MDL-54008 timezone: Updating references to Caracas tz.
[moodle.git] / lib / tests / fixtures / timezonewindows.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE supplementalData SYSTEM "../../common/dtd/ldmlSupplemental.dtd">
3 <!--
4 Copyright © 1991-2013 Unicode, Inc.
5 CLDR data files are interpreted according to the LDML specification (
6 For terms of use, see
7 -->
8 <supplementalData>
9         <version number="$Revision$"/>
10         <generation date="$Date$"/>
12         <windowsZones>
13                 <mapTimezones otherVersion="7df0000" typeVersion="2015a">
15                         <!-- (UTC-12:00) International Date Line West -->
16                         <mapZone other="Dateline Standard Time" territory="001" type="Etc/GMT+12"/>
17                         <mapZone other="Dateline Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+12"/>
19                         <!-- (UTC-11:00) Coordinated Universal Time-11 -->
20                         <mapZone other="UTC-11" territory="001" type="Etc/GMT+11"/>
21                         <mapZone other="UTC-11" territory="AS" type="Pacific/Pago_Pago"/>
22                         <mapZone other="UTC-11" territory="NU" type="Pacific/Niue"/>
23                         <mapZone other="UTC-11" territory="UM" type="Pacific/Midway"/>
24                         <mapZone other="UTC-11" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+11"/>
26                         <!-- (UTC-10:00) Hawaii -->
27                         <mapZone other="Hawaiian Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Honolulu"/>
28                         <mapZone other="Hawaiian Standard Time" territory="CK" type="Pacific/Rarotonga"/>
29                         <mapZone other="Hawaiian Standard Time" territory="PF" type="Pacific/Tahiti"/>
30                         <mapZone other="Hawaiian Standard Time" territory="UM" type="Pacific/Johnston"/>
31                         <mapZone other="Hawaiian Standard Time" territory="US" type="Pacific/Honolulu"/>
32                         <mapZone other="Hawaiian Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+10"/>
34                         <!-- (UTC-09:00) Alaska -->
35                         <mapZone other="Alaskan Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Anchorage"/>
36                         <mapZone other="Alaskan Standard Time" territory="US" type="America/Anchorage America/Juneau America/Nome America/Sitka America/Yakutat"/>
38                         <!-- (UTC-08:00) Baja California -->
39                         <mapZone other="Pacific Standard Time (Mexico)" territory="001" type="America/Santa_Isabel"/>
40                         <mapZone other="Pacific Standard Time (Mexico)" territory="MX" type="America/Santa_Isabel"/>
42                         <!-- (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) -->
43                         <mapZone other="Pacific Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Los_Angeles"/>
44                         <mapZone other="Pacific Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Vancouver America/Dawson America/Whitehorse"/>
45                         <mapZone other="Pacific Standard Time" territory="MX" type="America/Tijuana"/>
46                         <mapZone other="Pacific Standard Time" territory="US" type="America/Los_Angeles"/>
47                         <mapZone other="Pacific Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="PST8PDT"/>
49                         <!-- (UTC-07:00) Arizona -->
50                         <mapZone other="US Mountain Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Phoenix"/>
51                         <mapZone other="US Mountain Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Dawson_Creek America/Creston"/>
52                         <mapZone other="US Mountain Standard Time" territory="MX" type="America/Hermosillo"/>
53                         <mapZone other="US Mountain Standard Time" territory="US" type="America/Phoenix"/>
54                         <mapZone other="US Mountain Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+7"/>
56                         <!-- (UTC-07:00) Chihuahua, La Paz, Mazatlan -->
57                         <mapZone other="Mountain Standard Time (Mexico)" territory="001" type="America/Chihuahua"/>
58                         <mapZone other="Mountain Standard Time (Mexico)" territory="MX" type="America/Chihuahua America/Mazatlan"/>
60                         <!-- (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada) -->
61                         <mapZone other="Mountain Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Denver"/>
62                         <mapZone other="Mountain Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Edmonton America/Cambridge_Bay America/Inuvik America/Yellowknife"/>
63                         <mapZone other="Mountain Standard Time" territory="MX" type="America/Ojinaga"/>
64                         <mapZone other="Mountain Standard Time" territory="US" type="America/Denver America/Boise"/>
65                         <mapZone other="Mountain Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="MST7MDT"/>
67                         <!-- (UTC-06:00) Central America -->
68                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Guatemala"/>
69                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="BZ" type="America/Belize"/>
70                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="CR" type="America/Costa_Rica"/>
71                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="EC" type="Pacific/Galapagos"/>
72                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="GT" type="America/Guatemala"/>
73                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="HN" type="America/Tegucigalpa"/>
74                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="NI" type="America/Managua"/>
75                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="SV" type="America/El_Salvador"/>
76                         <mapZone other="Central America Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+6"/>
78                         <!-- (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) -->
79                         <mapZone other="Central Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Chicago"/>
80                         <mapZone other="Central Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Winnipeg America/Rainy_River America/Rankin_Inlet America/Resolute"/>
81                         <mapZone other="Central Standard Time" territory="MX" type="America/Matamoros"/>
82                         <mapZone other="Central Standard Time" territory="US" type="America/Chicago America/Indiana/Knox America/Indiana/Tell_City America/Menominee America/North_Dakota/Beulah America/North_Dakota/Center America/North_Dakota/New_Salem"/>
83                         <mapZone other="Central Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="CST6CDT"/>
85                         <!-- (UTC-06:00) Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey -->
86                         <mapZone other="Central Standard Time (Mexico)" territory="001" type="America/Mexico_City"/>
