weekly release 4.0dev
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1Description of SimplePie v1.5.6 library import into Moodle
3Obtained from https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/releases/
5To upgrade this library:
61. Download the latest release of SimplePie from https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/releases/
72. Remove everything inside lib/simplepie/ directory except readme_moodle.txt (this file) and moodle_simplepie.php.
83. Extract the contents of the release archive into a directory.
94. Move the following files/directories from the extracted directory into lib/simplepie:
10 - library/
11 - autoloader.php
12 - LICENSE.txt
13 - README.markdown
145. That should leave you with just the following. Do not move them. If there is any difference, check if they also need to be moved and update this doc:
15 - idn (This is a third-party library that SimplePie can optionally use. We don't use this in Moodle)
17 - composer.json
18 - db.sql
21 * None. This import contains _NO_CHANGES_ to the simplepie.inc file, changes are
22 controlled through OO extension of the classes instead.