MDL-22054 converting block name strings to pluginname
[moodle.git] / blocks / mentees / block_mentees.php
2010-04-11 Petr SkodaMDL-22054 converting block name strings to pluginname
2010-02-24 Dan Poltawskiblock/mentees: MDL-20993 - incorrectly assumes SITEID
2009-11-01 Petr SkodaMDL-20700 coding style cleanup - cvs keywords removed...
2009-07-13 tjhuntblock contexts: MDL-19098 every block should have a...
2008-06-02 skodakMDL-14679 towards blocks conversion
2008-05-01 moodlerMDL-14630 Merged My Moodle fix for Mentees from 1.9
2008-03-03 moodlerMerged new block versions from 1.9
2007-08-10 moodlerChanged applicable_formats to remove certain blocks...
2007-03-09 toyomoyomerged fix for MDL-8782, adding a mentees block