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2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'user', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
19 *
20 * @package core_user
21 * @copyright 2018 Adrian Greeve <>
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
25$string['addcondition'] = 'Add condition';
26$string['adverbfor_and'] = 'and';
27$string['adverbfor_andnot'] = 'and';
28$string['adverbfor_or'] = 'or';
29$string['applyfilters'] = 'Apply filters';
30$string['clearfilterrow'] = 'Remove filter row';
31$string['clearfilters'] = 'Clear filters';
32$string['clearfilterselection'] = 'Remove "{$a}" from filter';
33$string['countparticipantsfound'] = '{$a} participants found';
34$string['filterrowlegend'] = 'Filter {$a}';
35$string['filtersetmatchdescription'] = 'How multiple filters should be combined';
36$string['match'] = 'Match';
37$string['matchofthefollowing'] = 'of the following:';
38$string['moodlenetprofile'] = 'MoodleNet profile';
39$string['moodlenetprofile_help'] = 'This field is to link your MoodleNet profile to Moodle. It expects a WebFinger compliant URI';
40$string['placeholdertypeorselect'] = 'Type or select...';
41$string['placeholdertype'] = 'Type...';
42$string['privacy:courserequestpath'] = 'Requested courses';
43$string['privacy:descriptionpath'] = 'Profile description';
44$string['privacy:devicespath'] = 'User devices';
45$string['privacy:draftfilespath'] = 'Draft files';
46$string['privacy:lastaccesspath'] = 'Last access to courses';
47$string['privacy:metadata:address'] = 'The address of the user.';
48$string['privacy:metadata:aim'] = 'The AIM identifier of the user';
49$string['privacy:metadata:alternatename'] = 'An alternative name for the user.';
50$string['privacy:metadata:appid'] = 'The app ID, usually something like com.moodle.moodlemobile';
51$string['privacy:metadata:auth'] = 'The authentication plugin used for this user record.';
52$string['privacy:metadata:autosubscribe'] = 'A preference as to if the user should be auto-subscribed to forums the user posts in.';
53$string['privacy:metadata:calendartype'] = 'A user preference for the type of calendar to use.';
54$string['privacy:metadata:category'] = 'The category identifier';
55$string['privacy:metadata:city'] = 'The city of the user.';
56$string['privacy:metadata:confirmed'] = 'If this is an active user or not.';
57$string['privacy:metadata:country'] = 'The country that the user is in.';
58$string['privacy:metadata:courseid'] = 'Course ID';
59$string['privacy:metadata:currentlogin'] = 'The current login for this user.';
60$string['privacy:metadata:data'] = 'Data relating to the custom user field from the user.';
61$string['privacy:metadata:deleted'] = 'A flag to show if the user has been deleted or not.';
62$string['privacy:metadata:department'] = 'The department that this user can be found in.';
63$string['privacy:metadata:description'] = 'General details about this user.';
64$string['privacy:metadata:devicename'] = 'The device name, occam or iPhone etc..';
65$string['privacy:metadata:devicetablesummary'] = 'This table stores user\'s mobile devices information in order to send PUSH notifications';
66$string['privacy:metadata:email'] = 'An email address for contact.';
67$string['privacy:metadata:emailstop'] = 'A preference to disable notifications from being sent to the user.';
68$string['privacy:metadata:fieldid'] = 'The ID relating to the custom user field.';
69$string['privacy:metadata:filelink'] = 'There are multiple different files for the user stored in the files table.';
70$string['privacy:metadata:firstaccess'] = 'The time that this user first accessed the site.';
71$string['privacy:metadata:firstip'] = 'The first IP address recorded';
72$string['privacy:metadata:firstname'] = 'The first name of the user.';
73$string['privacy:metadata:firstnamephonetic'] = 'The phonetic details about the user\'s first name.';
74$string['privacy:metadata:fullname'] = 'The fullname for this course.';
75$string['privacy:metadata:hash'] = 'A hash of a previous password.';
76$string['privacy:metadata:icq'] = 'The ICQ number of the user.';
77$string['privacy:metadata:id'] = 'The user ID';
78$string['privacy:metadata:idnumber'] = 'An identification number given by the institution';
79$string['privacy:metadata:imagealt'] = 'Alternative text for the user\'s image.';
80$string['privacy:metadata:infotablesummary'] = 'Stores custom user information.';
81$string['privacy:metadata:institution'] = 'The institution that this user is a member of.';
82$string['privacy:metadata:lang'] = 'A user preference for the language shown.';
83$string['privacy:metadata:lastaccess'] = 'The time that the user last accessed the site.';
84$string['privacy:metadata:lastaccesstablesummary'] = 'Information about the last time a user accessed a course.';
85$string['privacy:metadata:lastip'] = 'The last IP address for the user.';
86$string['privacy:metadata:lastlogin'] = 'The last login of this user.';
87$string['privacy:metadata:lastname'] = 'The surname of the user.';
88$string['privacy:metadata:lastnamephonetic'] = 'The phonetic details about the user\'s surname.';
89$string['privacy:metadata:maildigest'] = 'A setting for the mail digest for this user.';
