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[moodle.git] / enrol / lti / db / install.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
2 <XMLDB PATH="enrol/lti/db" VERSION="20160322" COMMENT="XMLDB file for Moodle enrol/lti"
3     xmlns:xsi=""
4     xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../lib/xmldb/xmldb.xsd"
5 >
6   <TABLES>
7     <TABLE NAME="enrol_lti_tools" COMMENT="List of tools provided to the remote system">
8       <FIELDS>
9         <FIELD NAME="id" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="true"/>
10         <FIELD NAME="enrolid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
11         <FIELD NAME="contextid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
12         <FIELD NAME="institution" TYPE="char" LENGTH="40" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
13         <FIELD NAME="lang" TYPE="char" LENGTH="30" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="en" SEQUENCE="false"/>
14         <FIELD NAME="timezone" TYPE="char" LENGTH="100" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="99" SEQUENCE="false"/>
15         <FIELD NAME="maxenrolled" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="0" SEQUENCE="false"/>
16         <FIELD NAME="maildisplay" TYPE="int" LENGTH="2" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="2" SEQUENCE="false"/>
17         <FIELD NAME="city" TYPE="char" LENGTH="120" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
18         <FIELD NAME="country" TYPE="char" LENGTH="2" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
19         <FIELD NAME="gradesync" TYPE="int" LENGTH="1" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="0" SEQUENCE="false"/>
20         <FIELD NAME="gradesynccompletion" TYPE="int" LENGTH="1" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="0" SEQUENCE="false"/>
21         <FIELD NAME="membersync" TYPE="int" LENGTH="1" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="0" SEQUENCE="false"/>
22         <FIELD NAME="membersyncmode" TYPE="int" LENGTH="1" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="0" SEQUENCE="false"/>
23         <FIELD NAME="roleinstructor" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
24         <FIELD NAME="rolelearner" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
25         <FIELD NAME="secret" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false"/>
26         <FIELD NAME="timecreated" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
27         <FIELD NAME="timemodified" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
28       </FIELDS>
29       <KEYS>
30         <KEY NAME="primary" TYPE="primary" FIELDS="id"/>
31         <KEY NAME="enrolid" TYPE="foreign" FIELDS="enrolid" REFTABLE="enrol" REFFIELDS="id"/>
32         <KEY NAME="contextid" TYPE="foreign" FIELDS="contextid" REFTABLE="context" REFFIELDS="id"/>
33       </KEYS>
34     </TABLE>
35     <TABLE NAME="enrol_lti_users" COMMENT="User access log and gradeback data">
36       <FIELDS>
37         <FIELD NAME="id" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="true"/>
38         <FIELD NAME="userid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
39         <FIELD NAME="toolid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false"/>
40         <FIELD NAME="serviceurl" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false"/>
41         <FIELD NAME="sourceid" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false"/>
42         <FIELD NAME="consumerkey" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false"/>
43         <FIELD NAME="consumersecret" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false"/>
44         <FIELD NAME="membershipsurl" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false"/>
45         <FIELD NAME="membershipsid" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false"/>
46         <FIELD NAME="lastgrade" TYPE="number" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false" DECIMALS="5" COMMENT="The last grade that was sent"/>
47         <FIELD NAME="lastaccess" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="The time the user last accessed"/>
48         <FIELD NAME="timecreated" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="The time the user was created"/>
49       </FIELDS>
50       <KEYS>
51         <KEY NAME="primary" TYPE="primary" FIELDS="id"/>
52         <KEY NAME="userid" TYPE="foreign" FIELDS="userid" REFTABLE="user" REFFIELDS="id"/>
53         <KEY NAME="toolid" TYPE="foreign" FIELDS="toolid" REFTABLE="enrol_lti_tools" REFFIELDS="id"/>
54       </KEYS>
55     </TABLE>
56   </TABLES>
57 </XMLDB>