removed $SESSION->encoding now replaced by current_charset() and $CFG->unicodedb...
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2006-01-05 stronk7Now doc index uses current_charset()
2005-06-18 stronk7Some changes added (see bug 3188).
2005-06-13 thepurpleblobrequire_variable() and optional_variable() replaced...
2005-05-24 moodlerUpdated image from Eloy
2005-05-16 stronk7Tabs are out
2005-01-27 defacerEnd the page with correct HTML.
2005-01-27 defacerFixed SC#83 and the HTML to boot. I 'll add some styles...
2004-12-12 moodlerMerged sc28 from stable
2004-09-27 moodlerClosed script security problem (merged from STABLE)
2004-09-16 gustav_deliusXHTML compliance
2004-07-07 moodlerFIxes for Safari
2004-06-04 moodlerAdded commandline style
2004-06-02 moodlerCVS Tree diagram ... started by Eloy with editing by me
2004-05-16 stronk7Added support for CFG->forcelogin in some files. Bug...
2004-05-08 gustav_deliusreplaced very old install.html with current version...
2004-03-10 moodlerFixed some copyrights
2003-10-18 moodlerNicer styles on Mozilla
2003-10-01 moodlerStyle sheet (main one is in /doc ... other one is just...
2003-10-01 moodlerFirst round clean up of the docs
2003-08-29 moodlerFix for switching languages in documentation
2003-06-12 moodlerSome fixes to display documentation better in other...
2003-05-03 moodlerTwo new language variables implemented.
2003-03-04 moodlerRemove some old save_sessions
2003-01-19 moodlerInstead of using doclang, use $SESSION->lang, and make...
2003-01-06 moodlerSlightly more rboust
2003-01-06 moodlerFramed docs can now select a named anchor in a page
2003-01-01 moodlerNew frame mode for dox
2002-12-29 moodlerIt's now possible to choose a documentation language...
2002-12-29 moodlerAdding this back again to help brand-new installations...
2002-12-29 moodlerBetter way to include initial intro.html
2002-12-29 moodlerChanges to how documentation works. A thin PHP interfa...
2002-12-24 moodlerUpdates
2002-12-24 moodlerUpdated release notes
2002-12-23 moodlerForgot Turkish
2002-12-23 moodlerTweak
2002-12-23 moodlerTweak!
2002-12-23 moodlerMore up-to-date-info
2002-12-23 moodlerMore details ...
2002-12-13 moodlerSome more information about buggy_referrer
2002-12-12 moodlerSome new names ...
2002-12-11 moodlerAdded Ahmed Nabil as Arabic maintainer
2002-12-11 moodlerNames I'd forgotten
2002-12-11 moodlerUpdated some names
2002-12-10 moodlerChanged styles.css to styles.php ...
2002-12-10 moodlerMention all the languages
2002-12-10 moodlerFixed a typo rad -> read
2002-12-10 moodlerMore links etc
2002-12-10 moodlerDocumentation improvements for CVS and developing in...
2002-12-09 moodlerMore information
2002-12-09 moodlerSlight changes
2002-12-08 moodlerAdded Mitsuhiro's credit for Japanese
2002-12-08 moodlerUpdates for 1.0.7 and better-looking throughout
2002-12-07 moodlerSome info about forcetables
2002-11-30 moodlerIMS/SCORM
2002-11-30 moodlerRevised
2002-11-29 moodlerSlight fix
2002-11-29 moodlerAdded credit for Indonesian - Arfan Hidayat
2002-11-28 moodlerFirst quick version of help on CVS
2002-11-28 moodlerFixed heading
2002-11-28 moodlerUpdates
2002-11-26 moodlerMore info about database user
2002-11-26 moodlerAdditions and clean ups
2002-11-24 moodlerMore fixes
2002-11-24 moodlerMore tweaks
2002-11-24 moodlerYet more details
2002-11-24 moodlerMore tweaks
2002-11-24 moodlerMore fixes
2002-11-24 moodlerMore details
2002-11-22 moodlerChanges to allow admin to control the "forgot password...
2002-11-21 moodlerUpdates
2002-11-21 moodlerAdded full configuration to LDAP (ie transferrable...
2002-11-20 moodlerUpdate version slightly
2002-11-19 moodlerSpacing
2002-11-19 moodlerNew features and fixes
2002-11-18 moodlerFixed the O's
2002-11-18 moodlerAdded Norwegian
2002-11-17 moodlerMinor formatting
2002-11-15 moodlerSmall tidy up of names
2002-11-14 moodlerSome updates
2002-11-14 moodlerUpdated link for Antonio
2002-11-14 moodlerMention the fix for very large classes
2002-11-14 moodlerGetting ready for release today
2002-11-11 moodlerSlight update to release notes for clarity
2002-11-10 moodlerPut a menu on the documentation
2002-11-10 moodlerNew info, ready for release
2002-11-10 moodlerBring back button to home page, update versions etc
2002-11-07 moodlerTweaks
2002-11-06 moodlerNew version and release notes for
2002-11-05 moodlerMinor wording changes
2002-11-05 moodlerAdded Spanish
2002-10-29 moodlerFixed links back to top
2002-10-29 moodlerImprovements to documentation formatting, content etc
2002-10-29 moodlerNew upgrading page (replaces the old UPGRADING.txt)
2002-10-27 moodlerTypo (Survey mentioned twice)
2002-10-26 moodlerOne more thing - I' moved the RELEASE.html into the...
2002-10-26 moodlerMoving ../RELEASE.html to here
2002-10-24 moodlerUpdated with some new features
2002-10-23 moodlerRearranged to alphabetical order
2002-10-21 moodlerAdded quizzes
2002-10-18 moodlerAdded RTE etc