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1This files describes API changes in /completion/* - completion,
2information provided here is intended especially for developers.
4=== 3.7 ===
5 * External function core_completion_external::get_activities_completion_status new returns the following additional field:
6 - valueused (indicates whether the completion state affects the availability of other content)
7 * On the course page, only users with the capability 'moodle/course:isincompletionreports' (students, by default) can now tick the
8 completion checkboxes. Teachers no longer get working checkboxes; tey see slightly different icons that indicate whether
9 completion is enabled for the activity. These are the same icons which have always been shown to teachers before when the
10 enabled the course editing mode.
12=== 2.9 ===
14* A completed and failed activity counts as a completed activity for
15 course completion.