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2004-03-19 moodlerTo avoid some unpleasant stuff with filters etc, I...
2004-03-13 moodlerGrades page now supports groups
2004-03-13 moodlerFunction name change ... hope it doesn't break any...
2004-03-13 moodlerNon-editing teachers shouldn't be able to assign students
2004-03-13 moodlerNon-editing teachers should not be able to assign students
2004-03-11 selliottFixed to hide hidden activities from normal users and...
2004-03-10 moodlerHide hidden activities from students on Recent Activity...
2004-03-10 moodlerIf $CFG->loglifetime is active then use it make the...
2004-03-10 moodlerRemoving a notice
2004-03-10 moodlerInclude now uses absolute path, not relative. Solved...
2004-03-09 moodlerDon't check the login for the site-level course
2004-03-09 moodlerRemoving the random assignation button for now ......
2004-02-23 selliottFixed incorrect display of time
2004-02-23 selliottFixed url to activities
2004-02-23 moodler1. Recent activity reports now activated!
2004-02-21 moodlerRenamed a variable to fix display when different langua...
2004-02-20 selliottCleaned up some string literals
2004-02-20 selliottchanges to function print_recent_selector_form for...
2004-02-20 selliottAdded logic for a normal view and advanced view for...
2004-02-20 moodlerInclude "Courses" in heading as generic title
2004-02-20 moodlerClean up of terminology course categories and courses
2004-02-20 moodlerChange course sideblock title depending on contents
2004-02-15 moodlerAdded a missing style for the internal table of the...
2004-02-15 moodlerIf $CFG->filterall is defined true, then activity names...
2004-02-15 moodlerQuick GUI to turn off/on hiding of group pictures
2004-02-15 moodlerFormat group description
2004-02-15 moodlerFormat the group description
2004-02-15 selliottRemoved extra <hr> tag
2004-02-15 selliottChanged selector form in course/lib.php for course...
2004-02-15 moodlerBetter logic for showing group mode buttons
2004-02-15 moodlerBug fix - if groupmode is forced then group icons are...
2004-02-15 moodlerNew activities now default to course groupmode
2004-02-14 moodlerTiny formatting fix
2004-02-14 moodlerUse $modname if it's defined
2004-02-13 stronk7Changed to calls to print_log_selector_form() with...
2004-02-10 moodlerFixed link to show group members
2004-02-10 moodlerInterface for editing groups
2004-02-10 moodlerAllow the teacher to force a language if they want to
2004-02-07 moodlerBy no means finished but at least no loose ends with...
2004-02-07 moodlerSome more work on the groups pages (not finished yet)
2004-02-07 moodlerDon't lowercase the module name
2004-02-06 moodlerSlight improvement to groups listing. I'm not happy...
2004-02-05 selliottChange string reference for choosereportfilter
2004-02-05 selliottUsed existing string showrecent for button text in...
2004-02-05 selliottAdded selector form at the top of the page .
2004-02-05 selliottadded function print_recent_selector_form for course...
2004-02-04 moodlerAdded more information to grades downloads
2004-02-04 moodlerRestricted users can't enrol in other courses
2004-02-04 moodlerRestricted users can't update course formats
2004-02-02 moodlerAdding back the missing logs ... they are needed by...
2004-02-01 moodlerOn second thoughts, no need to double up these logs
2004-02-01 moodlerSave coursemodule in logs for generic updates/adds
2004-01-31 moodlerOK, some big improvements to the logs.
2004-01-31 moodlerFixes to log URLs for these new ones
2004-01-31 moodlerUse a looser search when showing an activity module...
2004-01-31 moodlerAdd a log entry under the module name whenever the...
2004-01-31 moodlerImprovements to groups.
2004-01-30 moodlerUse natural sorting on lists
2004-01-27 stronk7Small typo preventing Excel Sheets to be named correctly.
2004-01-25 gustav_deliusminor fixes, including bugs 997, 998
2004-01-25 gustav_deliusadded alt text to some icons
2004-01-25 gustav_deliusapply filter_text to course summary
2004-01-23 moodlerFIxes to cope with this case:
2004-01-17 moodlerUse is_internal_email function (see bug 978)
2004-01-17 moodlerOnly editing teachers can see files
2004-01-16 moodlerSmall improvement to log-gathering for activities ...
2004-01-15 moodlerFIxed a small typo preventing group display
2004-01-15 moodlerDouble-check bad input data
2004-01-15 moodlerLogs can now be divided up by activity!
2004-01-14 moodlerObey "forcelogin"
2004-01-14 moodlerMay avoid a cookie issue
2004-01-12 moodlerDon't print description box if there is no description.
2004-01-12 moodlerAnd make sure the group is from this course!
2004-01-12 moodlerSecure group viewing when in separate mode
2004-01-11 moodlerBug 965
2004-01-10 moodlerUse the new print_user function for the group
2004-01-10 moodlerWhen logging in as a user, take on their "current group...
2004-01-09 moodlerDon't move courses from delete categories to the "zero...
2003-12-31 moodlerChanges to improve group images
2003-12-30 moodlerFix up group icon display in certain situations
2003-12-30 moodlerImprovements to timekeeping etc
2003-12-30 moodlerFixed up references to old tables names
2003-12-30 moodlerFix reference to new table name
2003-12-30 moodlerThis is the first check-in of support for groups.
2003-12-21 moodlerWhen deleting a category, send children courses to...
2003-12-21 moodlerModification of the course format plugin structures...
2003-12-17 moodlerStrip tags from activity name when moving
2003-12-17 moodlerStrip tags from activity names when moving
2003-12-11 moodlerCleaned up this form a little to make it more consistent
2003-11-28 moodlerUse fullname function
2003-11-28 moodlerUse fullname function for names
2003-11-28 moodlerUse fullname function to display names
2003-11-28 moodlerUse fullname function. Sorting is still wrong though...
2003-11-28 moodlerUse fullname() function for names
2003-11-28 moodlerUse fullname for Guest name
2003-11-24 moodlerSome logic for focussing cursor
2003-11-23 stronk7Search for any 'view%' string in the module log, instead
2003-11-21 moodlerWhoops forgot a debugging statement
2003-11-21 moodlerFor recent activity, only parse modules that are enabled
2003-11-20 stronk7This report shows the total number of views for each...