87                         <mapZone other="Central Standard Time (Mexico)" territory="MX" type="America/Mexico_City America/Bahia_Banderas America/Merida America/Monterrey"/>
89                         <!-- (UTC-06:00) Saskatchewan -->
90                         <mapZone other="Canada Central Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Regina"/>
91                         <mapZone other="Canada Central Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Regina America/Swift_Current"/>
93                         <!-- (UTC-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito, Rio Branco -->
94                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Bogota"/>
95                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="BR" type="America/Rio_Branco America/Eirunepe"/>
96                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Coral_Harbour"/>
97                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="CO" type="America/Bogota"/>
98                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="EC" type="America/Guayaquil"/>
99                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="JM" type="America/Jamaica"/>
100                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="KY" type="America/Cayman"/>
101                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="MX" type="America/Cancun"/>
102                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="PA" type="America/Panama"/>
103                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="PE" type="America/Lima"/>
104                         <mapZone other="SA Pacific Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+5"/>
106                         <!-- (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) -->
107                         <mapZone other="Eastern Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/New_York"/>
108                         <mapZone other="Eastern Standard Time" territory="BS" type="America/Nassau"/>
109                         <mapZone other="Eastern Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Toronto America/Iqaluit America/Montreal America/Nipigon America/Pangnirtung America/Thunder_Bay"/>
110                         <mapZone other="Eastern Standard Time" territory="CU" type="America/Havana"/>
111                         <mapZone other="Eastern Standard Time" territory="HT" type="America/Port-au-Prince"/>
112                         <mapZone other="Eastern Standard Time" territory="US" type="America/New_York America/Detroit America/Indiana/Petersburg America/Indiana/Vincennes America/Indiana/Winamac America/Kentucky/Monticello America/Louisville"/>
113                         <mapZone other="Eastern Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="EST5EDT"/>
115                         <!-- (UTC-05:00) Indiana (East) -->
116                         <mapZone other="US Eastern Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Indianapolis"/>
117                         <mapZone other="US Eastern Standard Time" territory="US" type="America/Indianapolis America/Indiana/Marengo America/Indiana/Vevay"/>
119                         <!-- (UTC-04:00) Caracas -->
120                         <mapZone other="Venezuela Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Caracas"/>
121                         <mapZone other="Venezuela Standard Time" territory="VE" type="America/Caracas"/>
123                         <!-- (UTC-04:00) Asuncion -->
124                         <mapZone other="Paraguay Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Asuncion"/>
125                         <mapZone other="Paraguay Standard Time" territory="PY" type="America/Asuncion"/>
127                         <!-- (UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) -->
128                         <mapZone other="Atlantic Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Halifax"/>
129                         <mapZone other="Atlantic Standard Time" territory="BM" type="Atlantic/Bermuda"/>
130                         <mapZone other="Atlantic Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Halifax America/Glace_Bay America/Goose_Bay America/Moncton"/>
131                         <mapZone other="Atlantic Standard Time" territory="GL" type="America/Thule"/>
133                         <!-- (UTC-04:00) Cuiaba -->
134                         <mapZone other="Central Brazilian Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Cuiaba"/>
135                         <mapZone other="Central Brazilian Standard Time" territory="BR" type="America/Cuiaba America/Campo_Grande"/>
137                         <!-- (UTC-04:00) Georgetown, La Paz, Manaus, San Juan -->
138                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/La_Paz"/>
139                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="AG" type="America/Antigua"/>
140                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="AI" type="America/Anguilla"/>
141                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="AW" type="America/Aruba"/>
142                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="BB" type="America/Barbados"/>
143                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="BL" type="America/St_Barthelemy"/>
144                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="BO" type="America/La_Paz"/>
145                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="BQ" type="America/Kralendijk"/>
146                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="BR" type="America/Manaus America/Boa_Vista America/Porto_Velho"/>
147                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/Blanc-Sablon"/>
148                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="CW" type="America/Curacao"/>
149                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="DM" type="America/Dominica"/>
150                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="DO" type="America/Santo_Domingo"/>
151                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="GD" type="America/Grenada"/>
152                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="GP" type="America/Guadeloupe"/>
153                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="GY" type="America/Guyana"/>
154                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="KN" type="America/St_Kitts"/>
155                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="LC" type="America/St_Lucia"/>
156                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="MF" type="America/Marigot"/>
157                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="MQ" type="America/Martinique"/>
158                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="MS" type="America/Montserrat"/>
159                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="PR" type="America/Puerto_Rico"/>
160                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="SX" type="America/Lower_Princes"/>
161                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="TC" type="America/Grand_Turk"/>
