MDL-22054 startinging blocks to pluginname
[moodle.git] / blocks / comments / block_comments.php
2010-04-11 Petr SkodaMDL-22054 startinging blocks to pluginname
2010-04-09 Dongsheng CaiMDL-21951, improve comments performance
2010-03-31 Petr SkodaMDL-21655 big scary enrolment and roles improvements...
2010-03-15 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21786, fixed function name"
2010-03-15 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21786, moving comments library files to consistency"
2009-10-15 nicolasconnaultMDL-20565 When editing is off, hiding blocks whose...
2009-07-24 dongsheng"MDL-19839, comments block"