Merged blog theme/lang fixes from MDL-10833
[moodle.git] / blog / edit.php
2007-10-07 moodlerMerged blog theme/lang fixes from MDL-10833
2007-09-03 moodlerBlog entries publish state now defaults to site if...
2007-08-28 toyomoyoMDL-11017, changed blog edit page to use modified get_i...
2007-08-27 toyomoyoMDL-10956, convert blogs to use the same tags (and...
2007-08-17 nicolasconnaultMDL-10870 All files updated to new build_navigation...
2007-03-19 toyomoyomerged fix for MDL-8942, can't delete blog images
2007-01-12 skodakMDL-8166 rename in/out methods in formslib - HQ consensus
2006-12-28 skodakMDL-8015 improved file uploading
2006-12-28 jamiesenseifixing all the form names as per new class naming conve...
2006-12-28 jamiesenseichanges to how we generate the id attribute of forms...
2006-11-20 toyomoyoadding attachment for blogs
2006-11-16 toyomoyofix for MDL-7099, do not share user tags (better interf...
2006-10-07 gustav_deliusDon't use stripslashes on data coming from database
2006-10-06 skodakCode cleanup in blog.
2006-10-03 skodakCompletely disable all blog scripts when blog system...
2006-08-14 vyshaneFixes for capability checks.
2006-08-14 moodlerSWEEPING CLEANUP
2006-06-19 toyomoyomerged, gives IE a bit more time to print
2006-05-01 toyomoyofixing blog logs, also added code to prevent browsing...
2006-04-24 toyomoyosome small fixes, mostly for 5174
2006-04-22 skodakfixed undefined $error in error message
2006-04-21 toyomoyoanother try
2006-04-21 toyomoyojust a line for testing
2006-04-21 toyomoyonothing much here either
2006-04-20 toyomoyofix for 5256
2006-04-20 toyomoyofix for 5256
2006-04-20 toyomoyobut fix for 5256
2006-04-20 toyomoyosome clean up
2006-04-18 toyomoyovarious small changes
2006-04-12 toyomoyosome more small fixes
2006-04-12 toyomoyovarious small things
2006-04-12 toyomoyovarious changes and cleaning, removing BlogEntry, BlogI...
2006-04-10 toyomoyosmall fix and cleaning
2006-04-06 gustav_deliusReplace require_variable() by required_param()
2006-03-22 ikawheroCorrected variable reference - was causing problems...
2006-03-20 moodlerAdd timemodified to blog_tag_instance records and some...
2006-03-17 toyomoyochange in publish states
2006-03-16 toyomoyomore cleaning for filter class
2006-03-16 toyomoyomore cleaning
2006-03-15 toyomoyotook out courseid and groupid
2006-03-15 toyomoyotaking out extendedbody
2006-03-14 toyomoyoadded sesskey and confirmation for deletion of blog...
2006-03-14 toyomoyomore cleaning
2006-03-14 toyomoyohousekeeping
2006-03-13 toyomoyo_params and other cleaning, blogs might be broken
2006-03-13 toyomoyosome cleaning, not very clean yet
2006-03-10 ikawheroMinor change to language string
2006-03-10 toyomoyoblog (development code)