162                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="TT" type="America/Port_of_Spain"/>
163                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="VC" type="America/St_Vincent"/>
164                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="VG" type="America/Tortola"/>
165                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="VI" type="America/St_Thomas"/>
166                         <mapZone other="SA Western Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+4"/>
168                         <!-- (UTC-04:00) Santiago -->
169                         <mapZone other="Pacific SA Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Santiago"/>
170                         <mapZone other="Pacific SA Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/Palmer"/>
171                         <mapZone other="Pacific SA Standard Time" territory="CL" type="America/Santiago"/>
173                         <!-- (UTC-03:30) Newfoundland -->
174                         <mapZone other="Newfoundland Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/St_Johns"/>
175                         <mapZone other="Newfoundland Standard Time" territory="CA" type="America/St_Johns"/>
177                         <!-- (UTC-03:00) Brasilia -->
178                         <mapZone other="E. South America Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Sao_Paulo"/>
179                         <mapZone other="E. South America Standard Time" territory="BR" type="America/Sao_Paulo"/>
181                         <!-- (UTC-03:00) Buenos Aires -->
182                         <mapZone other="Argentina Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Buenos_Aires"/>
183                         <mapZone other="Argentina Standard Time" territory="AR" type="America/Buenos_Aires America/Argentina/La_Rioja America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos America/Argentina/Salta America/Argentina/San_Juan America/Argentina/San_Luis America/Argentina/Tucuman America/Argentina/Ushuaia America/Catamarca America/Cordoba America/Jujuy America/Mendoza"/>
185                         <!-- (UTC-03:00) Cayenne, Fortaleza -->
186                         <mapZone other="SA Eastern Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Cayenne"/>
187                         <mapZone other="SA Eastern Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/Rothera"/>
188                         <mapZone other="SA Eastern Standard Time" territory="BR" type="America/Fortaleza America/Araguaina America/Belem America/Maceio America/Recife America/Santarem"/>
189                         <mapZone other="SA Eastern Standard Time" territory="FK" type="Atlantic/Stanley"/>
190                         <mapZone other="SA Eastern Standard Time" territory="GF" type="America/Cayenne"/>
191                         <mapZone other="SA Eastern Standard Time" territory="SR" type="America/Paramaribo"/>
192                         <mapZone other="SA Eastern Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+3"/>
194                         <!-- (UTC-03:00) Greenland -->
195                         <mapZone other="Greenland Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Godthab"/>
196                         <mapZone other="Greenland Standard Time" territory="GL" type="America/Godthab"/>
198                         <!-- (UTC-03:00) Montevideo -->
199                         <mapZone other="Montevideo Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Montevideo"/>
200                         <mapZone other="Montevideo Standard Time" territory="UY" type="America/Montevideo"/>
202                         <!-- (UTC-03:00) Salvador -->
203                         <mapZone other="Bahia Standard Time" territory="001" type="America/Bahia"/>
204                         <mapZone other="Bahia Standard Time" territory="BR" type="America/Bahia"/>
206                         <!-- (UTC-02:00) Coordinated Universal Time-02 -->
207                         <mapZone other="UTC-02" territory="001" type="Etc/GMT+2"/>
208                         <mapZone other="UTC-02" territory="BR" type="America/Noronha"/>
209                         <mapZone other="UTC-02" territory="GS" type="Atlantic/South_Georgia"/>
210                         <mapZone other="UTC-02" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+2"/>
212                         <!-- (UTC-01:00) Azores -->
213                         <mapZone other="Azores Standard Time" territory="001" type="Atlantic/Azores"/>
214                         <mapZone other="Azores Standard Time" territory="GL" type="America/Scoresbysund"/>
215                         <mapZone other="Azores Standard Time" territory="PT" type="Atlantic/Azores"/>
217                         <!-- (UTC-01:00) Cabo Verde Is. -->
218                         <mapZone other="Cape Verde Standard Time" territory="001" type="Atlantic/Cape_Verde"/>
219                         <mapZone other="Cape Verde Standard Time" territory="CV" type="Atlantic/Cape_Verde"/>
220                         <mapZone other="Cape Verde Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT+1"/>
222                         <!-- (UTC) Casablanca -->
223                         <mapZone other="Morocco Standard Time" territory="001" type="Africa/Casablanca"/>
224                         <mapZone other="Morocco Standard Time" territory="EH" type="Africa/El_Aaiun"/>
225                         <mapZone other="Morocco Standard Time" territory="MA" type="Africa/Casablanca"/>
227                         <!-- (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time -->
228                         <mapZone other="UTC" territory="001" type="Etc/GMT"/>
229                         <mapZone other="UTC" territory="GL" type="America/Danmarkshavn"/>
230                         <mapZone other="UTC" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT"/>
232                         <!-- (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London -->
233                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/London"/>
234                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="ES" type="Atlantic/Canary"/>
235                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="FO" type="Atlantic/Faeroe"/>
236                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="GB" type="Europe/London"/>
237                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="GG" type="Europe/Guernsey"/>
238                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="IE" type="Europe/Dublin"/>
239                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="IM" type="Europe/Isle_of_Man"/>
240                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="JE" type="Europe/Jersey"/>
241                         <mapZone other="GMT Standard Time" territory="PT" type="Europe/Lisbon Atlantic/Madeira"/>
243                         <!-- (UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik -->
244                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="001" type="Atlantic/Reykjavik"/>
245                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="BF" type="Africa/Ouagadougou"/>
