MDL-33766 files: Improved validation of areamaxbytes
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1This files describes API changes in /repository/ repository system,
2information provided here is intended especially for developers. Full
3details of the repository API are available on Moodle docs:
6=== 2.3 ===
8* instance_config_form() must now be declared static for php5.4 compatibility.
10* get_listing() and search() file metadata details are now now more prominently
11 displayed in the interface. Dates and timestamos are now able to be sorted on in
12 the filepicker interface so plugin authors are asked to ensure:
13 - Dates are defined as UNIX timestamps
14 - Filesize is an integer in bytes
16* It is recomended to define function get_file_source_info() to provide more rich
17 infromation about the source of a file.
19* The API was extended to allow repositories can now support external references, please
20 see for further details.