MDL-24079 blog now using new sql_like();Êfixed typo
[moodle.git] / blog / index.php
2010-09-04 Petr SkodaMDL-24079 blog now using new sql_like();Êfixed typo
2010-09-04 Petr SkodaMDL-24079 blog now using new sql_like()
2010-07-28 Andrew Davisrss MDL-23473 made blog rss feeds work
2010-05-20 Sam Hemelryknavigation MDL-22524 Integrated blogs with the settings...
2010-05-16 Martin DougiamasMDL-19124 Continued misc user profile cleanups
2010-03-15 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21786, moving comments library files to consistency"
2010-01-16 Petr SkodaMDL-21233 moodle_url improvemewnts, code simplification...
2009-11-01 Petr SkodaMDL-20700 coding style cleanup - cvs keywords removed...
2009-10-30 Nicolas ConnaultMDL-19676 MDL-14408 MDL-8776 Blog improvements
2009-09-18 nicolasconnaultMDL-19754 MDL-8776 MDL-19678 MDL-20314 Converting old...
2009-09-16 nicolasconnaultMDL-19676 Put association section in advanced items...
2009-09-15 nicolasconnaultMDL-20219 Deleted external blog block, and preferences...
2009-09-04 nicolasconnaultMDL-19676 Started to use new navigation code
2009-09-04 nicolasconnaultMDL-19676 Blog improvements
2009-08-06 nicolasconnaultMDL-19792 Converted all print_footer() calls
2009-08-06 nicolasconnaultMDL-19792 Migrated calls to print_heading
2009-07-03 skodakMDL-19676 removing premature commit
2009-07-01 nicolasconnaultMDL-19676 Removed course and group visibility settings...
2009-05-06 tjhuntblocklib: MDL-19010 always include blocklib in setup...
2009-05-06 tjhuntmoodle_page: MDL-12212 reimplement user_is_editing...
2008-07-24 dongshengMDL-14129, remove 2 error()s in course and blog module
2008-07-05 skodakMDL-15516 prvent access to deleted profiles and other...
2008-06-01 skodakMDL-14679 towards /blog conversion
2008-04-30 dongsheng"MDL-14460,fix get_context_instance, merged from MOODLE...
2008-04-23 dongshengMDL-14129, fix print_error() call, see tracker
2008-04-22 moodlerMerged MDL-8566 from 1.9
2008-04-04 dongshengMDL-14129, remove all the other error() call
2008-02-22 scyrmaMDL-13404 - Merge from 1.9
2007-10-07 moodlerMerged blog theme/lang fixes from MDL-10833
2007-09-08 skodakMDL-7380 converted various places to use new groups API
2007-08-15 skodakMDL-10383 - deprecated get_groups(), user_group() and...
2007-04-10 toyomoyomerged fix for MDL-9268
2007-03-15 toyomoyomerged fix for MDL-8908, draft blogs should not be...
2007-01-04 Martin Langhoffcvsimport fixups -- cvshead had strayed from upstream
2006-10-06 skodakCode cleanup in blog.
2006-10-03 skodakMDL-6805 Fix redirects in blog - edit button now proper...
2006-10-03 skodakCompletely disable all blog scripts when blog system...
2006-09-29 skodakfixed parameter cleanup SC#318; merged from MOODLE_16_S...
2006-09-15 moodlerRename CONTEXT_USERID --> CONTEXT_USER for consistency
2006-08-15 toyomoyosome more UI stuff
2006-08-14 vyshaneFixes for capability checks.
2006-08-14 moodlerSWEEPING CLEANUP
2006-07-04 skodakfixed $site->id warning; merged from MOODLE_16_STABLE
2006-06-16 toyomoyomerged, centering of tabs on blog page issue
2006-05-02 toyomoyoadded logging for blog views
2006-05-01 toyomoyofixing blog logs, also added code to prevent browsing...
2006-04-24 toyomoyosome small fixes, mostly for 5174
2006-04-20 toyomoyoadded a feature that automatically adds 2 default block...
2006-04-18 toyomoyovarious small changes
2006-04-12 toyomoyovarious changes and cleaning, removing BlogEntry, BlogI...
2006-04-10 toyomoyosmall fix and cleaning
2006-03-20 moodlerRSS should be fully working now
2006-03-17 toyomoyomade some changes to allow rss feeds
2006-03-17 toyomoyotook out rss stuff
2006-03-17 toyomoyochange in publish states
2006-03-15 toyomoyomore cleaning
2006-03-15 toyomoyomore cleaning, filter do not process dates
2006-03-14 toyomoyoquoting tag string
2006-03-14 toyomoyofixed a bug where userid is overwritten
2006-03-13 toyomoyo_params and other cleaning, blogs might be broken
2006-03-13 toyomoyosome cleaning, not very clean yet
2006-03-10 toyomoyoblog (development code)