246                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="CI" type="Africa/Abidjan"/>
247                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="GH" type="Africa/Accra"/>
248                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="GM" type="Africa/Banjul"/>
249                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="GN" type="Africa/Conakry"/>
250                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="GW" type="Africa/Bissau"/>
251                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="IS" type="Atlantic/Reykjavik"/>
252                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="LR" type="Africa/Monrovia"/>
253                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="ML" type="Africa/Bamako"/>
254                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="MR" type="Africa/Nouakchott"/>
255                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="SH" type="Atlantic/St_Helena"/>
256                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="SL" type="Africa/Freetown"/>
257                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="SN" type="Africa/Dakar"/>
258                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="ST" type="Africa/Sao_Tome"/>
259                         <mapZone other="Greenwich Standard Time" territory="TG" type="Africa/Lome"/>
261                         <!-- (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna -->
262                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Berlin"/>
263                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="AD" type="Europe/Andorra"/>
264                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="AT" type="Europe/Vienna"/>
265                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="CH" type="Europe/Zurich"/>
266                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="DE" type="Europe/Berlin Europe/Busingen"/>
267                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="GI" type="Europe/Gibraltar"/>
268                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="IT" type="Europe/Rome"/>
269                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="LI" type="Europe/Vaduz"/>
270                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="LU" type="Europe/Luxembourg"/>
271                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="MC" type="Europe/Monaco"/>
272                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="MT" type="Europe/Malta"/>
273                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="NL" type="Europe/Amsterdam"/>
274                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="NO" type="Europe/Oslo"/>
275                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="SE" type="Europe/Stockholm"/>
276                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="SJ" type="Arctic/Longyearbyen"/>
277                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="SM" type="Europe/San_Marino"/>
278                         <mapZone other="W. Europe Standard Time" territory="VA" type="Europe/Vatican"/>
280                         <!-- (UTC+01:00) Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague -->
281                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Budapest"/>
282                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="AL" type="Europe/Tirane"/>
283                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="CZ" type="Europe/Prague"/>
284                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="HU" type="Europe/Budapest"/>
285                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="ME" type="Europe/Podgorica"/>
286                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="RS" type="Europe/Belgrade"/>
287                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="SI" type="Europe/Ljubljana"/>
288                         <mapZone other="Central Europe Standard Time" territory="SK" type="Europe/Bratislava"/>
290                         <!-- (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris -->
291                         <mapZone other="Romance Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Paris"/>
292                         <mapZone other="Romance Standard Time" territory="BE" type="Europe/Brussels"/>
293                         <mapZone other="Romance Standard Time" territory="DK" type="Europe/Copenhagen"/>
294                         <mapZone other="Romance Standard Time" territory="ES" type="Europe/Madrid Africa/Ceuta"/>
295                         <mapZone other="Romance Standard Time" territory="FR" type="Europe/Paris"/>
297                         <!-- (UTC+01:00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb -->
298                         <mapZone other="Central European Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Warsaw"/>
299                         <mapZone other="Central European Standard Time" territory="BA" type="Europe/Sarajevo"/>
300                         <mapZone other="Central European Standard Time" territory="HR" type="Europe/Zagreb"/>
301                         <mapZone other="Central European Standard Time" territory="MK" type="Europe/Skopje"/>
302                         <mapZone other="Central European Standard Time" territory="PL" type="Europe/Warsaw"/>
304                         <!-- (UTC+01:00) West Central Africa -->
305                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="001" type="Africa/Lagos"/>
306                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="AO" type="Africa/Luanda"/>
307                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="BJ" type="Africa/Porto-Novo"/>
308                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="CD" type="Africa/Kinshasa"/>
309                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="CF" type="Africa/Bangui"/>
310                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="CG" type="Africa/Brazzaville"/>
311                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="CM" type="Africa/Douala"/>
312                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="DZ" type="Africa/Algiers"/>
313                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="GA" type="Africa/Libreville"/>
314                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="GQ" type="Africa/Malabo"/>
315                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="NE" type="Africa/Niamey"/>
316                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="NG" type="Africa/Lagos"/>
317                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="TD" type="Africa/Ndjamena"/>
318                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="TN" type="Africa/Tunis"/>
319                         <mapZone other="W. Central Africa Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-1"/>
321                         <!-- (UTC+01:00) Windhoek -->
322                         <mapZone other="Namibia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Africa/Windhoek"/>
