MDL-59212 analytics: Abstract equal parts and accum time splittings
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2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59212 analytics: Abstract equal parts and accum...
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59212 analytics: Expand unit test coverage
2017-07-24 Damyon WieseMDL-59060 analytics: Add paging to insights report
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59212 analytics: Analyser and static methods tests
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: Always absolute full class names
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: Second review round
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59211 analytics: Make cibot happy
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: Changes after review
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: Replace sql queries for API calls
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: No UI in calculables APIs
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: Replace settings by get_archetype_...
2017-07-24 Ankit AgarwalMDL-59119 analytics: Fix references to wrong var
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59010 analytics: Logstores initialised during tests
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59010 analytics: Direct db calls to logging API
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59174 analytics: Analyser queries to enrollib
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59057 analytics: Unit test fixes
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59057 analytics: Split up course analyser in 2
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59057 analytics: Get rid of week_before_course_start
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: Delete should be an instance method
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 insights: Clarify insights-prediction boundaries
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59057 analytics: Standarize indicators and targets ids
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59057 analytics: Adapt tests to static models API...
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59057 analytics: Introduce static models
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-59162 tool_models: Remove dependant models on uninstall
2017-07-24 Ankit AgarwalMDL-59117 core_analytics: Move all indicators to respec...
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 analytics: Remove references to project inspire
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-57791 testing: Switch to analytics API namespace
2017-07-24 Ankit AgarwalMDL-59079 core_analytics: Add social level 2 to various...
2017-07-24 Ankit AgarwalMDL-59079 core_analytics: Define social levels for...
2017-07-24 Ankit AgarwalMDL-59079 core_analytics: Add support for more than...
2017-07-24 Ankit AgarwalMDL-59079 core_analytics: Refactor community of inquiry...
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-58859 analytics: Fix migration to core bugs and...
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-58859 analytics: Add tests to core
2017-07-24 David MonllaoMDL-58859 analytics: Analytics API added to core