change in publish states
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2006-03-17 toyomoyochange in publish states
2006-03-16 toyomoyomore cleaning for filter class
2006-03-16 toyomoyomore cleaning
2006-03-15 toyomoyotook out courseid and groupid
2006-03-15 toyomoyotaking out extendedbody
2006-03-14 toyomoyoadded sesskey and confirmation for deletion of blog...
2006-03-14 toyomoyomore cleaning
2006-03-14 toyomoyohousekeeping
2006-03-13 toyomoyo_params and other cleaning, blogs might be broken
2006-03-13 toyomoyosome cleaning, not very clean yet
2006-03-10 ikawheroMinor change to language string
2006-03-10 toyomoyoblog (development code)