Changed function name
[moodle.git] / backup / restore_execute.html
2003-08-07 moodlerChanged function name
2003-08-03 stronk7Reuse an existing string.
2003-08-03 stronk7Teacher restoring and admin restoring finished.
2003-08-01 moodlerRemoved $moodle_home and $mods_home references.
2003-07-31 stronk7Included fix_category_courses() to
2003-07-31 stronk7Variables passed by reference warning is out !!
2003-07-30 stronk7Uncommented clean_temp_data. I forgot it
2003-07-28 stronk7Prepared to insert string in langs. Tomorrow.
2003-07-07 stronk7Added some flush
2003-06-28 stronk7Now categories and questions are recovered completely...
2003-06-23 stronk7Added some <br>...
2003-06-20 stronk7Changes to users restore and some minor bugs detected
2003-06-12 stronk7Clear temp data working now (uncommented)
2003-06-01 stronk7Uncommented clean_temp_data.
2003-06-01 stronk7Restoring assignments COMPLETED.
2003-05-31 stronk7Now readjusting course_modules instance and course...
2003-05-30 stronk7Begin restoring mods. Now they are readed and saved...
2003-05-28 stronk7Changed bahabior when restoring into a existing course
2003-05-28 stronk7Implemented copying course_files and user_files.
2003-05-27 stronk7Finished restoring users.
2003-05-25 stronk7Restore into new course and existing course implemented.