"MDL-13766, fixed html element id, repository module"
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1This files describes API changes in /mod/* - activity modules,
2information provided here is intended especially for developers.
4=== 2.0 ===
6required changes in code:
7* use new DML syntax everywhere
8* use new DDL syntax in db/upgrade.php
9* replace defaults.php by settings.php and db/install.php
10* replace STATEMENTS section in db/install.xml by db/install.php
11* move post instalation code from lib.php into db/install.php
12* completely rewrite file handling
13* rewrite backup/restore
14* rewrite trusstext support - new db table columns needed
15* migrade all module features from mod_edit.php form to lib.php/modulename_supports() function
16* implement new gradebook support (legacy 1.8.x grading not supported anymore)
17* migrate custom resource module subtypes into separate modules
19optional - no changes needed in older code:
20* portfolio support
21* course completion tracking support
25TODO: add links to docs