MDL-41398 bootstrap: added a maintenance layout
[moodle.git] / theme / bootstrapbase / upgrade.txt
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1This file describes API changes in /theme/bootstrapbase
2information provided here is intended especially for theme designers.
4=== 2.6 ===
6* File theme/bootstrapbase/less/moodle/grade.less is removed. Corrections are
7 made to the grade report to make it work with Bootstrapbase.
8 Theme developers need to alter config.php and update $THEME->plugins_exclude_sheets
9 to not to list stylesheet from gradereport_grade any more. See MDL-40347
11=== 2.5.3 ===
13* A new maintenance layout file was introduced.
14 If you have a theme based upon bootstrapbase that implements its own layouts but
15 does not define the maintenance layout in its config.php then you may want to
16 create your own maintenance layout file and apply your customisations to that.