MDL-19118, set $PAGE->context for comment_ajax.php
[moodle.git] / comment / lib.php
2010-04-14 Dongsheng CaiMDL-19118, set $PAGE->context for comment_ajax.php
2010-04-09 Dongsheng CaiMDL-21951, improve comments performance
2010-04-08 Dongsheng CaiMDL-21955, fixed potential page parameter collision...
2010-04-07 Dongsheng CaiMDL-21944, remve ### link target
2010-04-07 Dongsheng CaiMDL-19118, comments api improvement
2010-03-30 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21945, do not pass by reference to plugin_callback"
2010-03-30 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21952, comments api, fixed delete_record"
2010-03-29 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21954, fixed theme pix output"
2010-03-29 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21958, stop using "_" prefix for private functions"
2010-03-29 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21950 use $PAGE->coures instead of $COURSE"
2010-03-29 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21943, fixed paging class name"
2010-03-29 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21943, remove hard-coded style"
2010-03-29 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21942, use $PAGE->url instead of qualified_me"
2010-03-19 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-19118, fixed comments api in format_text function"
2010-03-18 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-19118, improve comments pagination"
2010-03-18 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-19118, improve comments block"
2010-03-15 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-21786, moving comments library files to consistency"
2010-02-17 Petr SkodaMDL-20204 converted paging_bar to new coding style...
2010-01-28 Sam Hemelrykcomments MDL-19118 Fixed XML strict errors
2009-11-01 Petr SkodaMDL-20700 coding style cleanup - cvs keywords removed...
2009-08-20 nicolasconnaultMDL-19799 upgraded calls to print_table, print_single_b...
2009-08-07 nicolasconnaultMDL-19799 Converted calls to print_paging_bar
2009-07-24 dongsheng"MDL-19118, comments api"