323                         <mapZone other="Namibia Standard Time" territory="NA" type="Africa/Windhoek"/>
325                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Amman -->
326                         <mapZone other="Jordan Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Amman"/>
327                         <mapZone other="Jordan Standard Time" territory="JO" type="Asia/Amman"/>
329                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest -->
330                         <mapZone other="GTB Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Bucharest"/>
331                         <mapZone other="GTB Standard Time" territory="CY" type="Asia/Nicosia"/>
332                         <mapZone other="GTB Standard Time" territory="GR" type="Europe/Athens"/>
333                         <mapZone other="GTB Standard Time" territory="MD" type="Europe/Chisinau"/>
334                         <mapZone other="GTB Standard Time" territory="RO" type="Europe/Bucharest"/>
336                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Beirut -->
337                         <mapZone other="Middle East Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Beirut"/>
338                         <mapZone other="Middle East Standard Time" territory="LB" type="Asia/Beirut"/>
340                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Cairo -->
341                         <mapZone other="Egypt Standard Time" territory="001" type="Africa/Cairo"/>
342                         <mapZone other="Egypt Standard Time" territory="EG" type="Africa/Cairo"/>
344                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Damascus -->
345                         <mapZone other="Syria Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Damascus"/>
346                         <mapZone other="Syria Standard Time" territory="SY" type="Asia/Damascus"/>
348                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) E. Europe -->
349                         <!-- Unmappable -->
351                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Harare, Pretoria -->
352                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="001" type="Africa/Johannesburg"/>
353                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="BI" type="Africa/Bujumbura"/>
354                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="BW" type="Africa/Gaborone"/>
355                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="CD" type="Africa/Lubumbashi"/>
356                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="LS" type="Africa/Maseru"/>
357                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="MW" type="Africa/Blantyre"/>
358                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="MZ" type="Africa/Maputo"/>
359                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="RW" type="Africa/Kigali"/>
360                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="SZ" type="Africa/Mbabane"/>
361                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="ZA" type="Africa/Johannesburg"/>
362                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="ZM" type="Africa/Lusaka"/>
363                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="ZW" type="Africa/Harare"/>
364                         <mapZone other="South Africa Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-2"/>
366                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius -->
367                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Kiev"/>
368                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="AX" type="Europe/Mariehamn"/>
369                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="BG" type="Europe/Sofia"/>
370                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="EE" type="Europe/Tallinn"/>
371                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="FI" type="Europe/Helsinki"/>
372                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="LT" type="Europe/Vilnius"/>
373                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="LV" type="Europe/Riga"/>
374                         <mapZone other="FLE Standard Time" territory="UA" type="Europe/Kiev Europe/Uzhgorod Europe/Zaporozhye"/>
376                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Istanbul -->
377                         <mapZone other="Turkey Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Istanbul"/>
378                         <mapZone other="Turkey Standard Time" territory="TR" type="Europe/Istanbul"/>
380                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Jerusalem -->
381                         <mapZone other="Israel Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Jerusalem"/>
382                         <mapZone other="Israel Standard Time" territory="IL" type="Asia/Jerusalem"/>
384                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Kaliningrad (RTZ 1) -->
385                         <mapZone other="Kaliningrad Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Kaliningrad"/>
386                         <mapZone other="Kaliningrad Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Europe/Kaliningrad"/>
388                         <!-- (UTC+02:00) Tripoli -->
389                         <mapZone other="Libya Standard Time" territory="001" type="Africa/Tripoli"/>
390                         <mapZone other="Libya Standard Time" territory="LY" type="Africa/Tripoli"/>
392                         <!-- (UTC+03:00) Baghdad -->
393                         <mapZone other="Arabic Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Baghdad"/>
394                         <mapZone other="Arabic Standard Time" territory="IQ" type="Asia/Baghdad"/>
396                         <!-- (UTC+03:00) Kuwait, Riyadh -->
397                         <mapZone other="Arab Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Riyadh"/>
398                         <mapZone other="Arab Standard Time" territory="BH" type="Asia/Bahrain"/>
399                         <mapZone other="Arab Standard Time" territory="KW" type="Asia/Kuwait"/>
400                         <mapZone other="Arab Standard Time" territory="QA" type="Asia/Qatar"/>
401                         <mapZone other="Arab Standard Time" territory="SA" type="Asia/Riyadh"/>
402                         <mapZone other="Arab Standard Time" territory="YE" type="Asia/Aden"/>
404                         <!-- (UTC+03:00) Minsk -->
405                         <mapZone other="Belarus Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Minsk"/>
406                         <mapZone other="Belarus Standard Time" territory="BY" type="Europe/Minsk"/>
408                         <!-- (UTC+03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd (RTZ 2) -->
409                         <mapZone other="Russian Standard Time" territory="001" type="Europe/Moscow"/>
410                         <mapZone other="Russian Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Europe/Moscow Europe/Simferopol Europe/Volgograd"/>
412                         <!-- (UTC+03:00) Nairobi -->
