When using loginas to be a student, you can now return to being
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2002-11-06 moodlerWhen using loginas to be a student, you can now return...
2002-09-05 martinWhoops ... little bug that stopped loginas from working...
2002-08-11 martinChanges related to language support ... get_string()
2002-08-11 martinVarious small changes (mostly to language strings)
2002-08-08 martinTweaks and cleanups
2002-08-06 martinWidespread changes throughout Moodle to make sure it...
2002-08-01 martinMake sure we still log the fact that the teacher logged...
2002-08-01 martinAdded "realuser" to USER variable to identify imposters
2002-08-01 martinremoved TABS and changed wording (your -> this)
2002-06-04 martinErrr this is what I meant
2002-06-04 martinImproved logging slightly
2002-05-31 martinNew logging format
2001-11-22 martinInitial revision