Fixed missing 'throw' keyword
[moodle.git] / db / upgrade.php
2011-04-24 David MudrákFixed missing 'throw' keyword
2011-01-23 Petr Skodatell ppl that outdate book can not be upgraded from...
2011-01-16 Petr Skodamove toc to fake block, remove toc width and add new...
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaremove obsole disableprinting - use capabilities instead
2010-12-10 Petr Skodarecover from previous error
2010-12-10 Petr Skodafixed upgrade typo
2010-12-08 Petr Skodafixed intro upgrade
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaremove old course dir if empty
2010-12-08 Petr Skodafixed upgrade path
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaconversion to 2.0
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamore upgrades
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamissing upgrade step info
2010-12-08 Petr Skodalicenses and more upgrade
2010-12-08 Petr Skodafirst part of upgrade
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaremoving cvs tags and closing php tags
2010-08-01 Petr Skodacvsimport
2010-08-01 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2232 oops, merging all changes from 1.9.x first
2010-08-01 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2232 preparations for git migration
2007-09-24 Eloy LafuenteFirst pass. Deleting some default comments. MDL-11385
2007-09-24 Petr Skodaincorrect import src fields type fixed
2007-04-06 Petr Skodabook - xml db merged from 17; removing utf migration...