413                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="001" type="Africa/Nairobi"/>
414                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/Syowa"/>
415                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="DJ" type="Africa/Djibouti"/>
416                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="ER" type="Africa/Asmera"/>
417                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="ET" type="Africa/Addis_Ababa"/>
418                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="KE" type="Africa/Nairobi"/>
419                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="KM" type="Indian/Comoro"/>
420                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="MG" type="Indian/Antananarivo"/>
421                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="SD" type="Africa/Khartoum"/>
422                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="SO" type="Africa/Mogadishu"/>
423                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="SS" type="Africa/Juba"/>
424                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="TZ" type="Africa/Dar_es_Salaam"/>
425                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="UG" type="Africa/Kampala"/>
426                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="YT" type="Indian/Mayotte"/>
427                         <mapZone other="E. Africa Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-3"/>
429                         <!-- (UTC+03:30) Tehran -->
430                         <mapZone other="Iran Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Tehran"/>
431                         <mapZone other="Iran Standard Time" territory="IR" type="Asia/Tehran"/>
433                         <!-- (UTC+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat -->
434                         <mapZone other="Arabian Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Dubai"/>
435                         <mapZone other="Arabian Standard Time" territory="AE" type="Asia/Dubai"/>
436                         <mapZone other="Arabian Standard Time" territory="OM" type="Asia/Muscat"/>
437                         <mapZone other="Arabian Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-4"/>
439                         <!-- (UTC+04:00) Baku -->
440                         <mapZone other="Azerbaijan Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Baku"/>
441                         <mapZone other="Azerbaijan Standard Time" territory="AZ" type="Asia/Baku"/>
443                         <!-- (UTC+04:00) Izhevsk, Samara (RTZ 3) -->
444                         <mapZone other="Russia Time Zone 3" territory="001" type="Europe/Samara"/>
445                         <mapZone other="Russia Time Zone 3" territory="RU" type="Europe/Samara"/>
447                         <!-- (UTC+04:00) Port Louis -->
448                         <mapZone other="Mauritius Standard Time" territory="001" type="Indian/Mauritius"/>
449                         <mapZone other="Mauritius Standard Time" territory="MU" type="Indian/Mauritius"/>
450                         <mapZone other="Mauritius Standard Time" territory="RE" type="Indian/Reunion"/>
451                         <mapZone other="Mauritius Standard Time" territory="SC" type="Indian/Mahe"/>
453                         <!-- (UTC+04:00) Tbilisi -->
454                         <mapZone other="Georgian Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Tbilisi"/>
455                         <mapZone other="Georgian Standard Time" territory="GE" type="Asia/Tbilisi"/>
457                         <!-- (UTC+04:00) Yerevan -->
458                         <mapZone other="Caucasus Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Yerevan"/>
459                         <mapZone other="Caucasus Standard Time" territory="AM" type="Asia/Yerevan"/>
461                         <!-- (UTC+04:30) Kabul -->
462                         <mapZone other="Afghanistan Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Kabul"/>
463                         <mapZone other="Afghanistan Standard Time" territory="AF" type="Asia/Kabul"/>
465                         <!-- (UTC+05:00) Ashgabat, Tashkent -->
466                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Tashkent"/>
467                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/Mawson"/>
468                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="KZ" type="Asia/Oral Asia/Aqtau Asia/Aqtobe"/>
469                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="MV" type="Indian/Maldives"/>
470                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="TF" type="Indian/Kerguelen"/>
471                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="TJ" type="Asia/Dushanbe"/>
472                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="TM" type="Asia/Ashgabat"/>
473                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="UZ" type="Asia/Tashkent Asia/Samarkand"/>
474                         <mapZone other="West Asia Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-5"/>
476                         <!-- (UTC+05:00) Ekaterinburg (RTZ 4) -->
477                         <mapZone other="Ekaterinburg Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Yekaterinburg"/>
478                         <mapZone other="Ekaterinburg Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Asia/Yekaterinburg"/>
480                         <!-- (UTC+05:00) Islamabad, Karachi -->
481                         <mapZone other="Pakistan Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Karachi"/>
482                         <mapZone other="Pakistan Standard Time" territory="PK" type="Asia/Karachi"/>
484                         <!-- (UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi -->
485                         <mapZone other="India Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Calcutta"/>
486                         <mapZone other="India Standard Time" territory="IN" type="Asia/Calcutta"/>
488                         <!-- (UTC+05:30) Sri Jayawardenepura -->
489                         <mapZone other="Sri Lanka Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Colombo"/>
490                         <mapZone other="Sri Lanka Standard Time" territory="LK" type="Asia/Colombo"/>
492                         <!-- (UTC+05:45) Kathmandu -->
493                         <mapZone other="Nepal Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Katmandu"/>
494                         <mapZone other="Nepal Standard Time" territory="NP" type="Asia/Katmandu"/>
496                         <!-- (UTC+06:00) Astana -->
497                         <mapZone other="Central Asia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Almaty"/>
498                         <mapZone other="Central Asia Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/Vostok"/>
499                         <mapZone other="Central Asia Standard Time" territory="CN" type="Asia/Urumqi"/>
500                         <mapZone other="Central Asia Standard Time" territory="IO" type="Indian/Chagos"/>
