MDL-59169 gradebook: Add groupid to gpr tracking & use
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1This file describes API changes in /grade/* ;
2Information provided here is intended especially for developers.
4=== 3.6 ===
6* The grade_plugin_return constructor now uses parameters from the
7 request as defaults, which can be overridden by parameters supplied
8 to the constructor. This may lead to a change in behaviour if only
9 some of the possible parameters are supplied.
10* The grade_plugin_return class now tracks groupid as well as the
11 type, plugin, courseid, userid and page parameters that were tracked
12 previously. The groupid parameter will be set using
13 groups_get_course_group for the relevant course if the group is
14 otherwise unspecified.
15* The above changes mean that code using grade_plugin_return objects
16 should generally no longer call groups_get_course_group directly,
17 but should use the gpr->groupid parameter instead.
18* The grade_plugin_return constructor now accepts either course or
19 courseid as a parameter to specify course.