MDL-20523 Script for upgrading sites that use the old bloglevel settings.
[moodle.git] / blog / preferences.html
2007-01-04 skodakMDL-8062 1.3 Remove name attribute from <form> and...
2006-10-06 skodakCode cleanup in blog.
2006-05-17 tjhuntMerge from stable branch: Convert tabs to spaces in...
2006-03-15 toyomoyo";"
2006-03-15 toyomoyoadded cancel button for preference
2006-03-15 toyomoyomany functions removed, might have broken a few things
2006-03-14 toyomoyomore cleaning
2006-03-14 toyomoyosome cleaning, removed config.html for admin
2006-03-13 toyomoyosome cleaning, not very clean yet
2006-03-10 toyomoyoblog (development code)