MDL-52485 tool_lp: Template due date can be changed at will
[moodle.git] / admin / tool / lp / templatecompetencies.php
2016-04-18 Serge GauthierMDL-52426 tool_lp: Show template competencies page...
2016-04-18 Frederic MassartMDL-52195 tool_lp: Normalise the navigation in templates
2016-04-18 Frederic MassartMDL-51031 tool_lp: Templates can be created on a catego...
2016-04-18 Mark NelsonMDL-50608 tool_lp: tidy up and bug fixes
2016-04-18 Mark NelsonMDL-49462 tool_lp: added template competencies page