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[moodle.git] / backup /
2003-08-07 moodlerChanged function name
2003-08-07 moodlerRemove login link on first install
2003-08-03 stronk7Updated.
2003-08-03 stronk7Reuse an existing string.
2003-08-03 stronk7Solved bug. Now user files are checked againt users...
2003-08-03 stronk7Updated:
2003-08-03 stronk7Teacher restoring and admin restoring finished.
2003-08-03 stronk7delete_dir_contents function now allows excluding a dir
2003-08-02 stronk7Added suport to new restoreto options
2003-08-02 stronk7Now "backupdir" string is hardcoded in backup process.
2003-08-02 stronk7Added preliminary support to teachers.
2003-08-02 stronk7Now "backupdir" string is hardcoded in backup process.
2003-08-02 stronk7Minor change to allow continue after upgrade_backup
2003-08-01 stronk7backup_release is now saved to config too. It was losed...
2003-08-01 stronk7Chanfed to locate the pclzip properly.
2003-08-01 moodlerCompleted mods to allow teachers to make backups
2003-08-01 moodlerRemoved $moodle_home and $mods_home references.
2003-08-01 moodlerFurther integration of backup into main Moodle.
2003-07-31 stronk7Included fix_category_courses() to
2003-07-31 stronk7Changed to version.php
2003-07-31 stronk7Copied from old backup_version.php
2003-07-31 stronk7Changed calls to backup_version.php to version.php
2003-07-31 stronk7Variables passed by reference warning is out !!
2003-07-30 stronk7Uncommented clean_temp_data. I forgot it
2003-07-29 stronk7Solved two importat bugs.
2003-07-29 stronk7Included language support.
2003-07-29 stronk7Added and commented some debug lines.
2003-07-28 stronk7Prepared to insert string in langs. Tomorrow.
2003-07-28 stronk7Added chat status
2003-07-28 moodlerSmall changes to the restore "continue" button and...
2003-07-27 stronk7Prepared to insert string in langs. Tomorrow.
2003-07-27 stronk7Typo in course STARTDATE
2003-07-27 stronk7Small typo in course STARTDATE.
2003-07-27 stronk7//Added some debug (commented in production)
2003-07-21 moodlerBackup the new course->visible field
2003-07-19 stronk7Numerical questions included in backup/restore. Up...
2003-07-16 stronk7Little modification to use $CFG->directorypermissions...
2003-07-15 stronk7Changed backup logs default to NO.
2003-07-15 stronk7Added some flushes to avoid some browsers timeouts
2003-07-10 stronk7Small typo when creating structures in a fresh installation
2003-07-09 moodlerUpdated paths for new location (that was easy!)
2003-07-09 moodlerDemolishing the old house for these guys
2003-07-07 stronk7Some minor cleanings
2003-07-07 stronk7Some debug info commented
2003-07-07 stronk7Added some flush
2003-07-07 stronk7Changed end
2003-07-07 stronk7Added some flush() to the backup process (in users...
2003-07-06 stronk7Included support to DESCRIPTION qtype.
2003-07-05 stronk7Changed the backup output to convert every "\r\n\"...
2003-07-05 stronk7Now xmlize is invoked with XML_OPTION_SKIP_WHITE =...
2003-07-03 stronk7Now quizzes are restored too !!
2003-07-03 stronk7Updated to 0.8.0 alpha. Quizzes included !!
2003-07-03 stronk7Some comments and debug
2003-07-03 stronk7Remove thanks to Daniel in progress :-)
2003-07-03 stronk7Now quizzes are restored completely.
2003-07-03 stronk7Changed to allow correct responses (match_sub) to be...
2003-07-02 stronk7Solved bug when triyng to backup mod without any module...
2003-06-30 stronk7Little bug in randomsamatch questions.
2003-06-29 stronk7Update version to 0.7 alpha
2003-06-29 stronk7Begin restoring quizzes (STEP 2)
2003-06-29 stronk7Now, restoring quizzes too (STEP 2).
2003-06-29 stronk7Changed some tags.
2003-06-28 stronk7Now categories and questions are recovered completely...
2003-06-28 stronk7Now categories and questions are recovered completely...
2003-06-23 stronk7I forget to update the firstpost field in discussions.
2003-06-23 stronk7Bug when reassigning firstposts in discussions.
2003-06-23 stronk7Update version. It goes up a bit :-)
2003-06-23 stronk7Now forums are restored too
2003-06-23 stronk7Now FORUMs are restored too !!
2003-06-23 stronk7Added some <br>...
2003-06-23 stronk7Bug in backup_getid cause return record when no record
2003-06-23 stronk7Changed to avoid backup_name contains whitespaces !!
2003-06-21 stronk7Minor change to avoid timeouts copying user files
2003-06-21 stronk7Journals are restored too
2003-06-21 stronk7Journal are restored now !!
2003-06-20 stronk7Although a lot of changes have been done in the backup...
2003-06-20 stronk7Changes to work with data from fs instead of db.
2003-06-20 stronk7Changes to users restore and some minor bugs detected
2003-06-20 stronk7Changes in:
2003-06-20 stronk7Updated to 0.6.1 alpha (tons of changes)
2003-06-12 stronk7Bug solved restoring in existing course.
2003-06-12 stronk7Modified to flush data to browser...
2003-06-12 stronk7Updated version to 2003061100 and modify backup tables...
2003-06-12 stronk7Some improvements and tons of flushes !!
2003-06-12 stronk7Clear temp data working now (uncommented)
2003-06-12 stronk7Added the backup_flush function use to send some data...
2003-06-12 stronk7Typoooo :-)
2003-06-12 stronk7Changed max_execution_time to 3000.
2003-06-12 stronk7Added backup_required_functions to pre-check required...
2003-06-11 stronk7Changed max_execution_time and memory_limit php variables
2003-06-10 stronk7Need to addslashes before put summary section data...
2003-06-10 stronk7Changed the log_check_backup function to execute a...
2003-06-10 stronk7Goooo
2003-06-10 stronk7Up a bit
2003-06-10 stronk7Changed get_records (every field) in user_check_backup to
2003-06-10 stronk7More debug...
2003-06-10 stronk7Some debug
2003-06-10 stronk7Little change to avoid iterate when no users are retrie...
2003-06-10 stronk7Backup quizzes COMPLETED. Two setps finished.
2003-06-09 stronk7Included some new workings.