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2// This file is part of Moodle - http://moodle.org/
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
18 * Plugin strings are defined here.
19 *
20 * @package mod_h5pactivity
21 * @category string
22 * @copyright 2020 Ferran Recio <ferran@moodle.com>
23 * @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
26defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL') || die();
28$string['all_attempts'] = 'All user attempts';
29$string['answer_checked'] = 'Answer checked';
30$string['answer_correct'] = 'Your answer is correct';
31$string['answer_fail'] = 'Incorrect answer';
32$string['answer_incorrect'] = 'Your answer is incorrect';
33$string['answer_pass'] = 'Correct answer';
34$string['answer_unchecked'] = 'Answer unchecked';
35$string['answer_unknown'] = 'Unknown answer';
36$string['answer_text'] = 'Answer text';
37$string['areapackage'] = 'Package file';
38$string['attempt'] = 'Attempt';
39$string['attempt_average'] = 'Attempts average scored';
40$string['attempt_answer'] = 'Attempt answer';
41$string['attempt_completion_no'] = 'This attempt is not marked as completed';
42$string['attempt_completion_yes'] = 'This attempt is completed';
43$string['attempt_first'] = 'First attempt';
44$string['attempt_highest'] = 'Highest score attempt';
45$string['attempt_last'] = 'Last attempt';
46$string['attempt_none'] = 'No attempts are used for grading';
47$string['attempt_number'] = 'Attempt #{$a}';
48$string['attempt_success_fail'] = 'Fail';
49$string['attempt_success_pass'] = 'Pass';
50$string['attempt_success_unknown'] = 'Not reported';
51$string['attempts'] = 'Attempts';
52$string['attempts_report'] = 'Attempts report';
53$string['attempts_none'] = 'This user has no attempts to display.';
54$string['choice'] = 'Choice';
55$string['completion'] = 'Completion';
56$string['contentbank'] = 'More information about the content bank';
57$string['contentbank_help'] = 'In the content bank you can create and store content using several authoring tools, including an integrated H5P creator.';
58$string['correct_answer'] = 'Correct answer';
59$string['deleteallattempts'] = 'Delete all H5P attempts';
60$string['displayexport'] = 'Allow download';
61$string['displayembed'] = 'Embed button';
62$string['displaycopyright'] = 'Copyright button';
63$string['dnduploadh5pactivity'] = 'Add an H5P activity';
64$string['duration'] = 'Duration';
65$string['enabletracking'] = 'Enable attempt tracking';
66$string['false'] = 'False';
67$string['grade_grademethod'] = 'Grading method';
68$string['grade_grademethod_help'] = 'When using point grading, the following methods are available for calculating the final grade:
70* Highest grade of all attempts
71* Average (mean) grade of all attempts
72* First attempt (all other attempts are ignored)
73* Last attempt (all other attempts are ignored)
74* Don\'t use attempts for grading (disable grading calculation)';
75$string['grade_manual'] = 'Don\'t calculate a grade';
76$string['grade_highest_attempt'] = 'Highest grade';
77$string['grade_average_attempt'] = 'Average grade';
78$string['grade_last_attempt'] = 'Last attempt';
79$string['grade_first_attempt'] = 'First attempt';
80$string['grade_h5p'] = 'Grade: {$a}';
81$string['h5pactivity:addinstance'] = 'Add a new H5P';
82$string['h5pactivity:reviewattempts'] = 'Review H5P attempts';
83$string['h5pactivity:submit'] = 'Submit H5P attempts';
84$string['h5pactivity:view'] = 'View H5P';
85$string['h5pactivityfieldset'] = 'H5P settings';
86$string['h5pactivityname'] = 'H5P';
87$string['h5pactivitysettings'] = 'Settings';
88$string['h5pattempts'] = 'Attempt options';
89$string['h5pdisplay'] = 'H5P options';
90$string['maxscore'] = 'Max score';
91$string['modulename'] = 'H5P';
92$string['modulename_help'] = 'H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package - interactive content such as presentations, videos and other multimedia, questions, quizzes, games and more. The H5P activity enables H5P to be uploaded and added to a course.
94Any question attempts are marked automatically, and the grade is recorded in the gradebook.';
95$string['modulename_link'] = 'mod/h5pactivity/view';
96$string['modulenameplural'] = 'H5P';
97$string['myattempts'] = 'My attempts';
98$string['newsubmissions'] = 'H5P submitted';
99$string['no_compatible_track'] = 'This interaction ({$a}) does not provide tracking information or the tracking
100 provided is not compatible with the current activity version.';
101$string['noparticipants'] = 'No participants to display';
102$string['opencontentbank'] = '<a href="{$a}" target="_blank">Access the H5P file in the content bank</a> (opens in a new window).';
103$string['outcome'] = 'Outcome';
104$string['package'] = 'Package file';
105$string['package_help'] = 'The package file is a h5p file containing H5P interactive content.';
106$string['page-mod-h5pactivity-x'] = 'Any H5P module page';
107$string['pluginadministration'] = 'H5P administration';
108$string['pluginname'] = 'H5P';
109$string['previewmode'] = 'This content is displayed in preview mode. No attempt tracking will be stored.';
110$string['privacy:metadata:attempt'] = 'The attempt number';
111$string['privacy:metadata:rawscore'] = 'The score obtained';
112$string['privacy:metadata:timecreated'] = 'The time when the tracked element was created';
113$string['privacy:metadata:timemodified'] = 'The last time element was tracked';
114$string['privacy:metadata:userid'] = 'The ID of the user who accessed the H5P activity';
115$string['privacy:metadata:xapi_track'] = 'Attempt tracking information';
116$string['privacy:metadata:xapi_track_results'] = 'Attempt results tracking information';
117$string['report_viewed'] = 'Report viewed';
118$string['result_compound'] = 'Combined partial score';
119$string['result_fill-in'] = 'Fill-in text';
120$string['result_fill-in_gap'] = 'Gap #{$a}';
121$string['result_matching'] = 'Matching choice';
122$string['result_other'] = 'Unknown interaction type';
123$string['result_sequencing_choice'] = 'Positions';
124$string['result_sequencing_answer'] = 'Position value';
125$string['result_sequencing_position'] = '#{$a}';
126$string['review_all_attempts'] = 'View all attempts ({$a} submitted)';
127$string['review_mode'] = 'Review attempts';
128$string['review_my_attempts'] = 'View my attempts';
129$string['review_user_attempts'] = 'View user attempts ({$a})';
130$string['review_none'] = 'Participants cannot review their own attempts';
131$string['review_on_completion'] = 'Participants can review their own attempts';
132$string['score'] = 'Score';
133$string['score_out_of'] = '{$a->rawscore} out of {$a->maxscore}';
134$string['startdate'] = 'Start date';
135$string['statement_received'] = 'xAPI statement received';
136$string['totalscore'] = 'Total score';
137$string['tracking_messages'] = 'Some H5P provide attempt tracking data for advanced reporting such as number of attempts, responses and grades. Note: Some H5P don\'t provide attempt tracking data. In such cases, the following settings will have no effect.';
138$string['true'] = 'True';
139$string['usecontentbank'] = 'Use the <a href="{$a}" target="_blank">content bank (opens in new window)</a> to manage your H5P files';
140$string['view'] = 'View';
141$string['view_report'] = 'View report';