501                         <mapZone other="Central Asia Standard Time" territory="KG" type="Asia/Bishkek"/>
502                         <mapZone other="Central Asia Standard Time" territory="KZ" type="Asia/Almaty Asia/Qyzylorda"/>
503                         <mapZone other="Central Asia Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-6"/>
505                         <!-- (UTC+06:00) Dhaka -->
506                         <mapZone other="Bangladesh Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Dhaka"/>
507                         <mapZone other="Bangladesh Standard Time" territory="BD" type="Asia/Dhaka"/>
508                         <mapZone other="Bangladesh Standard Time" territory="BT" type="Asia/Thimphu"/>
510                         <!-- (UTC+06:00) Novosibirsk (RTZ 5) -->
511                         <mapZone other="N. Central Asia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Novosibirsk"/>
512                         <mapZone other="N. Central Asia Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Asia/Novosibirsk Asia/Omsk"/>
514                         <!-- (UTC+06:30) Yangon (Rangoon) -->
515                         <mapZone other="Myanmar Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Rangoon"/>
516                         <mapZone other="Myanmar Standard Time" territory="CC" type="Indian/Cocos"/>
517                         <mapZone other="Myanmar Standard Time" territory="MM" type="Asia/Rangoon"/>
519                         <!-- (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta -->
520                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Bangkok"/>
521                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/Davis"/>
522                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="CX" type="Indian/Christmas"/>
523                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="ID" type="Asia/Jakarta Asia/Pontianak"/>
524                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="KH" type="Asia/Phnom_Penh"/>
525                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="LA" type="Asia/Vientiane"/>
526                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="MN" type="Asia/Hovd"/>
527                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="TH" type="Asia/Bangkok"/>
528                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="VN" type="Asia/Saigon"/>
529                         <mapZone other="SE Asia Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-7"/>
531                         <!-- (UTC+07:00) Krasnoyarsk (RTZ 6) -->
532                         <mapZone other="North Asia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Krasnoyarsk"/>
533                         <mapZone other="North Asia Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Asia/Krasnoyarsk Asia/Novokuznetsk"/>
535                         <!-- (UTC+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi -->
536                         <mapZone other="China Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Shanghai"/>
537                         <mapZone other="China Standard Time" territory="CN" type="Asia/Shanghai"/>
538                         <mapZone other="China Standard Time" territory="HK" type="Asia/Hong_Kong"/>
539                         <mapZone other="China Standard Time" territory="MO" type="Asia/Macau"/>
541                         <!-- (UTC+08:00) Irkutsk (RTZ 7) -->
542                         <mapZone other="North Asia East Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Irkutsk"/>
543                         <mapZone other="North Asia East Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Asia/Irkutsk Asia/Chita"/>
545                         <!-- (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore -->
546                         <mapZone other="Singapore Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Singapore"/>
547                         <mapZone other="Singapore Standard Time" territory="BN" type="Asia/Brunei"/>
548                         <mapZone other="Singapore Standard Time" territory="ID" type="Asia/Makassar"/>
549                         <mapZone other="Singapore Standard Time" territory="MY" type="Asia/Kuala_Lumpur Asia/Kuching"/>
550                         <mapZone other="Singapore Standard Time" territory="PH" type="Asia/Manila"/>
551                         <mapZone other="Singapore Standard Time" territory="SG" type="Asia/Singapore"/>
552                         <mapZone other="Singapore Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-8"/>
554                         <!-- (UTC+08:00) Perth -->
555                         <mapZone other="W. Australia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Australia/Perth"/>
556                         <mapZone other="W. Australia Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/Casey"/>
557                         <mapZone other="W. Australia Standard Time" territory="AU" type="Australia/Perth"/>
559                         <!-- (UTC+08:00) Taipei -->
560                         <mapZone other="Taipei Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Taipei"/>
561                         <mapZone other="Taipei Standard Time" territory="TW" type="Asia/Taipei"/>
563                         <!-- (UTC+08:00) Ulaanbaatar -->
564                         <mapZone other="Ulaanbaatar Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Ulaanbaatar"/>
565                         <mapZone other="Ulaanbaatar Standard Time" territory="MN" type="Asia/Ulaanbaatar Asia/Choibalsan"/>
567                         <!-- (UTC+09:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo -->
568                         <mapZone other="Tokyo Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Tokyo"/>
569                         <mapZone other="Tokyo Standard Time" territory="ID" type="Asia/Jayapura"/>
570                         <mapZone other="Tokyo Standard Time" territory="JP" type="Asia/Tokyo"/>
571                         <mapZone other="Tokyo Standard Time" territory="PW" type="Pacific/Palau"/>
572                         <mapZone other="Tokyo Standard Time" territory="TL" type="Asia/Dili"/>
573                         <mapZone other="Tokyo Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-9"/>
575                         <!-- (UTC+09:00) Seoul -->
576                         <mapZone other="Korea Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Seoul"/>
577                         <mapZone other="Korea Standard Time" territory="KP" type="Asia/Pyongyang"/>
578                         <mapZone other="Korea Standard Time" territory="KR" type="Asia/Seoul"/>
580                         <!-- (UTC+09:00) Yakutsk (RTZ 8) -->
581                         <mapZone other="Yakutsk Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Yakutsk"/>
582                         <mapZone other="Yakutsk Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Asia/Yakutsk Asia/Khandyga"/>
584                         <!-- (UTC+09:30) Adelaide -->
585                         <mapZone other="Cen. Australia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Australia/Adelaide"/>
586                         <mapZone other="Cen. Australia Standard Time" territory="AU" type="Australia/Adelaide Australia/Broken_Hill"/>
