placeholder "echo $OUTPUT->main_content()" instead of "echo core_renderer::MAIN_CONTENT_TOKEN"
ee362526 338 see git commit: 3b3f302855d7621405a8b93e49bd399d67a998d7
2d0e682d 339* upgrade report selectors: search for "-course-report-" and replace with "-report-"