FIx the header too by requiring login to the course
[moodle.git] / course / editsection.php
2006-10-01 moodlerFIx the header too by requiring login to the course
2006-10-01 moodlerFixed a typo causing MDL-6758
2006-09-05 toyomoyoadding capabilities
2006-04-14 skodakchanges needed for new s() and p() - see bug #2338
2005-11-11 skodakfixed simple header bug #3406, patch submitted by samul...
2005-06-15 thepurpleblobrequire_variable() and optional_variable() replaced...
2005-06-03 ikawheroMerged from MOODLE_15_STABLE
2005-05-16 stronk7Tabs are out
2005-01-25 moodlerRemoved THEME from many course files
2004-10-08 stronk7course/editsection.php is using sesskey.
2004-09-12 gustav_deliustowards XHTML compliance
2004-06-04 moodlerBRANCH MERGE
2003-12-11 moodlerCleaned up this form a little to make it more consistent
2003-11-17 moodlerRemoved some old editor stuff causing problems in IE
2003-05-24 moodlerA bit of an audit and a clean up of require_login to...
2003-03-11 moodlerYou can now use Richtext editor to edit section texts...
2003-01-05 moodlerClean sweep through all the important changing all...
2003-01-02 moodlerSome little fixes
2003-01-02 moodlerbuggy_referer is dead! Long live buggy_referer!
2002-08-11 martinChanges related to language support ... get_string()
2002-08-04 martinMOre language updates
2002-08-01 martinMisc changes to improve performance on a brand-new...
2002-06-25 martinRenamed from editweek to editsection