Added more popup help for course settings page
[moodle.git] / course / edit.html
2002-08-17 martinAdded more popup help for course settings page
2002-08-11 martinChanges related to language support ... get_string()
2002-08-01 martinMisc changes to improve performance on a brand-new...
2002-07-29 martinMuch simpler date-setting using new moodlelib functions
2002-07-19 martinMore language changes
2002-06-25 martinMajor changes throughout to change "week" notation...
2002-06-10 martinCourse entry key is now called an enrolment key
2002-06-09 martinChanges to support guest user across any course (guest...
2002-06-02 martinAdded per-course config and use of a word for "student"
2001-11-22 martinInitial revision