588                         <!-- (UTC+09:30) Darwin -->
589                         <mapZone other="AUS Central Standard Time" territory="001" type="Australia/Darwin"/>
590                         <mapZone other="AUS Central Standard Time" territory="AU" type="Australia/Darwin"/>
592                         <!-- (UTC+10:00) Brisbane -->
593                         <mapZone other="E. Australia Standard Time" territory="001" type="Australia/Brisbane"/>
594                         <mapZone other="E. Australia Standard Time" territory="AU" type="Australia/Brisbane Australia/Lindeman"/>
596                         <!-- (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney -->
597                         <mapZone other="AUS Eastern Standard Time" territory="001" type="Australia/Sydney"/>
598                         <mapZone other="AUS Eastern Standard Time" territory="AU" type="Australia/Sydney Australia/Melbourne"/>
600                         <!-- (UTC+10:00) Guam, Port Moresby -->
601                         <mapZone other="West Pacific Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Port_Moresby"/>
602                         <mapZone other="West Pacific Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/DumontDUrville"/>
603                         <mapZone other="West Pacific Standard Time" territory="FM" type="Pacific/Truk"/>
604                         <mapZone other="West Pacific Standard Time" territory="GU" type="Pacific/Guam"/>
605                         <mapZone other="West Pacific Standard Time" territory="MP" type="Pacific/Saipan"/>
606                         <mapZone other="West Pacific Standard Time" territory="PG" type="Pacific/Port_Moresby"/>
607                         <mapZone other="West Pacific Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-10"/>
609                         <!-- (UTC+10:00) Hobart -->
610                         <mapZone other="Tasmania Standard Time" territory="001" type="Australia/Hobart"/>
611                         <mapZone other="Tasmania Standard Time" territory="AU" type="Australia/Hobart Australia/Currie"/>
613                         <!-- (UTC+10:00) Magadan -->
614                         <mapZone other="Magadan Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Magadan"/>
615                         <mapZone other="Magadan Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Asia/Magadan"/>
617                         <!-- (UTC+10:00) Vladivostok, Magadan (RTZ 9) -->
618                         <mapZone other="Vladivostok Standard Time" territory="001" type="Asia/Vladivostok"/>
619                         <mapZone other="Vladivostok Standard Time" territory="RU" type="Asia/Vladivostok Asia/Sakhalin Asia/Ust-Nera"/>
621                         <!-- (UTC+11:00) Chokurdakh (RTZ 10) -->
622                         <mapZone other="Russia Time Zone 10" territory="001" type="Asia/Srednekolymsk"/>
623                         <mapZone other="Russia Time Zone 10" territory="RU" type="Asia/Srednekolymsk"/>
625                         <!-- (UTC+11:00) Solomon Is., New Caledonia -->
626                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Guadalcanal"/>
627                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="AU" type="Antarctica/Macquarie"/>
628                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="FM" type="Pacific/Ponape Pacific/Kosrae"/>
629                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="NC" type="Pacific/Noumea"/>
630                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="PG" type="Pacific/Bougainville"/>
631                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="SB" type="Pacific/Guadalcanal"/>
632                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="VU" type="Pacific/Efate"/>
633                         <mapZone other="Central Pacific Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-11"/>
635                         <!-- (UTC+12:00) Anadyr, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (RTZ 11) -->
636                         <mapZone other="Russia Time Zone 11" territory="001" type="Asia/Kamchatka"/>
637                         <mapZone other="Russia Time Zone 11" territory="RU" type="Asia/Kamchatka Asia/Anadyr"/>
639                         <!-- (UTC+12:00) Auckland, Wellington -->
640                         <mapZone other="New Zealand Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Auckland"/>
641                         <mapZone other="New Zealand Standard Time" territory="AQ" type="Antarctica/McMurdo"/>
642                         <mapZone other="New Zealand Standard Time" territory="NZ" type="Pacific/Auckland"/>
644                         <!-- (UTC+12:00) Coordinated Universal Time+12 -->
645                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="001" type="Etc/GMT-12"/>
646                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="KI" type="Pacific/Tarawa"/>
647                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="MH" type="Pacific/Majuro Pacific/Kwajalein"/>
648                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="NR" type="Pacific/Nauru"/>
649                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="TV" type="Pacific/Funafuti"/>
650                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="UM" type="Pacific/Wake"/>
651                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="WF" type="Pacific/Wallis"/>
652                         <mapZone other="UTC+12" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-12"/>
654                         <!-- (UTC+12:00) Fiji -->
655                         <mapZone other="Fiji Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Fiji"/>
656                         <mapZone other="Fiji Standard Time" territory="FJ" type="Pacific/Fiji"/>
658                         <!-- (UTC+13:00) Nuku'alofa -->
659                         <mapZone other="Tonga Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Tongatapu"/>
660                         <mapZone other="Tonga Standard Time" territory="KI" type="Pacific/Enderbury"/>
661                         <mapZone other="Tonga Standard Time" territory="TK" type="Pacific/Fakaofo"/>
662                         <mapZone other="Tonga Standard Time" territory="TO" type="Pacific/Tongatapu"/>
663                         <mapZone other="Tonga Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-13"/>
665                         <!-- (UTC+13:00) Samoa -->
666                         <mapZone other="Samoa Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Apia"/>
667                         <mapZone other="Samoa Standard Time" territory="WS" type="Pacific/Apia"/>
669                         <!-- (UTC+14:00) Kiritimati Island -->
670                         <mapZone other="Line Islands Standard Time" territory="001" type="Pacific/Kiritimati"/>
671                         <mapZone other="Line Islands Standard Time" territory="KI" type="Pacific/Kiritimati"/>
672                         <mapZone other="Line Islands Standard Time" territory="ZZ" type="Etc/GMT-14"/>
673                 </mapTimezones>
674         </windowsZones>
675 </supplementalData>