90$string['privacy:metadata:maildisplay'] = 'A preference for the user about displaying their email address to other users.';
91$string['privacy:metadata:middlename'] = 'The middle name of the user';
92$string['privacy:metadata:mnethostid'] = 'An identifier for the MNet host if used';
93$string['privacy:metadata:model'] = 'The device name, occam or iPhone etc..';
94$string['privacy:metadata:moodlenetprofile'] = 'The MoodleNet profile for the user';
95$string['privacy:metadata:msn'] = 'The MSN identifier of the user';
96$string['privacy:metadata:my_pages'] = 'User pages - dashboard and profile. This table does not contain personal data and only used to link dashboard blocks to users';
97$string['privacy:metadata:my_pages:name'] = 'Page name';
98$string['privacy:metadata:my_pages:private'] = 'Whether or not the page is private (dashboard) or public (profile)';
99$string['privacy:metadata:my_pages:userid'] = 'The user who owns this page or 0 for system defaults';
100$string['privacy:metadata:password'] = 'The password for this user to log into the system.';
101$string['privacy:metadata:passwordresettablesummary'] = 'A table tracking password reset confirmation tokens';
102$string['privacy:metadata:passwordtablesummary'] = 'A rotating log of hashes of previously used passwords for the user.';
103$string['privacy:metadata:phone'] = 'A phone number for the user.';
104$string['privacy:metadata:picture'] = 'The picture details associated with this user.';
105$string['privacy:metadata:platform'] = 'The device platform, Android or iOS etc';
106$string['privacy:metadata:policyagreed'] = 'A flag to determine if the user has agreed to the site policy.';
107$string['privacy:metadata:pushid'] = 'The device PUSH token/key/identifier/registration ID';
108$string['privacy:metadata:reason'] = 'The reason for requesting this course.';
109$string['privacy:metadata:requester'] = 'The ID of the user who requested the course';
110$string['privacy:metadata:requestsummary'] = 'Stores information about requests for courses that users make.';
111$string['privacy:metadata:suspended'] = 'A flag to show if the user has been suspended on this system.';
112$string['privacy:metadata:user_preferences'] = 'Preferences associated with the given user';
113$string['privacy:metadata:user_preferences:name'] = 'Preference name';
114$string['privacy:metadata:user_preferences:userid'] = 'The user ID';
115$string['privacy:metadata:user_preferences:value'] = 'Preference value';
116$string['privacy:metadata:username'] = 'The username for this user.';
117$string['privacy:metadata:secret'] = 'Secret.. not sure.';
118$string['privacy:metadata:sessdata'] = 'Session content';
119$string['privacy:metadata:sessiontablesummary'] = 'Database based session storage';
120$string['privacy:metadata:shortname'] = 'A short name for the course.';
121$string['privacy:metadata:sid'] = 'The session ID';
122$string['privacy:metadata:skype'] = 'The Skype identifier of the user';
123$string['privacy:metadata:state'] = '0 means a normal session';
124$string['privacy:metadata:summary'] = 'A description of the course.';
125$string['privacy:metadata:theme'] = 'A user preference for the theme to display.';
126$string['privacy:metadata:timeaccess'] = 'The time for access to the course.';
127$string['privacy:metadata:timecreated'] = 'The time this record was created.';
128$string['privacy:metadata:timemodified'] = 'The time when the record was modified';
129$string['privacy:metadata:timererequested'] = 'The time the user re-requested the password reset.';
130$string['privacy:metadata:timerequested'] = 'The time that the user first requested this password reset';
131$string['privacy:metadata:timezone'] = 'The timezone of the user';
132$string['privacy:metadata:token'] = 'secret set and emailed to user';
133$string['privacy:metadata:trackforums'] = 'A preference for forums and tracking them.';
134$string['privacy:metadata:trustbitmask'] = 'The trust bit mask';
135$string['privacy:metadata:yahoo'] = 'The Yahoo identifier of the user';
136$string['privacy:metadata:url'] = 'A URL related to this user.';
137$string['privacy:metadata:userid'] = 'The user ID linked to this table.';
138$string['privacy:metadata:usertablesummary'] = 'This table stores the main personal data about the user.';
139$string['privacy:metadata:uuid'] = 'The device vendor UUID';
140$string['privacy:metadata:version'] = 'The device version, 6.1.2, 4.2.2 etc..';
141$string['privacy:passwordhistorypath'] = 'Password history';
142$string['privacy:passwordresetpath'] = 'Password resets';
143$string['privacy:profileimagespath'] = 'Profile images';
144$string['privacy:privatefilespath'] = 'Private files';
145$string['privacy:sessionpath'] = 'Session data';
146$string['filterbykeyword'] = 'Keyword';
147$string['selectfiltertype'] = 'Select';
148$string['target:upcomingactivitiesdue'] = 'Upcoming activities due';
149$string['target:upcomingactivitiesdue_help'] = 'This target generates reminders for upcoming activities due.';
150$string['target:upcomingactivitiesdueinfo'] = 'All upcoming activities due insights are listed here. These students have received these insights directly.';